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Painful sex

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We pissed off the wrong girl and got our 12 year old cocks very painfully fucked.

We were 12 years old, me and my best mate Darren, and like most boys we liked to play football and played mostly in the street, and we’d sometimes kick the ball against the wall of a neighbour’s house, which we knew they didn’t like, but did it anyway for the fun of it.

One Sunday we were kicking the ball against the neighbour’s wall and a girl came out, she was young but clearly older than us, about 18-20 or something, and she was just wearing a white silk robe thing, and she yelled at us, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? – I’m trying to sleep.” She yelled, it was about 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

She appeared just as I kicked the ball against the wall, she grabbed it and picked it up, “You little shits.” She said, “I’m keeping this.” She added, stepping back in to her doorway.

“Please give us it back, it’s our only ball.” I said.

“You shouldn’t be kicking it against my house should you.” She said.

“We’re sorry. Can we just have our ball.” Said Darren.

Then her body language and expression changed, she held the ball and smiled, “You want this ball?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Come and get it.” She said.

As we walked towards her to get our ball from her, she walked backwards in to her house, by the time we reached the front door, she was standing in her front room, quite far away, “Come and get it then.” she said, seeing that we’d stopped, not wanting to walk in to a stranger’s house.

She invited us in so we went in, she told us to close the door behind us so that her little dog didn’t get out, we did, then as we walk in to the house and got closer to her, she backed away, keeping in pace with us, not letting us get too close to her.

Eventually she kind of lead us to the stairs and she slowly walked up them, encouraging us to follow her, we didn’t know what the hell was going on, “Well, do you want it then?” she said.

“Come on let’s just get the ball and go.” Said Darren, nudging my shoulder.

“Alright.” I said, and we both went up the stairs and followed her in to what we presume was her bedroom.

She told us to stand near the foot of her bed, “Stand over there.” She said.

“Can I have the ball then?” I said, reaching out for it, but she quickly put it behind her back.

“Not yet.” She said, then she just looked at us while biting her bottom lip, then she picked up a remote control off the bed and turned on the TV, porn started playing and Darren and I were so shocked, but couldn’t take our eyes off the screen.

“This is wicked.” Whispered Darren to me.

“Fuck, dude.” I replied.

“You boys like porn?” she asked.

“Yeaaah.” I replied.

“Sit down if you want it. Watch it.” She said, so we both sat on the end of her bed with our eyes glued to the screen, watching people fucking, we’d never seen actual porn before and it was awesome.

We didn’t notice her getting on her bed, she kneeled on her bed behind us and started to massage our shoulders, “Does that look like fun?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Replied Darren.

“Either of you boys ever done it?” she asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Yeah, I have.” Said Darren, he was a lying fucker.

“Fuck off, you’ve never done it.” I said.

“Shut up.” He said.

Then we quickly jumped up and turned around because she grabbed our crotches, “What are you doing?!” we asked.

Then we watched as she removed her silk robe, and she was completed nude underneath, the first naked woman we’d ever seen for real, her boobs were round and big, and her pussy, wow, what a beautiful sight it was.

“Fuck me.” Said Darren out of shock.

“I will if you want me too.” she said.

“Huh?” questioned Darren.

“Fuck you…” she said, laying herself down on her bed and spreading her legs open, “…You boys want to have some fun?” She asked.

We both kind of stood there quiet, gawping and salivating at the sight of her, “Come on. Take off your clothes and get on the bed with me. I dare you.” She said.

Darren immediately pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and pulled his shorts and undies off, “Darren?!” I said.

“What? – I want to do it.” He said, climbing on to the bed towards her, she grabbed his head and pulled it down, squashing his face between her massive tits, and she started rubbing his cock and balls until he got hard.

I got an erection just watching and then decided to hell with it, I stripped off and joined them on the bed.

She pushed us both on to our backs, rubbed and jerked on our cocks, then sucked us one at a time, feeling her jerk me off felt good but when she put her soft wet lips around my cock and I felt her tongue swirling around my tip, that was awesome.

“This is awesome.” Said Darren.

“Yeah, dude.” I replied, then I groaned and thrust my hips forward, ramming my cock deep in to her mouth as I blew my load, she swallowed my stuff and then finished Darren off.

But she didn’t let Darren rest, she immediately straddled him, then I watched with a smile on my face as she lined up her pussy with his cock and slowly lowered herself on to it, I saw it go inside her, Darren looked like he’d seen a ghost or something, “Holy shit!” he shouted.

“Fuck me, she’s doing it.” I said.

She laughed at our reaction, “I’m going to fuck his balls off. And you’re next.” She said, winking at me as she started to ride his cock.

“Oh shit – shit – shit – oh shit.” Groaned Darren, over and over.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“So good – shit – shit – shit – Oh shit.” He groaned, happily.

Then she started getting a bit aggressive, she leaned forward, letting her tits dangle over his face and she held on to the headboard and started rocking herself back and forth, and she was riding his cock very hard, “You like that – huh – you like that, little boy?!” she growled at him, proper smashing him, even the bed with bouncing quite hard.

I actually got a bit scared of her at that point and wanted to move away, but as I tried to sit up, she quickly grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed them very hard, “Where the fuck are you going!” she snapped.

“Argh!” I screamed in pain, she was crushing my balls, whenever I tried to move she squeezed harder, so I stopped resisting and just lay there.

Darren must have come because he groaned pretty loud, and he put his hands over his cock and balls like he was in agony when she lifted herself off him.

She sat on top of my legs and grabbed hold of my cock, “Your turn.” She stated, she got my cock hard and then pushed it up her pussy and started bouncing on it, “I feel your cock in me, little boy. I bet that feels good doesn’t it? – You like that? –“she said, then she slapped me across the face when I didn’t reply, “… Answer me, little boy. You like my pussy?” she growled.

“Yeah. Yeah – Argh.” I groaned in pain.

She rolled over, pulling me along with her so I was on top of her, and she locked her arms and legs around me so I couldn’t escape, “Fuck me, little boy. Do it. – NOW!” she demanded.

She had turned very scary and I just wanted it to end, so I started humping and fucking her, she kept shouting at me to do it faster and harder, “Put your hips in to it!” she yelled.
I was very relieved when I ejaculated, I could fuck her no more, “That’s it. Good little boy.” She said, then she tucked her foot under my stomach and kicked me off her, I rolled off the end of the bed and landed on the floor.

She then picked up our ball off the floor and threw it at Darren, “Now, put your clothes back on, take your ball, and get out of my house.” She demanded, quite aggressively.

We quickly got dressed and ran downstairs and out of the house, we just kept running, until we reached the park.

We looked at each other, our cocks and balls in so much pain, but for some reason all we could do was laugh, we just sat down and laughed with our hands between our legs.

The girl was a complete fucking psycho, but we got to have sex, even though it was quite painful sex.

Looking back over my life, and all the sex I’ve had since, that day when I was 12, was probably the best sex I ever had, I kind of wish my wife would do that to me right now.

It was fun being a kid.

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