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Donna, liverpool. Toilet slave for my blackmasters and their dogs

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My journey into being the ultimate shiteating whiteslave for my blackmasters

My name is Donna. I’m a submissive 40 something white woman from Liverpool
For nearly 2 decades now, I’ve been a truly obedient and subservient whiteslave for several groups of very strict and deviant, superior blackmasters. I have gladly obeyed their filthiest commands, pushing myself to the limits and beyond. From gangbangs, anal fisting, and being bred by blackmen several times, there is nothing I’m not willing to do, to show my obedience to my superior blackmasters
My very first blackmaster, when I was early 20s, was the one who introduced me to my true calling in life… BEING A TOILET FOR BLACKMEN
I had been pissed on several times by him and his black friends, but one night, when I was eating his and his friends asses, he asked if I loved the taste of blackmasters shitholes. I said YES MASTER, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR ASSES ARE DIRTY
He then asked if I wanted to go further with him and his friends. Before I could reply, he squatted over my face and unleashed a stream of thick diarrhoea straight down my throat. Expecting to be disgusted, I was instead surprised that I really enjoyed the taste, and gargled his sloppy shit, before swallowing the lot. That night, I ate 6 more loads of blackmens shit. From that point onwards, I knew what my purpose in life was to be. I WAS A DIRTY INFERIOR SHITEATING WHITESLAVE FOR BLACKMEN
3 years on, and thousands of shits eaten, it was another group of blackmasters who took me to the ultimate level.
I’d been fucking and sucking my blackmasters dogs for a while, anything to please my superior blackmasters. I especially enjoyed rimming dogs and being filmed doing it. One night I was being gangbanged by a group of 12 blackmasters when they told me they had a special surprise lined up for me. After being fucked and fisted in both my holes, and letting them all piss and shit in my mouth, they led me on all fours, out into the garden. My blackmasters owned several dogs, and they had done several huge shits in the garden
My blackmasters ordered me to crawl around the garden and eat all the dogshit I could find
They took their phones out, and filmed me as I started chomping on several fresh dog turds, all the time, whipping me, and telling me its what I deserve for being white and inferior.


Nowadays I regularly look forward to being taken to the local park on a leash by my blackmasters, and I’m made to collect all the discarded bags of dogshit and fill my dogbowl with them, then I eat every single bit, AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
I’ve probably eaten at least 5000 shits from my blackmasters and over 2000 poos from dogs in the last few years, since I learnt my role in life
I love being smeared in excrement while I’m heavily pregnant with another black baby, and being made to walk the streets, dressed slutty and covered in shit, with a placard stating

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  • Reply Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

    Only eaten dogshit once. An Asian guy who used to use me as a toilet quite often, one day brought with him a plastic bag full of dogshit and made me eat it. I only managed two of the dog turds before puking up all over the floor. He pushed my face into my own vomit, then pushed his cock up my arse and raped me as he forced me to lick it back up. Needless to say, that made me vomit again, but then he came hard up me before dressing and going, leaving me laying there in the mess.

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      I’ve probably eaten over 2 tonnes of dogshit to show my obedience to my superior blackmasters. It’s the punishment I deserve for being white and inferior

  • Reply Tammy Moody ID:1cqkkcl18y0g

    I was held prisoner as a 16 year old girl by a group of black gang bangers in an abandoned factory. They raped me daily…vaginally and anally, and they brought their black friends by at all hours of the day and night and forced me to suck their cocks and swallow every drop of cum. When they began to get bored with me, one of the leaders brought in his three pit bulls (all males), and they strapped me to a wooden structure and would have the dogs fuck me and knot inside me. As days went by I began to actually prefer the dog sex because it would be over much faster than the men. The dogs would ejaculate in under a minute while some of the men would fuck me for what seemed like hours. After they felt that I was fully trained, they turned me out on the streets as a prostitute with one of them acting as my pimp. My clients were almost exclusively blacks from the lowest dregs of the ghetto. Several of them beat me and sodomized me. The police found me one day unconscious under an overpass and I spent weeks in intensive. My vagina and anus had both been torn…I was severely malnourished and dehydrated. When I eventually recovered, I left that part of the country and started over in another state. I have a good job and I own my own home. I no longer have any sexual interest in men…in fact I am terrified of all black me, but I do have two male pit bulls. They keep me sexually satisfied by licking my pussy and fucking me any time that I want them.

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      Have you tried eating our superior blackmasters shit and eating dogshit?
      It’s absolutely delicious, especially dogshit
      My blackmasters have had me sodomised by horses aswell and my asshole is so stretched that I can easily take 2 arms all the way to the shoulder in my guts

  • Reply Bi cocksucker ID:6vsg24v1

    Black bbc men will use me, my future wife and daughter, every day, we will take them on our family bed, they will fuck us like dolls without sparing very cruelly, my mouth will be a pussy for them, I will take any size of penis into my throat and stomach, we will lick their asses, they will use our mouths as living urinals!

  • Reply Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

    Find me on ALT.COM under the profile SHITEATER4BBC. Donna Rowlands in Liverpool England. There’s pictures of me and my daughters eating our superior blackmasters shit

    • Whiteboi ID:1emn7aou6q4j

      How old are your two sluts I hope they started young

  • Reply Yes ID:1de203l3d6n6

    More, make more stories/share more

  • Reply Yes ID:1de203l3d6n6

    Hey you should keep talking about your journey and give some more detail

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Most white girls will do anything for a big black master, not that she’d have a choice!!

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      Yes. I absolutely love eating my blackmasters shit and eating dogshit to show my obedience to the superior black race as an inferior whiteslave whore. Donna Rowlands in Liverpool