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Little Fuck Doll Part 2

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Dennis continues to use his little fuck doll and finds out some information.

After Dennis finished his beer, he got up and went to the bedroom and she was laying on her side still bound and asleep. He woke her up and untied her to make her get a shower.

“Don’t think about trying to escape as I will hunt you down easily. I own you and you will be kept naked and ready for my cock at any time! Now how old are you and what’s your name?” He said as she sat up on the bed rubbing her arms and legs.

“My name is Ginny and I am 15 years old.” She replied as she looked at him.

“Well Ginny my name is Dennis and I am 57. From now on you will refer to me as Master. I will refer to you as anything that I want. It could be cunt, whore, slut, fuck toy, fuck doll or anything else that I feel like calling you. You will answer me with a yes Master, do you understand? He said as he stood over her.

“Yes Master I understand!” She replied as she continued to look up at him.

“Good girl, now you go take a shower and make sure that you clean everything really good. I will go and fix something to eat. ” He said.

Ginny climbed off the bed and slowly walked into the bathroom as she was sore from being tied up and raped repeatedly.

Dennis went into the kitchen and began to fix them a meal. Ginny walked into the kitchen and sat down as he set her plate in front of her. She quickly ate her food as she hadn’t eaten in a while.

“Better eat up cause you are going to need your strength later!” He growled as he reached over and twisted her nipple.

She yelped out as the pain radiated from her bruised tit. Dennis chuckled as he finished eating and started cleaning up.

“Slut get on your knees and suck my cock!” He said as he washed the dishes.

“Yes Master!” She said as she quickly moved between his legs.

Her back was against the cabinets and she sucked his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and stroked it with her hand. She made sure that she didn’t touch it with her teeth. Dennis growled as she took his cock into her throat without being told.

“Good little slut!” He groaned as he began thrusting his cock into her mouth.

She leaned her head back against the cabinets as he fucked her mouth. The sound of glug glug glug glug glug glug glug filled the room. She was learning to catch a few breaths of air as he pulled out of her throat. She swallowed around his shaft as she reached up and gently massaged his balls that slapped her chin with every thrust.

Soon he grunted and pushed his cock as deep as he could into her sucking mouth and dumped his load down her throat.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS SLUT SWALLOW IT ALL!” He groaned as he pumped stream after stream down her throat.

After Dennis finished draining his balls he pulled out of her mouth and picked her up and walked over to the table. He sat her down and spread her legs open. He sat down on a chair and pulled himself between her legs.

Ginny watched as he leaned over and kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on her lips and clit. She moaned deeply as she experienced her pussy being eaten for the first time.

“OH GOD YEEESSSSSS!” She moaned as she grabbed the back of his head pulling his face deeper into her soaking wet pussy.

Dennis hadn’t eaten a pussy in a long time and she tasted divine. Her honey flowed into his mouth as he slurped up every single delicious drop. He shoved several fingers into her tight little pussy and asshole at the same time as his lips locked down onto her clit.

Ginny immediately clamped her thighs onto his head and screamed out in pleasure as she experienced the strongest orgasm of her young life. She literally sprayed his face with her juices.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” She moaned as her body shuddered uncontrollably.

Dennis held her down onto the table as he continued to assault her pussy with his mouth and fingers. She was bucking against his mouth and fingers as she orgasmed again and again.

Dennis stood up and flipped her over onto her stomach over the table. He grabbed his hard throbbing cock and plunged balls deep into her tight little wet pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE MASTER!” She screamed as he began to hammer into her soaking wet pussy from behind.

Dennis grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his cock as his balls slapped her clit. His thighs slapped her ass cheeks and they rippled from the intense pounding. Her pussy spasmed around his cock squeezing it as she orgasmed again.

He spun her around onto her back and pushed her legs up against her chest spread open wide. He grabbed her tits as he continued his assault on her pussy. She saw the unmistakable look of animalistic lust in his eyes.

He twisted her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as his cock throbbed angrily inside her smoldering little pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE WHORE YOU ARE!” He groaned as he felt his cock explode deep inside her hot wet tight little pussy.

“OMFG YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” She screamed as she felt his hot cum splashing her insides. Multiple spurts pushed into her cervix as he was trying to impregnate her.

When his cock slipped out of her battered pussy she quickly climbed down onto the floor and took his cum covered cock into her mouth and she sucked it clean making sure that she got every drop of his cum. Dennis watched as his little fuck doll worshipped his cock and balls like the perfect little fuck toy he hoped that she would be.

Ginny looked up at him with pure devotion in her eyes. She had quickly accepted her place and purpose as his fuck doll. She realized that even if he had raped her in the first place, she was definitely better off now than she was before.

She also knew that even though he was in control of her, she held a certain amount of power over him especially when she willingly took her position of submission. She knew that her pussy and ass were still very powerful in convincing him to allow her some liberties.

After she had thoroughly cleaned his cock and balls with her mouth, she placed it against her face as she lovingly stroked it and look up at him with the best puppy dog eyes she could muster.

“Is my Master happy with his fuck doll?” She moaned as she worked his cock along her face.

She kissed his cock and balls as she continued to look into his eyes. She could feel his cock beginning to harden again as she rubbed it across her face and stroked it with her hand.

“You definitely are doing well at the moment little slut!” He groaned as his cock continued to rise.

“Would Master like to fuck his little slut’s ass again?” She moaned as she took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the fat purple head.

She allowed her drool to run down the shaft coating it good. She stood up and pushed him into the chair and she straddled him. She reached back and grabbed his cock and aligned it with her tight little asshole. She looked right into his eyes as she dropped down onto his hard throbbing cock driving it into her hot little tunnel.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS SLUT!” He growled as he leaned over and took a nipple into his mouth as he sucked and chewed on it.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS MASTER FUCK YOUR SLUT!” She screamed as she began to bounce up and down on his cock driving it deeper and deeper into her spasmodic ass.

She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face into her chest as she flopped around on his cock like a bucking bronco. Some how she actually loved his cock in her ass more than her pussy. She loved being filled and fucked with his cock drilling her asshole.

Her ass was clamping down on his shaft and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last very long in her ass. She began to orgasm over and over again as he held onto her hips to keep her firmly planted on his cock.

“This slut is insatiable and hungry for cock!” He thought. How lucky could he be in that she broke into his house?

Dennis growled deeply as he felt his cum spraying her bowels as she screamed out in pleasure as she orgasmed again. After she had finished milking his cum into her ass, she sat there clinging to him trying to catch her breath.

She sighed in deep contentment as she felt his heartbeat against her stomach. She felt safer than she had ever felt. She was his personal little fuck doll.

Dennis would continue to rape her tight little holes as he saw fit. She never denied him anything and she allowed him access to her at all times. Sometimes he would actually make love to her every once in a while. But mostly he treated her like a fuck doll. And she was definitely fine with that.

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    Make her a mommy that gives birth to more slaves for her master!

    Part 3 please!!!

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