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I showed my mom my dick

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I masturbated for too long one night and my foreskin became a little inflamed. I took this as an excuse to try and show my mom my dick so i told her. I showed her a picture on my phone and she basically told me to be careful. I then just asked if it would be easier to show her it in person and she agreed.

We went to the bathroom, she turned around and i had a huge erection before i even took off my shorts. For reference i have showed her my dick for a similar problem before, got hard and then that’s where this fantasy started. I pulled down my pants and told her to turn around. She stared at it for a few seconds, asked me if it hurt and a few other questions. She asked if she could take a picture of it, but in the moment i said no. But the next day i asked if she still wanted a pic and she said yes, so i sent a hard dick pic. The next few days I would send her more dick pics and ask if she thought it was getting better.

A few weeks later i did the same thing again. I ended up telling her i am insecure about my dick and she said she’s happy i can be so vulnerable with her. I then asked what she thought of my dick, and after a few hours she told me to call her. I didn’t, and instead apologised and admitted to being addicted to porn. This diffused the situation but also shifted it

Since then i have asked her if she had told anyone what i asked/told her and she said no, just that i am struggling a little. She told my father about the porn, but not that i asked for her opinion on my dick. She said that is private and between us. We’ve since spoken and she seems chill about the whole situation. I was just a little confused on why she would even ask for a picture of my dick initially – there is no need for her to have one medically.

One time when she was looking at my dick I leaked a little precum and she obviously saw because she grabbed a tissue and wiped it. She’s only mentioned my dick once, saying I was ‘sticking straight up’. Other than that she’s not said anything about it, after seeing it so many times.

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