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Border Security

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Hispanic teenage girl gets raped by border guard

Ángela was an absolutely gorgeous young girl from Mexico just trying to cross the border with her family. One day, she was walking around the wall when a guard called her over to his station. The minute Angela walked through the door the guard stood up and closed every blind and locked the door as well. Angela felt uneasy, she knew something was up. She was getting extremely afraid at this point. The guard suddenly grabbed hold of her and Angela began to scream for help, but he held his gun to her chin and told her if she made any more noise he’d blow her pretty little head off. Now, Angela began to sob but stopped screaming. She knew just what was going to happen. The guard removed his pants, and slapped Angela’s young face with his hard 7 inches. Before Angela could even open her mouth the guard forced her mouth open with his hand and pressed his finger onto Angela’s cheek hard. He shoved his cock into Angela’s mouth and began violently fucking the young girl’s throat. Angela wanted to bite down, but knew that would only make him mad. She was helpless and stood there feeling disgusting and began wanting to bite on her tongue to kill herself. Yet she didn’t…the guard slapped her repeatedly with his gun while he fucked her young throat. After 5 minutes he exploded a thick warm loaf into the young girl’s mouth. She gagged and was about to spit the cum out but the guard forced her mouth shut and made Angela swallow it all. Her eyes watered in disgust and she continued gagging on the cum. Next, the guard lifted up Angela and pulled her leggings and panties down and rammed his cock into her tight brown virgin pussy. He pounded her so hard his station shook slightly, Angela continued crying begging him to stop but he kept going and going and going. She felt his cock stretching her walls with each thrust and wanted to throw up, her face was bruised, sweaty, and covered in smeared makeup. The guard hit her again with his gun and made Angela suck on his fingers while he violently forced his cock into her. He eventually exploded another load into her, but he still wasn’t done with the poor girl. He kept on thrusting, Angela’s pussy began to squirt fluids. Piss, cum, and blood all dripped out. Her body couldn’t take this, nor was it used to this at all. The guard used her in a way a female should never be used, but he enjoyed it so much. He loved her look of anguish and the sounds of her tight young pussy squelching. He loved her skinny tan body and tiny tits, and her perfect young ass. He wanted to make this girl regret her race. He wanted her to feel ashamed for being Hispanic and to force his white dominance onto her. He came a second time inside Angela and finally pulled out, but he smeared the cum still dripping from his cock all over Angela’s young face. She was silent now, but felt like a shell. Like there wasn’t any mass in her or any thoughts. The guard cleaned her up and let her go, but said that if she said a single word he’d send her family to a cartel. Every week, Angela was forced to see the guard. To be abused and tortured by him, to have every one of her holes filled with semen. Finally after three months of despair, her family was permitted to cross. But Angela never got over what happened to her at the border, everyday she was haunted by it and could still feel her body in pain.

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  • Reply Adom ID:6hfujdkiql

    Mmm I want that 😋

  • Reply PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    A lot of the females of all ages get raped on the way to the boarder or after they cross it.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Who wouldn’t want to be that security guard? He should have forced her to lick his sweaty ass too!!

  • Reply Don't Karlos ID:1ef4bo22226n

    Angela said come over the nightmare as it was her fates destiny to get raped and raped by border security soldire

  • Reply Jason ID:1eut7ojh5m26

    Im sure daddy has had fun with her

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Well done that guard . She deserved getting her holes filled with hot cum .