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Pretty Little Angels (Continued)

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Chapter 2 of a fictional story. This time, Julia gets laid out.

….(Still as Madison)
I walked around the rest of that wonderful day, my dog’s, Harley, cum was still leaking from my petite teen pussy. I couldn’t believe still, that I had lost my virginity. I knew everyday from that day forward, I was going to get pounded as often as I could by my dog.

(As Julia) as a twin, you know everything about your twin. Madison and I had spent many days together, talking shit about the stupid boys at school, always hitting on me, always wanting to stick their rock hard cocks in my cunt. But I wasn’t going to loose my virginity to just anyone. It had to be someone special. My twin always loved her dog, and one day, she told me she wanted Harley, her dog, to shove his canine cock right up her virgin hole. I remember after her saying that, she had a big orgasm. Her and I loved fingering each others cunts, but she was always shy about going to far. I honestly wanted to put my clit up to hers and let our 13 year old pussies pound each other. But she wasn’t ready for that. Unlike her, I don’t have a dog, I have a horse, a stallion. A fine one. He’s a big thoroughbred. Dark black. His body glistened in the sun, black. Long dark black mane and tail. Every bit of 17 hands high. But one thing always fascinates me.

Everytime I have ever walked around him in my tiny shorts, he always shoves his nose up my ass, and without fail, his 2 foot long, 15 pound dick hang out, rock hard. I knew he wanted to fuck me, and honestly, I really wanted to fuck him. I just rarely got enough alone time to make it happen. That would all change that summer.
It was a cool summer day, and dad had to haul off some calves to the vet and the family went with him. I managed to be allowed to stay behind and feed the horses. And feed them I would.
I entered my stallions stall, his name was Firefly due to the little white speck on his nose, looked like a fire fly so that’s what I named my boy. He was four years old and handsome. I couldn’t help, today but feel really warm down in my young pussy. I got tingly inside as he sniffed my pussy. I watched as that penis grew hard, and this time, I was going to do something about it. I walked down the side of him, he was bending his head around to keep sniffing and taking deep breathes of my bald teen pussy. I was going to loose my virginity today, to my horse. I took his rocket sized penis into my hands, my two hands barely covering a quarter of his penis. It was twitching as I touched it, he nickered in lust. I rubbed it, and before I thought about it, I wrapped my pretty little teen lips around his fucking rock hard horse dick, and began to suck.

Oh my God, it tastes so good, I began to stuff as much of that cock into my mouth that I could, my pussy was so wet. I could feel my pussy juices began to drip. My pussy was tiny, I couldn’t even fit my pinky finger into my cunt, I had no idea how I was about to shove this cock into me, but I knew I had to. I licked that shaft up and down, as he began to leak precum. I lapped that up like a starving kitten, drinking in his juice. I took a deep breath. Crawled under neath of him, turned around.

And he mounted me. Just like that, I was bearing this horse on top of me, he was eager to punch his cock through my vagina. I helped him line up and before I knew it, pain rocketed through my body as his fat, luxurious horse cock destroyed my hymen, stretching my tiny teen cunt to widths unimaginable. The pain quickly gave way to amazing feelings of being dominated by the beast that was my horse. God he felt so good, I began screaming in pleasure as his cock stretched my hole and poked my belly, I could see the outline of his cock on my stomach with every thrust. After a few minutes of deep fucking, he thrusted one last time, half of his shaft fully inside me, pumped me full of his horse seed. Hot sticky warm cum filled my womb. Oh my god. I was moaning loudly, as he continued pumping. Over two cups worth of sticky horse semen all inside of me. I felt his enormous cock go limp as he slide out of me. Cum gushing from my fuck hole that was just destroyed. Oh I felt so good. Before he sheathed his cock, I made sure to lap up every drop of cum stuck to the sides of his glorious penis that just violated every bit of my dignity. His cum tasted salty but sweet and I loved it. Next time, I was going to give him a blow job. I wasn’t going to just be his slut from now on, but we had several male horses and female horses, and I’ve always loved having sex with my sister, but she was never keen on having fun. I want my pussy on another pussy, and if she won’t give me hers, I’m going to find a way to fuck one of the mares with my cunt. But that’s for later. My hole was still full of stallion baby making fluid, and my teen fuck hole was used for the day. I hope my sister tastes my pussy later only to find I was used by my horse. Until next time, bye guys.

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