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My mother’s new boyfriend

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The trouble started when my mother brought a new guy home with her after they had been drinking.

Hi, my name is Kathy I am 13 and live with my mother.
My father had left years ago, and I barely remember him.
Friday night I was sound asleep in my bed. My mother had gone out to spend some time with her friends.
Anyway, I heard her come home she made a lot of noise opening the door and closing it.
Then I heard her try to whisper as she walked down the hall. I had no idea who she was talking to this late at night and why they had come home with her.
Her room is next to mine and I started to hear more noises coming from her room including the bed squeaking as if they were moving around on the bed.
I was tired and had enough I decided to see why they were making so much noise.
Her bedroom door was wide open and when I looked inside my mother and a man were naked on the bed, and he was on top of her fucking her.
I just stood there and watched them. then he cum inside of her. He stayed on her a few minutes while they kissed before rolling off of her.
They saw me at the door. I was not trying to hide.
They called me over to the bed. He asked me if I liked looking at his cock. took my hand and moved it so my hand touched his cock.
The only other cock I had touched was the rubber one mother keeps in her underwear draw.
His other hand was placed at the back of my head, and he pulled me towards his and he kissed me on the lips.
After we kissed my mother told me to get of the bed with them. As I climbed up, I noticed my mother’s pussy the flaps were open, and I could see in her pussy. She had cum in her pubes, and more was dripping out of her pussy.
My mother suddenly pushed me face down at his cock and told me to suck it.
I started to suck on it. It tasted funny he quickly got hard. My mother then moved me out of the way and climbed on top of him and started fucking herself on his cock.
I was right there watching her pussy slide up and down on his cock. His own cum was covering his shaft and there was a wet loppy sound coming from them.
Suddenly he said he was about to cum. Mother got off of him and she had him cum on his own belly. She then had me lick it off before sucking his cock again. She kissed me on the lips and sent me back to my room. The next morning, he had gone, and my mother was very sorry for everything that had happened last night.
She told me when she drinks it is like she has another personality that takes over and she has no control over it.

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