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Lily’s School Trip

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Lily is an 11 year old girl, who’s very cute and smart for her age. She has brown hair to match her eyes, softest skin to the touch and has just begun showing small perky tits that are barely visible through her dress top, and she has a sizeable, cute plump ass. Today, Lily is going on a field trip with her classmates, but just before catching the bus to school, her father Mike, does his usual routine of preparing her lunch. Mike is a single dad after his wife left him for another man. She didn’t even bother fighting for custody over Lily, and so now it’s just he and his little girl. And guess you could say, their life seems rather normal. Loving father, cute kid, however they hold one very dirty secret.

You see, when Mike’s wife left them, a void came over him and made him really sad. He stopped trying, stopped caring and needless to say, Mike fell into a long and horrendous spout of depression. Though, the one thing that remained by his side had always been his daughter. For six years since Lily’s mother walked out on them, she’d played the role of a supportive partner and no matter how much her dad was suffering, all the lonely days, drunken nights; Lily was there to pick him up. Whether it was by her sheer innocence and kindred spirit, she never once shared the same resentment towards her mother (least never liked to show it). In fact, Lily always expressed gratitude for her dad for having not leaving her.

Over time, the two grew a special bond. Completely natural, of course, but as she developed into a young lady, Mike had opened up more and was more lively than he had ever been. Mike and Lily are happy and lived that way in a modest two bedroom apartment. Mike, now age 34, works as a machine operator for a small construction company. It isn’t a glamorous job, but it pays the bills and he’s able to spoil his girl. And spoil he does. Mike takes care of the only thing in his life that matters. Lily is grateful, and shows it by giving her father hugs any time she gets a new pair of shoes or is allowed to have a friend over for a sleepover.

On the surface everything appears normal, but here’s the thing; most of the times Lily prefers to sleep in Mike’s room. In his bed with him. At first, he thought nothing of it. The kid probably got scared one night or missed her mom. That was nearly six years ago. Now they are so close their relationship has gotten more wild than your typical dad and daughter duo. It’s an intimacy, romantic kind of love, a sexual love.

While Lily dresses for school, Mike is in the kitchen making her sandwiches. “You want chips with this?” he should across the small apartment. Lily slips on a white pair of panties with characters from the movie Frozen on them, “yes please!” she answers. She puts on her overall skirt that ends a couple inches above her knees, leaving just enough thighs showing to make a pervert’s eyes gander. Lily comes out of her bedroom, “morning dad” she smiles and wraps her arms around his stomach. Her head came up to Mike’s chest, and as he hugs her, he catches a woft of Lily’s fruity fragrance, maybe kid’s shampoo or body wash. Anyway, she always smelled fresh. “Good morning, babygirl.”

“You’re coming with me, aren’t you?” she asks him. “of course. Only thing is sweetie, I need you to ride the bus because daddy forgot to take care of something so I won’t have time to take you myself. If I did, I’d be late and I wouldn’t won’t to miss going on your first field trip.” Lily smiles with assurance, “I know, dad.” Mike packs up her lunch in the cooler bag and hands it to her. “It’s ok, I can ride the bus like normal and just see you at the school later.” Mike gleams proudly, “that’s my girl,” and with that, he pecks a kiss on her forehead and hurries to grab his coat. “Here, let me at least walk you out there.”

A couple hours later, Lily sat with her dad on the bus to the zoo. She was so glad that he took time off work to go on the school trip with him, and he had volunteered to chaperon. They are sitting in the very back of the bus, and the students adjacent from them are sound asleep with headphones over their heads. Mike sees this, and sets his hand down on his daughter’s thigh which turns Lily’s face red. She gently grabs her father’s hand and glides it down to her inner thigh, and he takes the que and massages her soft thigh while looking ahead, but all he sees is the back of heads.

Mike’s hand parts its way between Lily’s soft thighs and with his firm fingertips, he rubs over her panties. Lily’s head tilts back and she gasps in pleasure. He rubs her sensitive clit with just the end of his index finger and middle finger for about two minutes before she squirms in her seat and cums. Her panties now soaked, Mike pulls his hand away and Lily adjusts her skirt after coming down from her glorious high.

Once the bus stopped, everyone got off and the teacher who also drove the bus, asked if Mike could stay behind and fill the coolers up with ice and food for later when the kids all returned for lunch. He agreed, yet volunteered Lily to stay with him for an extra hand. The teacher said it was a great idea, and eventually guided all the students away and they would be off on the trip to see animals.

“Well that took care of them,” Mike says watching the entire class leave. Lily leans over the back of a seat facing him. “It looks like it. So you want me to help you?” Mike cracks a smile, “I wasn’t lying. But… we do have this whole bus to ourselves.” his smile grows cheek to cheek as he takes a seat. “There’s three coolers to fill up. It’ll only take me six minutes to fill all three.”

“You saying we have…” Lily trails off for Mike to finish her sentence, “time. Yes.” Their eyes lock into a sudden surge of lust. This was common of the pair, as this kind of behavior had been going on for sometime, and both were equally inclined to share themselves. Lily remains leaning against the seat, jutting her plump 11 year old ass out as if teasing her father, and his attention to this only aroused him. Mike got up, and slid his hands up the back of Lily’s soft thighs until they firmly groped her tight, soft ass. He felt the fabric of her panties while massaging her bottom while she cooed. Then, Mike could not restrain himself and took a nose dive right up Lily’s slit, trailing his nose and mouth between her ass cheeks. The only thing in his way, is her ‘Frozen’ panties, to which he gently slides them off down to her ankles and that’s when he takes a moment to admire her sweet, hairless little young cunt and without further ado, he runs his tongue between her pussy lips.

Lily moans, reaching a hand back to run her small fingers through his hair and her legs nearly giving out from the amazing sensation he’s causing her to have. Mike flicks his tongue over her small bean and puckers his lips to suck it, all whilst his forehead directly pressed against her ass and his nose trimming her tight little asshole. “Mmm” he grunts tasting his daughter’s sweet pussy. Lily lays her head down on the top of the seat and her entire body quivers as her legs kick out from reaching an orgasm. “Ohh mmph~” she moans and her pussy drips all on Mike’s face.

Having eaten out her young pussy, Mike then stands up, quickly unbuckling and sliding his pants down and he takes his hard 6 inch dick out and slaps it on Lily’s ass, while his other hand grabs her waist, “isn’t this hot babygirl?” he whispers in a husk tone in her ear. The peach fuzz on Lily’s skin rises when hearing that, and she nods, “yeah~.” Mike slowly slides his dick inside her tight pussy making her moan louder and after a few pumps of cramming his dick down her wet pink hole, he began to truly fuck his pride and joy.

With every thrust, his waist forces Lily’s ass to clap and making it jiggle. She stayed in an upright position while enjoying getting railed from behind by her own dad. And he was fucking her good. Harder and faster to the point Lily would look like a ragdoll. Her entire body jolts forward with each thrusts and his balls slapping against her pussy. “Ahhh~ahh yeah” she cries out. Mike reaches around to rub her clit vigorously while continuing to fuck her. Eventually after a couple minutes go by, Mike easily manages to turn Lily around so that she’s facing him and her legs dangling by his waist side while he drills her pussy some more.

This time, their eyes stared at each other with love. Mike scoops Lily’s soft ass up off the top of the seat, squeezing her ass tightly while pounding her. He then lifts her off and walks her down the aisle of the bus, while she takes it upon herself to hop up and down on his dick with her hands grasping onto his shoulders. “Mm yes fuck me baby girl” he grunts and spanks his little girl’s ass, turning it red with his big hand print. He then held her up by her ass, with a finger tip plugging her asshole while she hops up and down and pants heavily.

Mike then sits down so that’s she straddles his lap, and the two help remove the top of her outfit off so she’s now completely butt naked. Her tits were merely just bumps with soft pink nipples. He leans in to suck them each. Meanwhile, Lily reaches behind her grabbing his dick and adjusts herself to sit down on it, slowly taking the full length of his dick in her wet pussy, and wastes no time and begins riding him.

Lily’s hips swayed back and forth in a sexy fashion like a belly dancer while Mike became resting on cloud nine and lays back on the seat. “Mmph~ ohh” she moans, placing her small hands on his chest and grinding his dick to the point his swollen balls rubs against her ass. Mike reaches to hold onto his daughter’s hips to help her roll them every which way she knew how, and he felt he couldn’t last much longer. “Oh Lily,” he groans, “daddy’s going to cum.” Lily then mounts off his lap and hastily gets down onto her knees followed by Mike standing up over her, jerking his throbbing dick over her cute face. She looks up at him and grips his dick in her small hand and strokes it. Mike let’s off, letting his 11 year old daughter do the work as he absolutely loves the feeling of her hand stroking his dick. “Mm suck it” he commands her. Lily wraps her lips around his dick and bobs her head back and forth like a pro. Her mouth making gurgling and sloppy noises until Mike swats her away, “hold still babygirl” he grunts while jerking his dick right over her face “uggghhh” his dick erupts with a big load of cum, which shoots across Lily’s forehead and some of it gets in her hair, while the rest drips on her lips and chin. She would lick whatever her tongue could reach as she smiles playfully. “Mmm heheh” she laughs.

Mike, exhausted, takes a seat to catch his breath while Lily cleans herself up. “Get dressed, before someone sees us.” He tells her. She nods and gets up on her feet and collects her scattered clothes, while Mike pulls his pants up and buckles them. Lily sat on the edge of the seat putting her panties on and then her overall skirt on and wipes her hair and face with a baby wipe she had in her backpack.

“I’m ready to see some animals now,” Lily perks up all ready for her trip. Mike had already begun loading the coolers with ice, when he turns to her with a smile, “oh yeah?” Lily blushes, “mhmm.” He grins, “well, give me a hand with this.” And so, Lily chipped in an extra hand to help her dad.

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    wow what a lovely story. id love if it was me.nothing compares to a tight young cunt.pulling you in.

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    I would’ve busted inside that pussy

  • Reply Za10 ID:1ftmsdjqrc

    Hot 🔥 ,, would’ve been nice if teacher has caught them and joined in ,, blackmail the father for unrestricted access to Lilly

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    Hot. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich gebe Hoss recht es wäre geilmgewessen wenn der Lehrer zurück gekommen wäre und die zwei erwischt hätte und dann mit gemacht hätte Lily ist eine gute Tochter

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9b

    Well written story and I agree in most situation the girls always tries to take over the role of the absent mother even if she is even younger. Young females have the uncanny ability to sense the missing key a man needs to be happy with most more then happy to assume the missing mothers place especially if there is sex involved.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Naa, Lily should have had one of her gf stay to help (take care of her daddy of course)

  • Reply Hoss ID:1ckm08davh5x

    Wish the teacher had stuck around to double team Lily.