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A schoolgirl’s further education – Part 1 – abducted

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A schoolgirl’s fantasy and panty flashing go badly wrong

Editor’s note : The girl’s perspective is from her diary, retrieved after the arrests. Emails are from the school’s back up system, memos found in pupil file. The WhatsApp message were not deleted before the phone was seized. They are woven together to provide a coherent narrative.

Dear Kira
I am very concerned about your attitude in class.
You are a clever girl but it is letting you down badly.
You could do so much better if you put your mind to it. And I have to say privately this includes you not flashing your panties at me in class.
If you do not respond I will have to contact your parents and ask them to come in to see me.
Mr Badcock

I stare at the note. I come to your class room on a Friday afternoon. One more day before school is out for summer. My parents have already left on vacation – they say I’m old enough to be left home alone, and this might teach me some responsibility.
I look at Mr Badcock but I don’t say anything

Memo to the Headmaster, Chair of Governors
Dear Head
I am copying in the Chair of Governors for her information.
There is a disciplinary issue that has arisen which may escalate, and which I need to place on record with you.
A girl, Kira, in my class is giving problems which are affecting learning amongst her classmates.
I have written to and emailed her parents asking them to contact me about her behaviour several times over the last 3 months, but they have not responded, so I think it is up to the school to take action for her own and the good of all.
She is disruptive, and aware of her sexuality (she has been “flashing” her knickers at me for some months now)
She does however have potential if she could apply herself and concentrate on her studies.
I have put her in detention on Thursday after school, and will report back to you thereafter.
Mr Badcock

WhatsApp message
Jim, Jane,
My formal memo “for the file” is in the internal mail.
I’m thinking that special disciplinary matters may be required, and she is another suitable case.
Can I put you on standby if I think it is worth pursuing on Thursday?
Fingers crossed!
Willy Badcock

WhatsApp message
Jane – see memo and group message.
I’m thinking of you administering the light spanking you do so well on Thursday. We need to be sure that Jim keeps his hands off her then, and he writes up the detention properly. We don’t want his excitement getting the better of him if he sees her knickers, so you may have to get down on your knees again afterwards.
Perhaps we can have a “one in one” “discussion” tonight or tomorrow so we can experiment with the severity of the spanking, as my balls are feeling full and a hand isn’t always enough. W

WhatsApp message
Jane – mmm. They are feeling much better. Your cunt is the best medicine I know. I’m glad we practised the spanking too. Just right W

Head, Chair
I am with Kira in the detention room. I notified her parents and again asked them to be present this afternoon. No reply has been received. Before entering it appears that she rolled up the waist band of her skirt to reveal more of her legs. She unbuttoned most of her blouse so that it is evident she is not wearing a bra, in breach of the dress code. She is refusing to speak, but keeps licking her lips. It seems we have a worrisome disciplinary issue. In the interests of safeguarding, I’d be obliged if you could come to the disciplinary room as a matter of urgency.

J,J – the slut is slouched down with her legs apart. She’s still got her knickers on but there’s an obvious wet patch. We may have to take special measures. Suggest you bring the emergency bag with blindfold, ball gag and handcuffs.She’s not talking now and we may have to keep it that way for a while.

They arrive in the detention room.
Mention of no response from parents.
Reminder that nevertheless you are subject to the Student’s Contract which they signed and gives us powers in loco parentis.
We are constituted as a Disciplinary Panel
We are very sad that because of your inattention and behaviour
You are in serious breach of the rules
1. Mandatory dress code – no bra, skirt too short.
2. Manners Code – refusal to speak
3. Morals Code – flashing your panties
These are such serious breaches that you will have to be punished severely. You will be spanked. As you’re a girl, this will be done by a woman, but we two men will have to witness it to ensure it is severe without being brutal.
You notice that the Principal is moving as if his penis has grown a bit.
The Chair licks her lips.
What do you have to say for yourself

She looks at everyone “I have nothing to say”

The Chair reprimands you for dumb insolence and tells you to bend over the desk.

She looks at the chair and says “make me”

“Then according to the Code in respect of punishment”, the Chair tells the men to restrain you and warns that if you scream you will be gagged. I grab your wrists and snap on the handcuffs. They are BDSM restraints not police issue. The Principal says “I think I should just double check the evidence.” He is standing behind you. He puts his left hand inside your blouse (shirt?) and fondles your right breast. He forces his hand between your legs and and finds a wet spot on your panties. He gropes your pussy for several minutes. “Yes I’m satisfied with the evidence.” He transfers his arms to around your waist and picks up your 125 pounds, Instead of bending you over the desk, I push you to your knees. The Principal stands in front of you. While the next passage takes place he takes out his smallish penis and strokes it. She whimpers and says “no I don’t want your cock in my mouth.”
And because he put his hands up my shirt. It stayed up so my tits were exposed.
The Chair stands up and flips her skirt up so her panty clad bum is on full display. She produces a small paddle which she shows Kira. “Anything to say now?” I whisper in her ear “Be brave”

The Chair says “he won’t put it in your mouth” as she brings the paddle down hard on you arse/ass/bottom/bum.
You head comes up and you moan, turning to a scream as the paddle hits you for a second time. “Wait” I say, giving you hope that it’s over. It isn’t. I put the gag in your mouth. The chair rubs your bottom and makes sh sh noises. Then hits you again.
“Three” the Principal says, still holding his cock. “Should the next three be on her naked tits?”

Teacher strokes them to soothe her a little. She whimpers and screams into the gag and then tries to stare him out.

“I’m strict but fair, that would be cruel” said the Chair.

HIM : I held Kira’s hand and told her to squeeze it to help stand the pain. Three swats descended upon her rear. The Chair helped her up and cuddled her, licking her tears, stroking her hair

HER : I squirm and try to say get your hands off of me but you can’t understand a word I am saying due to the gag

She takes no notice and pulls you towards her. She takes a tube of ointment from her purse and massages it into your but, restraining you with the other. I keep holding your hand and whispering encouragement, telling you you are a brave girl, its all over now, we will look after you

I whimper and shake my head no as I realize that you are not going to let me go
I’ll take you home
I look at you and shake my head no

I take no notice. You are still handcuffed. I start to lead you through the deserted corridor towards my Juke, which I have parked close by. The other two accompany us

I look around as you pull me to your car but there’s nobody around
There’s no help to be had. Your hands are secure, the gag is still in. I open the car door

I whimper but can’t stop you

I manoeuvre you into the front seat, as I lean across to put on your seatbelt I forget my self discipline and touch your breasts
“Don’t worry, just relax for the ride” She’s still whimpering, has no idea where we’re going

I straighten her blouse and do up the buttons

And I’m not saying. We drive in the vague direction of your parents. On a deserted road I pull over and blindfold you. We drive off

I try to stay calm but I can’t. I try to get the gag out of my mouth
When the JUke stops again undo your seat belt, tell you not to struggle, I will help you

I try to run from you even though I can’t see

You can’t move very fast because of the handcuffs, I catch you after a few seconds. I half drag you (towards the house door but you don’t know that) I unlock and take you inside, close the door, take the blindfold off. She blinks in the new light

I say “I’m going to take you downstairs and then I’ll take the gag off if you don’t scream. You will have to walk there because I don’t want you to hurt yourself by falling down”

I stare at you but I don’t say anything
Go through this door and down the stairs now, I say firmly

I go through the door and climb down the stairs slowly. I finally reach the bottom of the stairs

Good girl, I say. Do you promise not to scream?

She nods.

I nod telling you that I won’t scream

I take it off….
She doesn’t scream. “Where are we?” she says
“We are in your new home. You are going to stay here for a while and I am going to look after you. As you’ve been expelled from school as well as being spanked, I am going to help you with your further education”

I look around and then back away from you and because my hands are still cuffed I fall backwards and land next to the shower
I pick you up and stroke your hair, holding you close to me. “I’m sorry you had to be hurt with the spanking. But I need the help of the other two, and that was part of their price. Are you hungry? Thirsty?”

Your just going to lock me down here?

You are going to live here with me. I will look after you. You will have a new mummy, a new daddy, and a new boyfriend. But one step at a time. First I’m going to clean your pretty face. And I’m going to hold you some more

No, I don’t want a new mom, and a new dad, and I definitely don’t want a boyfriend

Well we’ll see about that. I push back your beautiful red hair and wipe your face. I hold you to me again

I squirm and say uncuff me

I’m sorry sweetie, I can’t do that. You have every right not to trust me, and I can’t have you running away. And anyway, I want to keep you
I glare at you and say I hate you and I look away from you
“You hate me now. But my mission in life, after taking care of you, is to make you love me. And the baby that I’m going to plant in you”

I sit you on the bed, put my arm around you, stroke your hair. “There are a few things I need to tell you about your new life. I fell for you when you first walked into my class 3 years ago. Since you started to flaunt yourself at me, it’s been torture. So many times I’ve wanted to walk behind you, rub those panties you’ve been showing off, put my hands on your tits. Now that you are no longer my pupil that’s what we both want.”
“What did you mean, part of the price? What’s the rest?”

Hi. I’m on a break. Please don’t leave a message

“We – meaning you – have a problem. I’ve made a deal with the devils, who’ll be coming by for the first repayment in a couple of hours. So you don’t have much agency. I have to keep you cuffed until then. In the mean time, I want to help you in the hope that you’ll help me. So I’m going to get you a snack and a drink, and give you a few minutes to yourself. It’s probably foolish to tell you to relax when you face such uncertainty, but when I come back in a couple of minutes and have fed you, you’ll have to make one of three choices. Fight and face force, comply passively or co-operate willingly.” He leaves the room, you hear the key turn in the lock.

HE : I come back with a coke and a donut. I stroke your hair and put the glass to your lips.
Gently I say – I may be giving you the choice of three bad things to save you from three other ones.
As I said, I’ve done a deal with devils. Part of the price you’ve already paid with your red bottom. She really wants to be your mummy, but believes in sparing the rod and spoiling the child. What she did earlier was a very mild version of what she can do. I know. She’s done it to me before she’d let me fuck her. But on her own – and you will end up on your own with both of them – she doesn’t want sex, so hard to see why she’d stop. Even if you became her lesbian bitch.
He really wants to molest you and abuse you – his request for your tits to be spanked are evidence of that. He wants to fuck you in a way that’s no different to brutal rape. Again and again and again. If they get loose, their appetites are such they you may end up dying, and I can’t stop them without killing them. To prevent that, I have to mark you as mine – and tell him you’ve given yourself willingly to me, so get your hands off her.

I wait for her answer

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    Intriguing story, Jimmy’sWilly (love the name)

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    When I was in catholic high school. I use to wear my moms 10 strap garter belt and fully fashioned nylon stockings under my school dress and tease and distract the male teacher’s and boys by crossing my legs in class , so the tops of my stockings and garter straps would show , making their cocks hard for me , until one of the nuns caught me wearing them, and suspended me for three days and telling my mom ! Britney

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      Bet that nun gave your wet pussy a good fingering though!

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    Absolute shit