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Timmy’s 16th Birthday. Part 2

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How giving a 16th Birthday Party for my step son and his older brother ,turned me into a crawling puppy begging for mercy.

I sat staring at the two cards on the table, I had draw the Jack of Hearts , the odds were in my favor I would be keeping my bra on, but the birthday boy my step son had the King of Spades turned over in front of him and he was laughing . Take off the bra lady he said.
I started doing a stupid embarrassed laugh OK I said in my best do as your told voice, I am going to bed , we will play again another night I said laughing like an idiot. Sure you are MOMMY he said, after that bra comes off.
I said Timmy you know I can’t do that and he sat there staring at me, I said don’t look at me like that ,you look nasty looking at me like that, but he just sat looking, said you fucking lost, off with the bra or I will come and take it off .
I could hear myself saying for fuck sake grow up Emmaly , your 35 years old for Gods sake , your acting like a fool, half the fucking bar you used to work in has seen your tits before , through the tops you used to wear, so I reached behind my back ,I could feel a little trickle of sweat in the middle of my back, and for some unknown reason I wanted giggle, and as I undid the hooks I said OK one look and then I am going to bed OOOHH KKKKAAYYY ??.
I lifted my bra up over my tits and they were there for both boys to see, before either of them could say anything my boobs were back in my 34b bra, and my debt had been paid.
Fuck said Tommy, I didn’t fucking see properly, your arm was in the way, I laughed and said you snooze you lose, but as I went to reach behind me he came round the back of my chair and grabbed my wrists pulling my hands apart which made me lean my head forward towards the table and he said no ,I don’t fucking think I do.
I said stop, stop , that’s enough, but he was slowly lifting my wrist up and I had to stand to stop him hurting me . OK OK stop I said , I will take it off , I will take it off ,JUST, JUST, STOP , I could hear myself sounding pathetic like I was going to cry . OK stop I said again pulling myself together what your doing is not right, now stop, STOP I said, let me take it off.
Tommy held on to me and moved me around until I was standing in the middle of the room, come and take it off her he said to Timmy, I said I will take it off let me go. Too late Mommy Timmy said, you had your chance, and he pulled the strap down my right arm, Tommy let my wrist go long enough for Timmy to take the strap over my hand then he grabbed me again.
The other strap came off the same way , Tommy was holding my wrists tight, I turned my head to face him and said you can let me go now, and he said OK, let my wrists go and his hands went around my body, and he grabbed both of my breasts, and squeezed them, saying I’ve got some tittys Timmy do you want one and he was laughing squeezing my tits hard and holding me so tight I could not move..
Nah said Timmy, I am going to have me a pussy to play with, and I watched as he kicked my bra from the floor onto the couch , grabbed the top of panties and dragged them down my legs . Stop Stop I screamed, but all I got was Timmy grabbing a hand full of my pubic hair and pulling hard until I cried out in pain. Stop your hurting me I cried tears coming into my eyes.
He let go off my pubic hair , but the pain didn’t go away God it hurt like hell , and he stood with his face inches from mine , said YOU were the one that didn’t want to play fair , YOU were the one that didn’t want to pay off your debt, so now YOU have to pay off the debt ,and the added interest do YOU understand ?
I just stood looking at him, his hand was rubbing against my thigh, I could feel it creeping towards my pussy lips, and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this was all wrong, but as his hand reached my cunt I closed my eyes and I could feel him trying to open my legs but my panties were above my knees keeping my legs closed .
I was having trouble breathing, I was having some sort of panike attacked, I always thought they were things people made up to get out of doing something , you need to let me go I said , he just smiled and I could feel his finger pushing it’s way between my cunt lips .
Let me go I said ,please let me go, and as I said that his finger slid all the way in me and I jumped a little bit, which made both my stepsons laugh. Oh poor Mommy said Timmy, seems she is all wet down there, been a long time since Daddy fucked you hasn’t it, been playing with yourself have you , we hear you , and they both laughed out loud ?
This couldn’t be happening, I closed my eyes and felt his finger come out of my special place, he said open your eyes and grabbing the hair at the back of my head he pulled my head back and put his finger against my mouth.
Open your mouth he said slowly, pushing his pussy juiced finger against my lips, suck my finger like you were sucking a cock. I felt his hand squeezing the sides of my mouth to part my lips and he pushed his finger deep into it ,suck he said letting go of my cheeks, I could feel his finger nail rubbing the inside of the cheek inside my mouth,
You like the taste of your cunt juice don’t you bitch he said , I just stood there with my head held back looking at the the light in the middle of the room , not believing what was happening to me.
I heard Tommy laugh, he let go of my wrists , slapped my butt and said go to bed your fucking drunk, and I took two steps before having to pull up my panties so I could walk properly, I left the rest of my clothes where they were , climbed the stair and went into the bathroom, locked the door sat on the toilet and tried to sort out what the fuck had happened in the last 10 minutes.
I took a nice long shower, dried my hair, felt human again, came out with a bath towel wrapped around me, walked into my bedroom, turned on the light and there was Timmy sitting on my bed.
OK Timmy I said , I am not fucking around now, you need to leave the banging of the bedroom door behind me made me almost jump out of my skin , I was shaking , I turned round and there was a grinning Tommy , he had been hiding behind the door, and I said OK guys, enough’s enough , but before I could say anything else Timmy said but Mommy you have paid off the debt , but now it’s time to pay off the interest, and that’s accumulating at about 99.99 percent per minute, so your deep in debt, and they were both doing hyena impressions, laughing their asses off.

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  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv3evji43

    next time dont play with little boys, play with groan men!

    • Cass ID:5s4npa6w41

      You cant even spell grown lmao shut the fuck up