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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 2 (Fm, Teen (14y), Incest mom/son, Unprotected, Impreg)

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Chapter 2 – Ryan loses his virginity in a risky incestuous fuck with his naughty mom.

Several hours later, after they had parted and did the things they normally did on a weekend afternoon, Ryan found his mother in the den.

“Uh, Mommy?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Uh, I’m… uh… I’m horny…” he stammered. Cindy looked down at her son’s bulging crotch.

“Ok sweetie. Take off your clothes.” They watched each other as they both stripped naked. Cindy stood naked before her son and began to play with her pussy.

“We can do anything you want to, sweetie. What would you like to do with mommy?” Ryan thought it over for a minute while he watched his mother masturbate before him.

“Can I put my fingers up inside you?” he asked eagerly.

“You want to finger fuck mommy?” she mused.

“Yes! Please, can I?” he pleaded.

“You certainly may.” She sat down on the couch and spread her legs for her son. Ryan started out by getting a close look at his mother’s pussy. It was all hairy and nice and juicy. He took a hand and started touching the outside of it. He gently stroked it and played with her lips. Then he took two fingers and gently started to slide them inside.

“Oh…” his mother said softly. “That feels nice, Ryan.” She felt all warm and wet inside. He started to slide the fingers in and out, having fun. Cindy watched her son’s fingers make love to her. It turned her on incredibly. Her son looked up, “Am I doing it right, mommy?”

“Oh yes, sweetie. You’re doing just fine. You’re making mommy feel so good.” She smiled down at him, and he smiled in return and kept happily screwing her with his fingers.

“Would you like to taste mommy, sweetheart?”

“Ok.” he said uncertainly. He removed his shiny fingers and kissed his mother’s pussy.

“Use your tongue sweetie. Lick the lips and inside and especially this little place right here. This is mommy’s clit.” Ryan began to tentatively lick her pussy. The taste was a bit strange, but it made him even hornier and he loved the effect it was having on his mother. She began moaning and thrashing her head from side to side with her eyes closed.

“Yes… Yes… That’s good. Keep going. That’s a good boy…” she cooed. Ryan began to get a little bolder. He took longer, deeper licks and paid even more attention to her clit with his tongue.

“Oh yes! That’s it! You’re going to make me cum! Keep sucking!” She let out a guttural groan as her orgasm started. Her orgasm smashed through her body as her son continued tonguing her slit.

“OHHHOAAAHH!!” Cindy opened her eyes and saw her pretty boy’s face nestled between her legs as he gave her head. It was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. Her orgasm passed.

“That felt wonderful, baby. Mommy’s very proud of you. You made me cum so hard! Thank you.” She grabbed him up and hugged the stuffing out of him. She kissed him on the lips and grinned sexily at him.

“What would you like to do now, Ryan?”

He thought for a moment before he answered. “Can you suck me now?”

Cindy nodded and smiled. She patted the couch as she got up. Ryan took her place. She knelt between his legs and took hold of his hard dick in her hand. She liked her lips, bent over and gave the tip a little kiss. She smiled. She opened her mouth and took him in. Her hot, warm mouth enveloped him like a glove, making him all wet and even harder. She slid her lips along the shaft and tickled the tip with her tongue.

“Oh, Mom!” he moaned.

“Does that feel good, sweetie?”

“Oh yeah!” She sucked him long and hard. She felt the end of his big dick hit the back of her throat each time she went down. It was wonderful. She thought about fucking him. Fucking her own son. The thought thrilled her, but also gave her pause. She wasn’t on the pill and didn’t have any condoms around. She thought of how it would feel to have him inside her and her cunt quivered.

She just had to try it.

“Ryan, did you like it in those dirty magazines when the man put his willy into the woman’s kitty?” she asked sexily. Ryan nodded furiously.

“That’s called making love or fucking. Would you like to put your willy inside mommy’s vagina? Would you like to make love to mommy?” she purred sexily.

“Really?” he squeaked. She nodded, spreading her hairy cunt lips wide with her fingers.

“In here Ryan, this is where you came from. Do you want to stick your beautiful cock into my cunt and fuck me?” she teased, shivering at the filthy language she was using. Ryan’s eyes grew wide as his dick stiffened to full size, blood throbbing to his purple knob.

“Yes, mommy, I would like you to fuck me!” he shrieked in excitement.

Cindy got up and put one leg on either side of her son. She slowly squatted down, aiming her drooling pussy for his dick. She couldn’t believe she was about to fuck her own son.

But she wanted it. Wanted it more than anything in the world. She felt his cock touch her pussy and it felt like an electric jolt of passion ran through her body. She pushed further down and felt the tip of his cock spread her pussy lips. She was almost cumming already! Just as she was rubbing the purple knob of his dick into her steaming crack, Ryan stiffened.

“Ahh, mom, wait! Isn’t this how babies are made? Shouldn’t we be using a condom?” he stammered, remembering his sex ed class at school.

Cindy thought for a moment. She knew it was risky, but the memory of the cum stained magazines and the knowledge that her son had started making semen was the final decider for her. She grinned down at him as a pang of lust jolted through her.

“No condom baby. Your first sexual intercourse should always be raw. Don’t you want to feel mommy’s hot pussy on your dick?” she cooed, her cunt oozing fuck cream onto his cock. Without waiting for an answer she slowly slid down onto him. Ryan gasped as his saliva coated dick sank into her sopping wet pussy easily.

“Ah!” they both groaned simultaneously. Cindy slid down on her son’s penis until her pussy lips hit his balls. Despite having two children her vagina was still snug and Ryan felt it’s muscular walls massage his dick, her biological method of coaxing semen from a cock kicking in automatically.

Ryan was completely inside his own mother’s cunt, and Cindy shivered with the thought of the dirty act they were committing. Incest. No condoms. Cock in cunt. She loved it!

“Oh baby. You feel so good inside mommy!” she panted as she started to move. Her cunt slid along his rock-hard shaft, coating it with her sex juices. He felt so big inside her!

“OH god!” she said as she speared her hole with his cock. She started to move faster and her cunt got wetter, dripping fuck juice onto her son’s heavy sperm filled balls.

“Oh, baby! Mommy loves you! Mommy loves having your big stiff willy inside!” She called out as she fucked him. She fucked him harder and faster, pounding her pussy on his rigid pole, grunting with each thrust. Cunt juice squirted out around their combined genitals with every thrust, being churned into a lewd mixture of fuck foam.

“UH! Fuck! Make love to me baby! Fuck mommy good!” Cindy panted. She was close. A huge orgasm was building inside her, and Ryan wasn’t far behind. The feeling of his bare dick buried to the hilt in his mother’s warm, wet vagina was rapidly bringing him to orgasm too.

Cindy sensed that he was close to spilling the beans. She thought about getting off his dick and swallowing his load, but then a deliciously wicked thought struck her.

“Are you close, baby? Are you going to cum? Would you like to ejaculate inside me?” she cooed. She was gone to her lust. The thought of getting pregnant from this risky fuck made her pussy gush and she knew she wanted the juicy load he had cooked up in his balls right where it would do the most good. Ryan nodded furiously.

“We could make a baby! Would you like that?” Cindy said with an evil grin. Ryan just grunted, his sweaty balls tingling with sexual excitement. His biological instinct to breed had taken over and he shivered as he thought of making his own mother pregnant.

“Yes! Yes mommy, I want to cum in you! I wanna make a baby!” he panted, his teenage sperm boiling in his bloated nuts. Cindy squealed with perverted lust.

“Do it, honey. Let it go! Slam your willy in hard and squirt your baby making sperm into my vagina!” Her pussy began clutching and sucking on his prick as she started to cum. Thick rivulets of her fuck juice squirted out around his pumping cock and coated his cum filled nuts. Her spasming pussy took Ryan over the edge as his balls spasmed and his dick gave a big jerk. He let his mother have the hot load of incestuous semen his fourteen-year-old balls had cooked up for her. Cindy felt his cock throb as his potent spunk rocketed into her fertile reproductive system and shrieked out her release.

“Oh god I can feel it! Squirt your nut in your mommy! MAKE MOMMY PREGNANT!” she screamed. She couldn’t care less who heard at this point, she just wanted to breed with her handsome young son.

Ryan’s cock spasmed as it spurted his hot teenage nut deep into his mother’s unprotected womb. Millions of virile sperm flooded her vaginal canal where they swam free of the sticky ejaculatory fluid and moved furiously through her cervix and into her fertile womb. Ryan came and came, the ecstasy of his first orgasm inside a vagina almost causing him to black out. He felt himself drying up as his balls heaved and filled her cunt with sticky white semen. He pumped what seemed like gallons into her. Her pussy sucked his squirting dick, trying to milk his seminal fluid even deeper inside her.

“If it’s a girl you can fuck her too, when she’s old enough!” Cindy screamed out her dirty thoughts, completely gone to her lust addled mind. At that moment she imagined his sperm penetrating her egg and came again, her sopping snatch oozing frothy combined semen and cunt juices.

Ryan shrieked and with a final squirt his testicles emptied themselves in her. Her pussy gave one more suck before her own orgasm faded. She collapsed on her son, panting, and enjoying the feeling of their hot bodies pressing together. She looked down to where her boy’s penis was still hard and still deep within her vagina. Rivulets of the sticky baby making fluid began to ooze out over her cunt lips and his balls. She loved it!

Cindy was mind blown. She had just allowed her own son to fuck her, without protection. She had her son’s sperm in her womb. She knew it was close to ovulation day and maybe she would get pregnant! The thought of his virile teenage sperm carrying the same DNA as her swimming around looking for an egg was so wicked and arousing that she started to started to fuck her own son again.

His dick moved in her easily, sliding around on all the slippery semen and pussy juice. Cindy heard her pussy making nasty slorping noises as they fucked. She felt the mixture of cum and cunt juice running down her thighs. Her sweaty breasts heaved with her heavy breathing and moaning. Her mind whirled with the wickedness of what she was doing. Her pussy gripped his tool tightly as she had another orgasm.

“OH! OH!! Mommy’s cumming again, baby! Mommy’s cumming!!” She thrashed about as she came. Sweat and delight poured off her. Then she collapsed on top of her son again, panting. Their sweat drenched bodies gasping for air as she looked down on her son’s sweaty face and smiled.

“That was so good, honey! I loved it when you came in me. I’m so full of your sperm! Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, mommy.” She kissed her son passionately.

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