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Daughter wants to fuck

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My wife’s daughter has outright stated she wants to fuck. I’m not sure what to do.

Sooo…yeah. The title pretty well says it all. My stepdaughter is 13 and has been living with us for about a year. She’s kind of a problem child and was living with her dad but a year ago asked my wife if she could live with us. She’s nowhere near the problem he said she was but she gets into a lot of shit.

Not really “juvenile detention” level shit but into something or another pretty frequently. For example, my wife has caught her sneaking her little “boyfriend” into her room late at night at least twice so I’m pretty sure they’re fucking. Or at least have been fucking. My wife gets up at random times of the night to check now and I believe her daughter has stopped doing that. At least for now.

About a week ago this little slut just blurted out to me that we should fuck. My response was to ask her if she’d lost her fucking mind. I pointed out several problems with her idea. Not the least of which was my wife divorcing me and me being detained in a correctional facility. She said none of that would happen because she wouldn’t tell anybody.

I said “Bullshit” to that and told her that at no time in history has a 13-year-old ever kept her damn mouth shut about ANYTHING. It’s just in their nature to run their mouth about everything they know. She said that may be true about most things but not about us fucking. I told her to stop referring to that as if it happened because I wanted to be crystal clear that IT HADN’T.

Finally, she stomped off, “Whatever.” So here’s the kicker: She’s cute despite all her faults and I’ll admit that I jerked off that night thinking about fucking that sweet young pussy. Yes, I admit that.

In fact, I’ll also admit that I had thought about fucking her even before she said she wanted to fuck. So this dilemma is not as black-and-white “Just say no” as it may appear at first. Now, I know that many of you hardcore fuckers will say “Fuck that. Just fuck the shit out of her.” I want to, that’s a fact. And there’s not even the matter of how to get her to want to do it, she’s already well past that stage.

So my question is, to fuck or not to fuck. Some of you guys have similar situations and I’d like advice on either “Yeah, it’s fine. They usually don’t tattle.” or “HELL NO! Don’t do it!”

You may think that my little “talk” with her has discouraged her. Fuck no. Two days after she told me she wanted to fuck, she used the hall bathroom instead of her own and walked right past my bedroom door, butt naked. What the fuck. 10 minutes later, I had closed my door and jerked off, imagining fucking that tight little body. She does not have a classic “tomboy” body. She has medium tits for her age, about 32B or so I’d guess, and her bubble butt looks like it’s so firm a bullet would bounce off of it.

She was cool for a few days then last night when my wife was at work, I was in my recliner watching a movie and she walked in and sat on the couch wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Out of the corner of my eye, I kept seeing movement. I looked at her and she was looking straight at me. Her hand was down the front of her sweats and she appeared to be masturbating like she didn’t give a fuck. Well, obviously she didn’t. So I said, “What are you doing?” She said, “What do you think?” I said, “Don’t you think you should do that in the privacy of your room?” She replied, “No, I don’t.”

So I figured I’d keep looking right at her and she’d get embarrassed and stop. She didn’t. She kept right on, looking right at me. After a minute she said, “Well?” I said, “Well what?” She said, “You know what.” Almost on the edge of doing something I may regret, I wanted to say “Fuck off” but I actually said, “I’m thinking about it.”

She stopped what she was doing and stood up. She started toward her room. Halfway down the hallway, she said, “Good.”

Guys, I seriously, seriously started to walk into that room and throw all good sense to the wind and fuck the shit out of her. Instead, I went and jerked off. Am I here now just fishing for somebody to tell me “Yeah, you should do it” so when I do, I can convince myself that it wasn’t 100% my idea? I realize how lame that is, but that’s where it stands right now. I’m also open to reasons why I shouldn’t do it, though. Or at least I think I am.

The truth is, I’m pretty sure this girl is fixing to get fucked in the next day or two. She’s pushed me entirely too far and the consequences be damned. Anyway, thanks in advance, and if things go like I think it’s about to, I’ll let you know how it went.

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  • Reply OZ73 ID:bmt1ntfii

    Hey Troy..
    You’re in a difficult position, I think you’re being tested by her but if you give in she will have that over you if things go bad … fuck what should you do…?
    I’d just keep enjoying the show that she’s putting on for you and keep beating yourself off in the room with the door open..

  • Reply Grandpas little slut ID:7zv2zeo043

    I started sending nudes to my dad I’m 23 and I’ve never been this horny for someone in my entire life

  • Reply Ted ID:44oefle2qra

    hell no! later after you say no to something stupid she wants, it will come out. even if you don’t fuck her, she will say you did! she’ll tell eveyone. it happened to me, don’t mess up your life.

  • Reply Alliecat ID:bttej3er41

    I have a crush on my stepdad too. I know I wouldn’t say anything but that’s me.

    • Sting ID:8hdrzf4st5d

      I’ve got so many questions and suggestions haha! I’d love to chat on session:


    • Daddychaos ID:1cz2bhq0dggw

      Wish I was your step-dad Alliecat

  • Reply Jon doe ID:1ck85lboa489

    Get something on her first. That way she can’t turn the tables on you.

  • Reply Nacker ID:4bn00en3fia

    Fuck the little slut

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    Give her some pills and when she is passed out fuck the living daylights out of her cumming deep in her multiple times getting her pregnant . Then you can blame the boyfriend hahaha problem solved

  • Reply Sadie's Dad ID:n24sdrk0i

    If you do it, she’ll hold it over your head forever. She will control you. Tell her to wait till she’s 18 and if she still wants it, you’ll do it.

    • Troy L. ID:1v4n6s520i

      I see your point and I agree that that’s possible. But it assumes that she’ll hold all the cards and will be running things while I, in the meantime, can’t think of anything to do about it. In your scenario, I’m a mindless robot following her commands blindly. Suppose, for example, that someone has something on you. They approach you one day and say “Give me $100 or I’m telling everything I know”. You ponder that for a second then slap the ever-loving shit out of them. They hit the ground, stand back up, then walk off to try to think of a Plan B. I’m not advocating slapping anybody, I’m just trying to make a point that blackmailers’ plans don’t have more of a success ratio than anybody else’s plans.

  • Reply Jj ID:5fu3cxj6vh

    Take that girl to your room right now and fuck her what are you thinking??

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    You already have most of the answers. The question is can you trust her? Because it’s thousands of girls around the world that have been fucked by their father brothers or cousins and have never told anyone so it’s up to you to take the gamble.

    • Troy L. ID:1v4n6s520i

      “thousands of girls around the world that have been fucked by their father brothers or cousins and have never told” That, sir, is a fact. I think that shit like that is under-reported way worse than they say it is. They say over 60% goes unreported but I bet it’s more like 90%. I mean, if a girl or woman was abused and didn’t report it, then years later there’s a survey that says “Did you ever not report abuse?” they’re still going to say “Nope”. About 6 or 7 out of 10 of my ex-wife’s friends have told me stories of getting fingered, fucked, or whatever by a family member or stranger, and not a single one reported it.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Fuck her silly if she wants to be cock slut then fuck her like one

  • Reply Demon ID:1dj883edcbnw

    I would wait until she starts her period then fuck her and get her pregnant

    • DaddysLittleGirl ID:571qy8ri

      Fuck me pregnant daddy… then fuck me till my water breaks and I birth your next fuck toy

  • Reply Elendrilboy ID:bj0heoyhi

    good luck!!


    • Tom ID:1dd2wzr1el7g

      U want to chat

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:1eh5jxh3vg4w

    Fuck the whore. Break her in right. Destroy her holes. She wants to act like a whore. Do it. Treat her like a whore

    • guy ID:5h7fpc43

      mmmm yes please daddy

  • Reply [email protected] ID:8m0itujfid

    A dream CUM TRUE! NAIL IT.

  • Reply Ripper ID:7n7ggkbb0k

    You need to be clear…
    You say “no”… And tell her she is learning to be an adult and needs to maker her moves…
    See, if she does all the work, you can claim to be “raped” if it ever comes out…
    You said “no”, but she did it anyway.

    • Troy L. ID:1v4n6s520i

      Excellent idea! In fact, I first read your comment a few minutes ago and I’ve been thinking about it. I have a plan based on what you said. When her mom goes to work tonight, we’ll see how it works. I’ll let you know. Thanks!

    • guy ID:5h7fpc43

      good idea, will try this

  • Reply Pk ID:jtb8sd8odfv

    U might as fuck her if she throwing it at u

  • Reply trucker ID:h6r7cbc18

    Get a pair of her dirty panties and stand in your bedroom with door not complete closed take out your big cock and start jacking smelling her panties and let her catch you

  • Reply Troy L. ID:7ecgnbdzrd

    Hi Joe, I know, right? Put the pussy right in your face and say “Fuck this” and you’re supposed to turn it down because it’s “not right”? You know who says it’s not right? Middle-aged housewives that can’t compete anymore that lobby lawmakers and say “This young pussy is way, way out of bounds. A huge no-no. Make 417 laws (at least) against a man fucking that thing.” So now their husbands can’t fuck it and who’s happy? Nobody but the housewives. The girls are not happy, all they can get is little inexperienced cocks, and the husbands can’t sample that sweet. fresh pussy once in a while. No, if we were on a desert island somewhere, seems to me the rule would be “Say you want your pussy fucked, you’re going to get it fucked.” Easy and simple. And saying 13 is a “child”. What a load of shit. A legal “minor” perhaps but certainly no “child”. You know how I know? I was fucking 13 once! We were drinking, smoking weed, dropping acid, taking Quaaludes like they were candy, selling dope, fucking everything in sight, sneaking out of the window at night and getting into all kinds of shit. A 5 or 6 year old is a child, 13 is not. I was there. And I knew plenty of other 13-year-olds doing the same shit.

    • slutasia ID:62vvtscxii

      I like your thoughts, glad you chat with me in telegram @leehuang2002

  • Reply Troy L. ID:7ecgnbdzrd

    Hi Treejoe, I couldn’t agree with your “All” but I know for a fact this one particular girl is fixing to get used. She’s asking for a fucking, literally asking. Practically demanding it. We’ll see if she changes her mind when she has an actual cock in her. Unless it somehow dawns on me not to do it. But I’m pretty sure that’s not happening.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I totally agree Treejoe , if they offer it on a plate , get in there and fuck them hard .

  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1eg0a31r5l1u

    Yelp you will up in prison and end up being that young tight aßs that everyone wants to fuck and get a cell mate that you can call daddy that pimps you out like his little bitch for cigarettes . The only thing you’ll be smoking is an endless buch of inmates cock at the state penitentiary. But that’s only if she tells . But your free for now to do what ever you want to do . All you have lose is your anal virginity.

    • Troy L. ID:7ecgnbdzrd

      Yeaah, that’s no more helpful than “Hell yeah, fuck her. It’ll be fine. Nothing will happen, guaranteed.” That would be assuming the very best outcome, by just making a wild guess, and your advice is assuming the very worst outcome, also by just making a wild guess. Nobody can say for a fact that everything will work out fine, but neither can anyone say “Everything will go to shit. Fact.” OR…I asked for someone with a similar experience to chime in and you said what you did so are you saying you fucked your stepdaughter and you ended up getting your ass pimped in prison for cigarettes for your cellmate and you smoked endless inmate cocks, so don’t do what I did, save your anal virginity, I couldn’t save mine? If so, my apologies. At first glance it appears you’re making a snide remark for the hell of it.

  • Reply Horneé male ID:2bgp3ckv9j

    Wow sounds like interesting