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First time dressing in front of Mum Part 2

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First time clothes shopping with mum, hopefully not the last

The following day I was hoping mum would suggest going clothes shopping. The day started off fairly normal with us all having breakfast etc. I was beginning to think she had changed her mind. My sister said she was going round to her friends for most of the day but would be back for tea. Mum said that was fine as she had some shopping to do and would take me with her.
My eyes lit up I must have looked like I had been promised a puppy I looked so excited. Once my sister left mum said, “come with me into my bedroom”. Like the promised puppy I followed her. I did not know what to expect at all. She dressed in stockings and rather more exotic panties and bra this time. Again I helped clip in the stockings, still wondering why I had been summoned but not complaining. When she was fully dressed she beckoned me over to her special lingerie drawer, where she opened it and said to get all the items out and put them on her bed. We did this and then she asked me which I thought was most pretty out of them all. I chose a pretty black basque with mathcing panties and stockings. “you have great taste” she said to me. We shall see if we can find one small enough for you.
We drove into the city to comence our shopping spree. We went to a few shops but it was evident that we were going to struggle with anything to fit my small frame. Just as we were giving up in one store the assistant came over and asked if we needed any help. My mother said we were looking for some lingerie but everything was too big for what we needed. I started to blush as the assistant looked directly at me. Oh I see said the lady, “please follow me I may be able to help”. We went behind a curtain to the rear of the counter, just passed the dressing rooms. “we keep smaller sizes in here out of prying eyes, some of these are our best sellers” “what exactly was it you was looking for?” my mother explained about the black basque and matching panties she had and was hoping for something similar. The assistant rumaged in the back and found an almost identical outfit. Without hesitation she handed them to me and said try them on. I tried to say they was not for me, backed up by my mother, but the assistant just smiled and said it was ok and quite common. After a few strokes of my hair and an approval nod from mum I set off to the dressing rooms. The assistant called me back saying I was better off changing where they were as anyone could walk into the changing room. I must have been as red as a beetroot when I started undresssing. With both women watching me I didn’t get hard, that was until I tried to fit the basque. The assistant started to help me, smiling all the time at mum saying she can see why she likes me dressed up. Once all the hooks had been fixed she let me carry on on my own. When I looked up the assistant was whispering to mum and had her arm around her with her hand on mums bum. Two minutes later I was fully dressed. Both ladies expressed their delight with how I had turned out. My little boner was making a tent in the pretty panties. It was decided and mum bought them. I asked for help to undress but was told we were running out of time and to keep everything on just put my jeans and normal clothes on over them. I asked what should I do with my underpants and the assistant said she would take then for us.
It felt amazing riding home wearing all the sexy clothes underneath my own clothes. Mum kept smiling at me saying how pretty I looked in the store. When we got home both my father and sister were there, I started to panic in case they could tell through my normal clothes but of course they couldn’t. Mum suggested a take away later as she had to runa few errands for my gran and may be a bit late getting back to cook. She suggested I go with her, I looked horrified as I couldn’t go to grans wearing what I had on. But as always I agreed and followed her out the door.

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