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the boat

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we had just got married Saturday and left for the lake right after the wedding. Mary is 22 I’m Bill I’m 24 we were spending our honeymoon aboard my houseboat. a stardust cruiser 40′ I had bought a year ago. Mary and I have been engaged for about the same amount of time. when we got to the lake we had taken the boat out and anchored in a cove we had taken off our cloths and hadn’t put them back on until today. we had chased each other around and fucked all over the boat. we were getting dressed to go pick up another couple. some friends of ours. we were to meet them at the dock at 1:00 p.m. it was Mike 24 and Helen 23 we were using a small fishing boat to go get them. Mary is a redhead with nice tit’s and body or I wouldn’t have married her. we put on our bathing suits and went to the dock. Mike and Helen were waiting for us when we got there we loaded the boat and headed back to the cove.
setting on the deck of the cruiser drinking beer we told Mike and Helen we had been naked since we got here. they said that sounded good, and we all agreed what happens at the lake stays at the lake. so clothing was not an option. I couldn’t help notice Helen had shaved her pubic area. mike said he liked that, I said I did too. I suggested to Mary that she shave. she said she would if I would. Helen said she had asked Mike to but he refused. I told Mary I was game. we took my trimmer and trimmed up then took a razor and finished Mary was doing me and we started laughing. Mike and Helen asked what? Mary stepped back and showed them I had a hard on. Mary reached and started jacking me off. Mike said he was game if Mary shaved him. Mary said sure. she held his cock in one hand and trimmer in the other. when she got done with that she got on her knees and lathered him up and shaved him. I was standing with my arm around Helen. squeezing her tit. Mary started jacking Mike off then put him in her mouth. I went over got her up she still had Mike in her mouth I spread her leg’s and put my cock in her. Helen came up behind me and started massaging my balls. “damn Mike your cock looks good in my wife.” I pulled Helen around me and kissed her then sucked her tits. I was rubbing her pussy when Mike emptied his load in my wife’s mouth. “fuck Mary that was good Mike told her. I pulled her hips back to me and shot my load in her cunt. Mary turned and kissed Helen
sharing Mike’s cum with her. Fuck that’s hot I said. we all went swimming.
sitting on the boat Mary asked me if I minded her sucking Mike. I told her no she could fuck him if she wanted to but only when we were at the lake. I ask her if she minded me fucking Helen. she said she didn’t care if I wanted to fuck mike. as long as we had a good time and no one got hurt. Mike and Helen had
overheard and agreed.
the boat only had four bunk beds and a foldout couch. we decided to take mattress cushions from the beds couch and dining booth and put them on the deck and all sleep there. I was standing in the bed room when Helen came up and grabbed my cock. you’ve got a nice cock bill I took her in my arm’s and kissed her. Helen had small tits that were pointed. fun to suck. I put her up on the vanity counter and spread her leg’s. I put her knees over my shoulders and bent over licking her cunt. god she tasted good, I licked her from her asshole to her clit digging in her fuck hole.my cock got hard. she had me in her hand. “fuck me bill, fuck me with that big hard cock. please baby I want to feel you in me.” she begged. I rubbed the head of my cock in her slit she reached and guided me in her, I thrust hard and deep. “oh fuck baby.” she said as she wrapped her arm’s around me. “that is so good, fuck me hard honey, make me cum.” I rammed my cock deep in her pumping rapidly. “Helen your pussy feels so good.” I said. we kissed I could feel her hole contract around my cock. I drove harder in her she dropped her leg’s around my waist and pulled me into her. I squeezed her tit and I could feel her cum, juices were coating our inner thighs “oh god.” she moaned I released my cum into her pumping hard. “fill me up, god fill me up.” I pumped till I was dry. we both had sweat running off us when we came out on deck. Mary got on her knees and cleaned Helen off me. my cum was running out of Helen . Mary licked it out of her cunt.
we all set watching the sunset drinking beer. there was a cool breeze Helen was sucking Mikes cock. I kissed Mary and fondled her tit’s.” I want to double penetrate you honey.” I whispered in her ear. ” I want you full of cum.” Mike was laying on the mat while Helen was sucking him I took Mary by the hand and went over to mike. ” my wife wants to mount you Mike, Helen set up and Mary straddled mike guiding his cock into her. she started fucking him. I put my cock in Helens mouth. grabbed her head with both hands and forced my cock down her throat. she gagged at first but then took it. when my cock got hard I took it from Helen, spit on it Helen, she covered it with spit. I got on my knees and shoved it in Mary’s ass. “oh god, oh fuck. “Mary yelled. “take them honey you can take two cock’s, fuck us baby.” I told her. “oh god I can’t believe I’ve got two cock’s in me, fuck me boys fuck me hard.” Mary hissed through gritted teeth. I pulled Helens head over and took my cock from Mary’s ass and put it in Hellen’s mouth. “taste her ass Helen. then I put it back in Mary. “damn I’m getting fucked so good, I’m going to cum on your cock Mike. Mary was riding both of us. “oh god I’m going to cum. and I felt her climax. I could feel Mike unloading in her. I let go. Mary fell off of us, Helen grabbed both our cocks and went back and forth cleaning us. “fuck I’ve never cum that hard.” Mary panted. I looked at my wife laying there cum running out both her fuck holes, damn she looked good.
after swimming we started the grill and prepared dinner. drinking and setting and talking, Helen commented on how she would like Mike and I to double penetrate her. “you’ll love it, you can fill both cocks shooting their sperm in you,” it’s like you can’t get enough. it makes me want to be gangbanged, you think you would enjoy watching me be used by a group of men ,honey?” Mary asked me.” “I’d love to be covered in cum.” I told her that would be fine if I was dumping my cum in her too. “of course honey the more load’s the better, besides you can cum in any of my holes any time you want to. you can to Mike as long as we’re at the Lake , right honey?” that’s right as long as I get to use these holes here.” I got Helen up and bent her over the handrail. all this talk had made me hard. she spread her leg’s and took me in her cunt. she pushed back to meet my cock, I grabbed hold of her tits and forced my cock deep in her. I kissed her neck and ear. “fuck Bill, I love your cock in me. make me pregnant.” she whispered “mike won’t know, I want your baby.” I slammed in her hard. I looked over at Mary and Mike they were on the mat Mike was fucking Mary with a beer bottle. he had most of it in her. I pulled my cock from Helen’s cunt and guided it up her shit hole. god she was tight. I pumped her ass. I noticed Mike had my wife’s leg’s in the air pounding deep in her. “fuck me Mike, damn slam that cock in me fuck me damn it, fuck me hard.” Mary was screaming. watching my wife get fucked excited me I pounded Helen’s ass. ” you can use my ass but cum in my cunt Bill I want your sperm in my cunt, damn it.” she could feel I was about to shoot my load she pulled my cock from her ass and mounted me with her pussy. I exploded inside her ” damn Helen.” the cum kept shooting out of me. ” that’s it Bill fill me up, I think that one should do it.” she said and turned and kissed me, running her tongue down my throat.
we all went to sleep on the deck. Mary and I whispered. she thanked me for letting Mike fuck her. she said she didn’t mind me fucking other woman as long as I came home to her. she said she’d like to fuck other men and that I could choose them if I want. I told her we’d have to discuss this further at home. I
went to sleep with her sucking my cock.
I woke up the next morning and looked over Mike had my wife on all fours ramming his cock in her cunt. he had her by the hair being rough with her, her tit’s were bouncing from the pounding she was taking. she looked at me and smiled. “good morning…. ,oh give it to me mike, fuck me, god fuck me deep, give me your fucking load mike,…Honey” she said. she looked so good like that taking a pounding with a cock in her. I crawled between mike and her leg’s so I could watch mike’s cock penetrate her. damn both of them were so wet. I lay on my back and watched as he used my wife’s pussy. I reached up and lightly squeezed Mike’s balls. ” give her a big load Mike I want to see it dripping out of her.” I told him. I heard Mary moan it looked so good I grabbed his cock. “I want to taste my wife’s pussy Mike,” I said. and put him in my mouth. he forced it down my throat. I sucked his precum and my wife’s juices from him. then put him back in her. damn he tasted good. my cock was rock hard I felt Helen mounting me my leg’s were sticking out between Mary’s arm and leg. I could see Helen running her tongue down Mary’s throat’ I felt Helen’s cunt tighten as she milked the cum out of me. I reached up to grab Mary’s tit and felt her body stiffen, I reached back and massaged mike’s balls to get all the cum out of them when Mary screamed she was cuming on Mike’s cock I massaged him as he pumped his cum into my wife it was so hot I spewed like a fountain in Helen. ” oh god Bill that’s what I wanted.” she cried as she cum on me. Mike pulled out of Mary, cum was dripping from his cock I opened my mouth to catch it. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned my wife from him. Mary lowered her cunt on my mouth and pushed Mike’s cum down my throat. “that’s it baby clean another man’s cum out of your wife.” she said I gulped it down happily. we got up to make coffee and fix breakfast. Helen laid with her feet propped up in the air against the handrail.
two fishermen came around the point, Mary waved at them and motioned them over. they tied there boat up beside the cruiser. Mary got in their boat I heard her talking to them . then I watched as she bent over the front seat and one unzipped his pants and put his cock in her the other unzipped his and she took it in her mouth. Helen come and got on her knees “make’s you horny watching your wife get fucked don’t it.” she said as I watched the two fisherman take turns on my wife.. Helen bent over the rail and put me in her cunt. I pumped her hard as I watched my wife take load after load from the guy’s. I was still fucking Helen when they helped Mary off their boat back on the cruiser, she walked by me “what happens at the lake stays at the lake.” she said. Mike had been watching and grabbed her and laid her down. “let’s get a cock back in you girl.” I heard him say as he put his cock in her. Helen turned around and got on my cock her arms around my neck and ass on the rail. “come on baby give me your cum. fertilize me, make sure I’m pregnant, fuck give me your baby. you still going to fuck me when I’m pregnant daddy.” the fishermen were just about to go around the point I yelled an waved for them to come back they pulled up and tied up. “this one wants to be double penetrated.” pointing at Helen her eyes got wide as they undressed, I got Mike off of Mary so I could fuck her while I watched. god she was good so full of cum it was great we watched as the guys used Helen Mary sucked mike’s cock while I fucked her. we all came at the same time My cum squirted out if my wife. I kissed her. “I think that one got you pregnant.” I told her’

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    Fucking HOT story. Getting another mans wife pregnant is exciting. Fucking another mans wife is exhilarating, fucking another mans wife while he fucks right beside you is fun. Totally fun.

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    WHat a fuck fest. I only had two GF’s that we use to swap with a best friend. His ole lady was 4’10” and all tits n ass knowing I wanted to fuck her badly as I love short woman. We fucked for about 6 months when they accepted a high paying job out of state so that was the end of that.

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    This story has lots of potential!