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Shiny Red Shoes 2

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It’s going to be a long but good weekend when I am asked to assist with my 10 year old niece’s dance recital

Practice went well after thier teacher Ms Judy showed up … all the girls had quickly slipped on thier panties before she came in …. My heart and hard on were returning to normal but every girl in the group kept teasing me with a little extra jiggle and shake of thier booty and breasts …. While thier breasts were not much considering they were only 9 to 12 years old but they all had strong developed legs top with nice bubble butts. The antics didn’t go unnoticed by Ms Judy and she kept having to tell the girls to get back into the routine and quit giving Tim a hard time. After the practice everyone headed to thier respective rooms. Debbie’s mom (my sister) wasn’t able to get a room in the same wing as the rest of the team so we wound up at the other end of the hotel.

As we all got off the elevator and Debbie and I headed the other direction several of the girls were disappointed one in particular a hot 12 year old named Sue kept begging to let her bunk with us “Please …Debbie let’s have a sleepover party … you’ll be lonely with just your old uncle” the old comment surprised me as Sue seemed to be the ring leader in teasing me. When I looked at her she shyly smiled and winked. Ms Judy shut her down “Sorry Sue.. room assignments are set … we’d need to have your parents to approve any changes, Debbie, your welcome to hang out with the others in thier rooms until lights out” “Ok, thanks Ms Judy but I think I’ll just head to bed early so I’m rested for tomorrow” “Actually a good idea … maybe I should move up everyone’s bed time” that drew a chorus of no please, and thanks Debbie

Debbie for her part just waved at the others and taking my hand pulled me along to our room … we were no sooner in our room then Debbie was hugging me …. “I thought Sue would spoil all my plans” she pulled me down and gave me a peck on my cheek … “I’m gonna shower before bed … you could join me if you want … we could save water ..” “I’m sure your mom would approve that … just go .. I’ll order a snack from room service .. don’t take too long” she grabbed her bag and disappeared…

I ordered our snack and sat down staring out the window i wondered just what I was in for this weekend and could I really get away with it…. Could I really get more than a peak and show … or maybe a few touches I had been playing over in my mind the events from a few days ago when Debbie had asked to see my dick … just what would have happened if her mom hadn’t chose that moment to come home. Without realizing it I found myself rubbing my dick thru my pants bringing it harder …. Then someone knocked on the door … That’s fast for room service I thought … making my way to the door I only opened it a little .. hiding my hardon with the door …

S uprising me there stood Sue and Elli , the 12 year old from the group both in little girl pajamas with ruffled panties. They pushed thier way into the room. “Surprise!! … we snuck down to say good night” Sue said with a sly smile … “Ah girls … Debbie is in the shower” “That’s ok , your who we want to say good night to” they both surrounded me and hugged thier tight bodies to me … rubbing thier preteen titties against me … Sue’s hand went straight to my crotch … “Ooooo miss us did you” she squeezed my dick feeling it move in her hands … Elli’s hand joined Sue in checking out my package … “Sue ..” she said ..”I think this feels bigger than your dads” “Elli!! shut up … that’s a secret ” running her hand down to cup my balls Sue continued ..”but I don’t think Tim is gonna say anything .. are you?” she stretched up and ran her tongue around my ear …

“Whoa girls … you can’t” I tried to disengage from thier groping hands … “Yes we can ” both girls stood back and pulled off thier tops … I was looking at four of the most beautiful preteen tits I had ever been blessed to seen “It’s really ok, like Elli said neither of us is pure … we like to party” at that moment Debbie chose to come out of the bathroom …. totally naked … “Uncle Tim … I forgot ..” she stopped talking when she saw the other girls topless… Then came another knock at the door…. “Tim.?? .. it’s Judy … have you seen any of the girls”

I shushed the three of them and pushed them into the bathroom … “Not a sound any of you!!” Again I cracked the door … still hiding that pesky hard on “Hi Judy, uh .. no only Debbie and I … I thought I heard someone running down the hall but not sure who” “Alright” she said … I noticed her eyes glance at the floor behind me and she smiled … “If you do see any of them be sure they get to bed early …. nite Tim … sleep … well” as she let me close the door I turned and saw what she was looking at … there lay the girls pajama tops …

Opening the bathroom I ushered all three out … “you two .. get dressed now ! Ms Judy saw your tops on the floor … get to your rooms and be sure she knows you are there … Debbie ..” I looked at my 10 year old niece naked but for a towel wrapped around her head … as much as I wanted to continue to look at her lushious little body I needed to get the others out and maintain some dignity at least in front of the other girls … “my god cover up your mother will have a fit” .. “I tried to tell you I left my PJs out here … and she turned and bent over the bed to get her cloths .. her Delicious little butt looked good enough to eat … and I hoped to do just that…. Sue and Elli slipped on thier tops … “can we at least have a kiss before we go”

Again they snuggled up close and pulled me down for a kiss … and these girls knew how to kiss … no little pecks both girls wanted to tongue wrestle while rubbing their growing tits against me and as they exited they both looked at my crotch and smiled at my visible hardon … “Good luck with that tonight … although she is only a little girl” they giggled and slipped out.

“LITTLE GIRL !!” Debbie stormed “just because they got those tit … I bet I can do anything they can” And again there was a knock at the door … “Shit, I should get a revolving door” I said as I turned “hide or get dressed quiet” then I heard “Room Service” I quickly got rid of the delivery boy and bolted the door … “It will take an act of God to open that door again tonight … “Good” said Debbie peaking around the corner she stepped out still nude her hair almost dry now hung down to her shoulders in soft curls…. “Girl .. your gonna kill me “

“Nah … I want you excited but not dead…” she chuckled .. “Now you’ve seen me and all my friends … it’s time for you to show me something” she stood on the side of the bed and I moved to stand in front of her … her little arms went around my neck and I leaned in with my hands on her slim hits and we shared a kiss … more of a kiss than I expected … as i felt a little tongue worm into my mouth and play tag with my tongue. Then she pulled back and began unbuttoning my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders…. then pull me in and rubbed her little body against mine … skin to skin … hers warm .. almost hot to touch … my hands held her butt as she reached down and began to fumble with my belt and pants… KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK we both looked toward the door pissed to be interrupted and afraid to be caught with our hands in the cookie jar…

“Tim … Debbie … it’s Judy … let me in .. we need to talk” came a soft familiar voice “Shit .. into the bathroom again.,” I patted Debbie’s but as she scampered into hiding again… I tried to crack the door but Judy pushed her way in … “I’m sorry .. I promise I will not be long but I promised Debbie’s mom I would have this talk with the two of you … I talked to Sue and Elli when you sent them to thier room and knew i needed to talk to you now” “Ah, … just makes you think they were here?” “Tim… I’ve taught these girls for years and grew up dancing like them … I know what they were here for … I saw thier tops on the floor … Debbie please come out … you need to hear this too” Debbie came out of the bathroom in her PJs but didn’t look at Judy just at me with a guilty look

“Sit .. both of you” we sat on the side of the bed while Judy pulled a chair over … “Debbie, Tim this is a special weekend … not just the recital but for both of you … as I said I grew up dancing and your mother, Carol, was in my group so we shared a lot growing up …. when we were your age Debbie we went to a long weekend recital too … My dad came with me and Carol’s uncle brought her … we found out later that this was planned by our mothers … I will not go into detail about what happened … I suspect you can figure that out … the important thing is that you know that Carol knows about what might happen tonight …. I am here to remind you Tim that this precious little thing … your 10 year old niece .. is curious about things and eager to learn what most girls wont learn for years … we want you to begin her learning … gently and with love and only as much as she wants … “

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing … not only did her mother know about our attraction but she was encouraging us to act upon it … “Judy .. I..ah..I don’t ..” “Tim I saw your direction eailer … I know you want this .. We just want to let you know it’s ok but be gentle … Debbie .. your mother is in my room if at any time you are uncomfortable or afraid please just come to my room … now .. it’s time I left … think about what you both are about to do… it can be the best experience of you life … if you want it to” We all stood and moved to the door where Judy paused and turned to me .. her hand reached out and cupped my crotch … “your sister has told me how big you are..” “How does ..” “She lives with you .. silly and I hear you don’t always close the door when you shower” she chuckled …”Just go slow… it will be alright and don’t rush and remember she does have to dance tomorrow” she gave us both a kiss on our cheeks and slipped out ..

We both sat back down on the bed in a kind of shock …. what we just heard put a whole new light on the weekend … “Mom knows … heck everybody know ..” said Debbie … “I doubt everybody but it seems to be public knowledge within the group” I responded … “So, Uncle Tim” her small hand on my leg… “are we gonna do what they say … I mean i still do … kinda” “Debbie … I don’t know … what we are thinking of doing is illegal … if word got out I would be in prison .. a long time” “Well, I’m not gonna tell .. are you? and you already do owe me ..”
I guess I do … and we both stood and began to undress … Debbie was a lot faster and was down to her panties before I got my pants off … she quickly grabbed them at my hips as soon as I had them undone. she hopped off the bed and grabbed them and pulled my pants down to my ankles … and… along with them came my boxers … so when she looked up she was face to face with her uncles hard … grown up dick She stayed on her knees staring at my dick as it bounced just inches from her face

“How … it’s so … how does it .. fit?” and she looked down to her panties … I saw the fear cross her face … “Dear, your young and small so it might not right now … but believe me your thing does stretch a lot more than you might believe” slowly her hand came up and a finger reached out and poked my dick … when it bounced from her touch she giggled “It’s alive” “Well yeah, it is a part of me so I guess you could say it is alive” her hand wrapped around my shaft lifting it up and studying it from all angles …. “it’s so warm … and hard but still soft … what’s this?” her finger dabbed at the precum… leaking from my head … as her finger came away it left a trail dripping from my dick to her hand … she rubbed it between her fingers … “it’s slick … is this your cum?”

“No dear that is only what comes first … a kind of lubricant” “Lubricant?” “it makes it easier for it to go into … ah .. a woman’s ah .. ” “in my pussy?” “Well maybe not yours but a woman’s.” “Why not mine?” ” I’m not saying no … but you are pretty small” “but if you lubricate it wont it go in?” “maybe .. but you would need to help lubricate it too.” all the while we talked her hand had been lightly moving along my shaft and her thumb rubbing my crown and spreading my precum… allowing her hand to move smoother … “I ah .. can show you if you want”

She dropped my dick from her hand and jumped up onto the bed … “yes … show me” and she slipped her panties down her legs and kicked them across the room … She lay totally nude before me … she looked so small lay out as she was … on her back she showed no swelling of her tits only her tiny hard nipples … that she was brushing with her little fingers … her arms and legs looked skinny and petite. Not a bid of hair except her head .. her tiny slit was completely bald. “How do I do it … how do I lubricate my pussy?” She was bend almost double trying to look at her preteen slit … my dick throbbed watching her … I knelt at the foot of the bed looking at her tight lips and her rosy star of an ass hole. She looked up and saw me looking at her and giggled … “So … show me”

“There are several things you can do… by yourself of with someone else” “You mean a boy?” “No actually a boy or a girl can do these thing ” “Lets start here” I took her hand and brought her fingers to her slit … “Feel along here” I guided her fingers along and lightly between her lips … “Feel how you pussy seems to spread open as you lightly pull apart this part ” moving our fingers along both sides of her lips I spread her open … “I can’t see” she wiggled and twisted trying to see what I was talking about. “Here” I got off the bed and got my phone then knelling in again I took a couple pictures of her young pussy lips spread apart then showed them to her … “Wow .. there’s a hole in there?” “Yes .. a small one right now but watch this” I set my camera to selfie mode and handed it to her so she could see what I was doing …. I moved my finger along her slit up and down lightly just inside her lips until I reached her clit … “OH” she dropped the phone “What did you do?” “You’ve never felt yourself down here before?” “I have a couple times but it never felt like that” “That, dear, is what is called your clit a tiny little button and bundle of nerves that can make you feel really good … and touching it can help you lucubrate your pussy” I drug my finger along her slit again and was rewarded with a coating of her nectar … “Lucubration just like this” I showed her the shiny slim on my finger then stuck it in my mouth and licked it clean … “Mmmmm delicious” “Ehhh gross” “No dear nectar the most delicious tasting nectar” and I repeated my actions …

“It does feel really good when you do that” she wiggled her butt toward me and spread her legs wider … “If you like that just wait” I kissed my way up her legs working my way up to her pussy … holding her little butt I lifted her up as I bend down and ran my tongue between her lips … ending at her precious little clit. Her entire preteen body shook and she moaned … when I did it again I noticed that she was getting wetter and beginning to leak and drips were beginning to run down between her butt cheeks. I took the opportunity to use this to tickle her ass and wiggled my finger against her ass “Oh .. mmmmm ” she had been moaning and withering in my hands as I slowly licked her pussy and now tickled her ass .. pausing I reached for her hand and brought it to her pussy … “here .. feel”

her hand covered her pussy with her finger sliding between her lips ” Mmmm I am getting wet … am I lubricated now? Can you put your dick in me now?” “We can try .. but first I need you to do something for me” I moved around until I was up to her head … my leaking dick just inches from her tiny mouth … “Tim that’s gross get that away” “Debbie, what I just did to you is what I want” “You want me to lick you?” “Yes dear .. just like licking a loli pop .. lick the head and put your lips around the top … now suck ..” she sucked hard on my head “Easy! .. lightly .. that’s better .. now slowly push your mouth onto me .. take more of me into you…. while doing that move your tongue around my dick” she briefly pulled her mouth off … looked up to me .. “It’s not gross .. it actually taste kinda nice … I like how soft it feels” and she moved back to sucking me more enthusiastically

“Dear … so .. good .. if .. you … don’t .. stop ..” my hands were holding her head as my hips began pushing my dick deeper into her mouth … she had twisted around to her knees and let me move in and out of her mouth .. tapping against the back of her mouth … her hand came up and held my balls and gently caressed them … “I’m gonna …. cum ..” I don’t know if she didn’t realize what I meant or if she didn’t care but she kept working my dick and balls … until I held her head tight and pushed into her throat and held her as my dick swelled and began shooting my cum directly into her throat … choking she pushed me back while I still was cumming and I sprayed and covered her face and chest while she coughed up my cum and tried to get her breath.

I scooted down and held her rubbing her back while she got her breath …. she looked up at me … “THAT WAS ASSUME!!!” “Yes .. it was” and ignoring the mess of my cum I kissed her then pulled back and wiping the cum from her face I offered it to her .. she eagerly sucked it clean “Now … it is your turn” and I kissed my way back down her little body … kissing her neck, ears, shoulders licking and nursing each tiny nipple I licked a trail down and tickled her belly button which had her giggling and wiggling … then slowly I eased down and again licked and teased her tender little pussy and clit until I had her withering and moaning … her hands clutched my head … pulling me tight to her and moving it around to get the best feelings … her little legs began shaking and trembling and her voice got shrill as she whined and pleaded for more.

My finger moved back to her tiny rose bud while my tongue and lips moved to caress her clit that had begun to push out of hiding. I took her clit between my lips and sucked it like she had me and at the same time my finger slipped into her tight little ass. The people in the rooms around us had to have heard her screaming as her 10 year old pussy began spraying all over my face. I never knew a girl this young could cum like that but she was covering me and the bed spread with her spray …. I continued to caress her clit and pussy until she could take no more … “No more … no .. too … much … please ..” I leaned back as she relaxed back … holding her arms up to me I lay over her and kissed her softly and tenderly …

I rolled to lay next to her holding her to me I spooned her little ass to my renewed dick and slide between her thigh feeling her wet thigh and pussy lips against my shaft … I kissed her neck and held her as she slowly fell asleep clutching my arms around her. Eventually I felt sleep overcoming me … I pulled a cover over both of us and we slept cuddled until morning…

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK “Debbie … honey … it’s mom”

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