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Sammy‘s training part 3

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We awake in the morning Sammy slept with me overnight. She was in a exhausted state I think mentally and physically her second training session was so overwhelming, but I couldn’t help myself when I started finger fucking Sammy and the shower. I was more aggressive than I should’ve been, but I did achieve one thing I took her hymen out of the way, I realize this because Sammy White cotton panties had a little blood in them which kind of freaked her out a little bit. I explained to her what happened and that’s normal. most in the morning Sammy was standoffish with me. I did not like that and then I remembered I had Karen maybe she can help Karen only got on the chat line in the afternoon so I had to wait. I did my best to break the ice between me and Sammy it worked a little bit got a couple smiles and chuckles out of her, I called the chat line and get a hold of Karen. Told her what happened and how Sammy was acting she told me that’s normal and would like to speak with her. I said yes and I handed Sammy the phone. I told Sammy to go in her room and talk to my friend . A good hour had passed when Sammy came out of the room gave me a kiss on my lips and a big hug and handed me the phone. I asked Karen what magic she worked. She said it was a girl thing and then I needed to give Sammy a two day break I understood. The first day went OK I kept my hands to myself although there was a lot of hugging and kissing. I want my little girl to know. I still loved her the second day when Sammy came out of the shower I was hard as a rock i followed her into her room and I hugging her and started feeling her little ass then I started to slide my hands in the top of her panties when she stopped me and said not yet dad
you can call Karen and masturbate with her this turned me on she said that I will watch you …wickedness came over me. My little girl is gonna watch me masturbate. She’s gonna listen to me. Talk about her. She’s gonna see me ejaculate for the first time. I said yes I never picked up my phone so fast my life thankfully Karen was there. She asked me how everything was going and I brought her up-to-date. She asked me if Sammy was next to me, I said she was in the kitchen. She told me to put Sammy on the phone, I don’t know what she was saying but Sammy gave the wicked dirty smile to what she was listening to she kept saying yes and OK and hand me the phone. My daughter went into. The kitchen and grabbed the chair, set the chair right in front of me on the couch handed me the phone and looked at me with the most dirtiest look ever not angry look but a sexual look Karen told me to get completely undressed as I take my underwear off my cock pops out hard as a rock bouncing Sammy‘s eyes are just fixated on it. I realize during this training. . She never saw my cock so here it is my 10yo little girl back in little girl state shocked at seeing my dick and Karen told me to sit down and start masturbating. She told me that she told Sammy that I was lonely and that a lot of fathers and daughters become lovers and that’s what was going on with us and that she’s sort of counselor that helps out. She then started asking me what I liked about Sammy‘s body, and as I’m masturbating my little girls looking at me, I start talking about how I love her little nipples, her beautiful ass and the taste of her pussy Sammy looking at me with amazement. I see she’s aroused again. Her breathing is heavy after all I’m squirming masturbating in front of my little girl I say I wanna fuck her. I want taste her pussy I want to make her cum I noticed that Sammy is getting very aroused and if I wanted to, I could go over and stop touching her, but I’m so locked in the masturbating in front of her talking dirty to her through Karen it’s then thatKaren tells me that she would like to come over and stay for a few days. I’m in shock this woman I’ve been speaking with for so long. I never thought I would meet, she tells me now that she knows that I’m for real that she spoke to my daughter that she’s been looking for someone for me for a very long time I agree she can come up stay She then tells me to hand the phone to Sammy and then Sammy hands me back the phone. I’m masturbating and my little girl takes her shirt off and her underwear off and spread her legs in front of me I’m looking at her how sexual she looks how proud she is that she’s in control and I start coming so hard my come shoots across the room actually reaches her leg I keep pumping she’s an amazement. It’s the first time she’s ever seen me ejaculate that innocent look on her face reminds me that she still a 10year old Karen says in a few days, I promise you you’ll be fucking Sammy and in a weeks time Sammy will be begging you to fuck her and then afte my bedroom is now Sammy‘s bedroom. She then tells me something I never knew she’s a therapist over the years of listening to young girls talking about their early childhood sexual experiences, she found it very erotic. She would masturbate after the clients left. She actually had one ten-year-old girl who confessed to her that her mother‘s boyfriend was masturbating her. She she told me how she taught that little girl to be proud of the sexual attention to enjoy it to not have any shame. that man who had no clue that a professional was teaching her to love his cock getting her ready to spread so that this man could fuck this ten-year-old, which he did over and over again this little girl loved telling Karen all the sexual details. Karen told me when the girl hit 13 years old that she found out that the man and the girl moved away together leaving the mother she assured me that Sammy would be spreading her legs for me in no time
Part 4 soon 🙂

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    The sooner Sammy spreads her legs for her daddy the better