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Second hand toys 3

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Katey has a few things to teach me, and I wanted to learn.

I stopped off at some shops and got myself some batteries for the vibrator. When I got home, I put the batteries in and turned it on. I was worried my parents would hear the noise I tried putting it in my pussy to muffle the noise.
It was a rabbit and the beads inside moved around and the bit poking out vibrated against my clit.
I was in heaven and orgasmed several times.
I had a little trouble taking the but plug and putting it back in. But got easier each time and I added some lube which made it easier to put back in.
All week me and Katey kept swapping pictures. I sent her nudes of myself with and without toys. She sent me a picture of her deepthroating the big dildo, her sucking her dog’s cock, her dog fucking her up the arse and a video of her fingering herself and then licking her fingers.
The next weekend I made an excuse to my parents and went to Katey’s house again.
As soon as I was through the door, we were in each other’s arms kissing with our tongues in each other’s mouths.
Moments late we were both naked and on the loungeroom floor 69ing.
Rocky wanted to join in and as we rolled around, he kept moving in and licking mine or Katey’s pussy.
He was really excited, and I could see he had a full erection at this point.
But I was trying to focus on Katey’s pussy and ignored him.
I was on top of Katey when I felt the weight on my back.
Rocky’s cock went straight into me. Katey without even thinking about it and guided his cock into my pussy.
He fucked me hard and fast, and I soon found myself knotted to the dog. He tried to pull out. But he was stuck, and Katey had to hold him until his erection went down.
I suddenly had the image of us in my mind. What it would look like if somebody had walked through the door. we were all naked Katey laying on the me on her in the 69 position, while her dog was on my back with his cock in my cunt and Katey holding him there from under me.
I lost track of time before he pulled out. But moment he did Katey’s tongue went straight in my pussy.
I had a real dick in me. It may have been a dog’s, but it was flesh and blood not rubber.
I was looking forward until next week and do it again.

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