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After school care

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When my mother had to work a teacher offered to mind me and my sister until she got home.

This all happened a few years ago. My mother a single mother of two lost her job and when she managed to get a new one. The hours sucked she did not finish until 6 pm and because of traffic was unable to get home until around 7pm.
I was 12 and my younger sister Kathy was10. I had just started high school and one of my teachers lived a few houses away from us. When she found out about my mother’s problem, she offered to pick my sister up from her school and take us both back to her house. She lived alone and could use some company.
The first week nothing strange happened. Mother got into a routine of going back and forth to work. We watched cartoons and had snacks at Miss Epstine’s house and had dinner after mother got home.
The following week Miss Epstine started putting on adult movies. She showed a lot of kissing and touching. The following week things went even further with naked women kissing each other, going down on each other and using sex toys on each other. Miss Epstine even appeared to be in some of the videos.
There was one scene which showed a woman masturbating and Miss Epstine asked us if we ever touched ourselves down there.
After we both shook our heads, she offered to show us how to do it.
She sat back and lifted her skirt. She was not wearing any panties she had been ready to do this.
She showed us her clit and asked us to touch it. After we took turns touching her clit. She pulled out a small vibrator turned it on and rubbed the point of it against her clit.
We heard her gasp and make a funny face. She explained it was her orgasm face everybody has one.
Then she offered to touch our clits Kathy was eager. But I insisted on going first.
I undressed and sat back with my legs spread and she rubbed my clit with her finger before using the vibrator on it. My first orgasm sent shocks through my entire body I could feel my toes curling up.
I sat there getting my breath back as I watched her do the same time to Kathy. I saw her other hand was at Kathy’s pussy and when she stepped back it was covered in pussy goo. Which she licked off her hand.
After that Kathy and I took turns using the vibrator on Miss Epstine’s clit.
A few days later she showed us this large dildo and she fucked herself with it. She then sized it up with Kathy’s arm.
She then lubed up Kathy’s arm had Kathy make a fist and shove her arm up Miss Epstine’s cunt. She had my use the vibrator on her clit while Kathy fist fucked her.
I remember it was around this time we started getting naked as soon as we arrived at Miss Epstine’s house and got dressed 20 minutes before our mother was due to pick us up.
Miss Epstine also started going down on us. We felt her finger go in our pussy but not very deep.
At home Kathy came into my room as I was getting ready for bed and suggested we try going down on each other. Because Miss Epstine seemed to enjoy it so much.
We took turns we were both dressed in our nighties so lifting them up was easy and quick to cover if we heard mother coming.
It quickly became our thing going down on each other.
Miss Epstine put a harness on me and a dildo. So, while Kathy fist fucked her pussy, I fucked her up the arse.
Then one night Kathy came into my room she had borrowed a small dildo and harness from Miss Epstine without asking.
With Miss Epstine fingering the entry of my pussy we thought it would okay to have Kathy fuck me. It hurt and there was blood.
Mother was having enough problems, so we kept it to ourselves.
We tried again a few days later and it worked Kathy fucked me. I returned the favor and helped her clean up the blood. We had a towel under her arse.
As soon as Miss Epstine found out what we had done her fingers started going in deeper in our pussies. Then she wanted to watch us fuck each other. We went down on each other and put the strap-on, on and then took turns fucking each other. She even filmed us to show her friends. She introduced us to a slightly bigger dildo and let us fuck each other with it. Watching my naked sister walking around with an eight-inch erection was funny at the time. Watching her stroke it as she applied the lube to the dildo was getting me wet.

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  • Reply Ren ID:1cp526szqy74

    More please. Part 2 ?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    I would of loved to go to a high school that had 12 year olds. Damn that would of been great.

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:1eh5jxh3vg4w

    Oh how I hope there is alot more to cum. Teachers name us assume and they need their assholes throughly used

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y33w7aiwlxc

    Love it would love to read more along this line from you

  • Reply Your story SUCKED!!!! ID:2px1ogor78z

    12 yrs old high school student
    Crap story

    • Daddy ID:cq0ue0b09

      My daughter start high school at 12. In australia that’s normal.

    • [email protected] ID:y33w7aiwlxc

      Hi daddy good to see another Aussie here

    • Bliss ID:10xcxoskvh3x

      I was 12 my first year of high school too. Not all high schools are American

    • John ID:42p5nnt09

      I started high school at 13 in USA