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Mommy comforts me with her mouth

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Mommy comforts Malcolm after he was led on by a girl he thought liked him.

My heart thrummed with quiet excitement. Tanya’s bedroom smelled amazing. It carried her scent and her perfume she wore daily. Her bed felt so soft and bouncy, and mad thoughts coursed through my mind. I wondered if we were going to take it to the next level in a moment.

Tanya and I had only dated for a few weeks. I took her out to see movies, walks along the park and even bought her some gifts.

Maybe this is how she will deepen our bond… I mean, I didn’t come to her house just to expect sex. Okay, maybe I was hoping for it, but it wasn’t my sole motive. You can’t blame a healthy eighteen-year-old virgin guy for being a bit excited.

Tonight, I might finally become a man.

The door opened and Tanya came in. She smiled and brushed a lock of hair back.


I smiled. “Hey, you.”

She pushed the door behind her until there was a satisfying, secure click.

“So, what’s going on?”

“I was hoping you can do something for me.”

“Yeah?” I asked, trying to contain the anticipation bubbling up inside me. “You know I’d do anything for you.”

She opened her wardrobe and reached in, which I was hoping was a good sign.

“I was hoping you could help me with my history dissertation.”

She dropped a stack of folders on the bed.

“Uh, okay?” I flipped through the folders and frowned. “You barely begun.”

“I know right? Malcolm, baby, you’re the only person who can help me with this,” she said, flashing me the puppy dog eyes. I’m not going to lie, the moment she did that, my resolve crumbled faster than a sandcastle bracing against a tornado. I knew I shouldn’t essentially do her entire assignment for her, but… Those eyes.

Her hand clasped over my kneecap, giving me a squeeze. “Please?”

I sighed. “Okay, I’ll give you a hand.”

“Great! Oh Malcolm, you have no idea what this means to me. I promised Sandy I’d go to the Furious Boys concert with her this weekend! Now I better think about getting the right outfit together.”

“But what about your dissertation?”

“You don’t mind, do you? I mean, if you did it for me just this once, I’ll make it up to you.”

Okay, so I sucked. She gave me her folders and while she was out partying with her friends this weekend, I had to cram her dissertation for her. Good thing I already did mine, so it’ll be a lot of naughty paraphrasing and she have something ready for class on Monday.

I quickly said hi to mom as I got home, determined to get the project done. She asked me if I was going to have dinner with her, but I didn’t even want to waste that precious hour.

I literally burned the midnight oil from Friday through to Monday morning.

My mind and body tired, I was on the brink of total exhaustion. But it was cool. It was totally going to be worth it.

I felt like a king when I walked into class and handed Tanya the completed dissertation.

“Here you go, the core principles and arguments are in line with mine, so you definitely will get more than a passing grade.”

She flashed me that megawatt smile and took the folder from me. “Thank you, Malcolm, you’re the best.”

I leaned in for a kiss and she gave me a hug. Her friends looked at us and smiled.

They probably thought we were a cute couple.

“So, uh, how will you reward me?” I asked, barely able to contain my smirk.

“I’ll talk to you after classes, okay? You’re going to love what I have in mind.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Constantly looking at the clock was probably one of the dumbest things you could do when you wanted time to pass by quickly. And that was exactly what I did because I was fucking ecstatic. Oh boy, I wondered what Tanya had in store for me. I did her a huge favour, so her reward would be something substantial. Thankfully, I kept my lucky condom in my wallet.

After what felt like a million years, classes were finally over. I texted Tanya and she told me to meet her by the bike shed.

Nice. That was one of the notorious hook up spots in school. Wasn’t exactly romantic, but it’ll be a memory I’ll forever treasure.

I waved to Tanya as I rounded the corner. She was waiting for me as promised.

“Hey, Malcolm. Are you ready for your present?”

I licked my lips. My cock stirred from those sweet words. “Y-yeah.”

“Close your eyes, first.”

A wide smirk crawled across my face. “The tension is killing me,” I chuckled.

Then my phone buzzed.

“Okay, you can open them now. Check your email.”

“What’s this?”

I looked at my emails, and she sent me a discount code for a computer game. Five percent off on any game above fifty dollars… “Uh, thank you, I guess.”

“I know you like computer games and I couldn’t think of anything better for you,” she said, smiling.

I wrapped my arms around her. “Actually, I had a couple of ideas in mind.” I leaned in to kiss her, but she turned her cheek.

“Oh, Malcolm. I don’t think I’m ready for that, yet.”

“Oh, really? I just thought…”

“Oh no, you weren’t expecting something sexual in return for helping me out, did you? Please don’t tell me that was what you wanted.”

I swallowed down the bile of disappointment. “No, of course not. I wanted to help you because that’s what I do. Sorry, I didn’t mean to push anything, I thought we might be ready to take it to the next level, that’s all.”

She peeled herself out of my arms and smiled. “It’s okay, Malcolm. If it’s alright I’d like to take things slow. If we rush things, it’ll just end up being messy and full of regret, you wouldnt want that, right?”

“No, of course not.”

“Great. I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m going to go meet up with Sandy now. You don’t have to come, it’ll be boring girlfriend stuff.”

I was glad she went off. Fucking hell, the disappointment was crushing. My balls didn’t give a fuck about my feelings, though. I spent all day. No, all fucking weekend fantasizing about what was going to happen and now it didn’t happen. I didn’t even jerk off, either, thinking I wanted her first impression of me to be good, that my first cum load wasn’t some pathetic dribble.

And now it was backfiring like a mother fucker.

I went home with a mix of lust, sadness and shame coursing through me. Maybe Tanya was right and I was thinking too much with my dick.

“Hey, honey, how was your day?” mom asked as I passed the living room.

“Fine,” I said, going straight upstairs because mom was always so cheerful and I wasn’t feeling particularly happy at the moment.

I tossed my bag aside and crashed on the bed, staring straight up at the ceiling.
What the hell was I doing?

I wanted to believed that there was something between me and Tanya. But deep down I had a niggling feeling that it wasn’t meant to be. The more pathetic, weaker part of me wasn’t ready to face that truth yet.

Still, she was so damned pretty. With those pouty lips and big almond eyes… My dick pulsed with need. Shit, I haven’t jerked off all weekend and compounded with my tiredness, and tantric level expectations, my dick demanded to be satisfied.

Might as well rub one out and fucking go to sleep.

I stripped off all of my clothes and got nice and comfortable on my bed. I had a nice collection of saved videos on my phone, and for this particular moment, I started playing one with a pretty blonde thing being grateful for her massive cock nerd classmate for fixing her laptop.

My dick was plenty hard. My balls were filled to the brim with cum, and all I wanted was to relieve them. I grabbed one of my trusty socks, and pulled it over my dick.

“Fuck. Tanya…” I groaned, gripping my meat. My shaft pulsed painfully as I milked the cum out of me. I tried to remember the way her bedroom smelled. Of a teenage girl’s with her scent, deodorant and other alien smells a boy like me wasn’t familiar with, yet it all smelled distinctly feminine and wonderful. I imagined what it’d be like to be on top of her, on her own bed as I took her virginity.

That we gave our first times to each other…

“Fuck,” I hissed. My balls tightened. It wasn’t going to take much.

“Honey, I bought you some hot cocoa. You looked a bit down so-”

Mom gasped as she walked in -unannounced- with a tray of cocoa and cookies.

Pure terror coursed through me. There was no mistaking what she witnessed. I sorely wished I could go back ten minutes ago and fucking decided to jerk off under the sheets, but no, I just had to enjoy the feeling of being completely free and naked.

Mom placed the tray on my dresser, hastily shoving aside some manga and DVDs for space. “I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked. Sorry for walking in on you.”

She turned and left before I had the chance to speak.

When I thought the day couldn’t get any worse, now my mom caught me beating the meat… I didn’t finish, my adrenaline spiked and the panic crushed my libido.

The only thing I could do was go piss, come back and enjoy the cocoa and cookies at least.

It warmed me right up, and before I knew it, I drifted off.

My dreams were staggered and all jumbled up. I dreamt of being horny, frustrated and got accused of plagiarising my history dissertation. I asked Tanya to clear things up but all she did was act innocent. Then I ran home to mom and she said she’ll reward me for working so hard with a nice blowjob.

“Honey?” I heard mom’s voice calling for me.

I sucked in a breath, the tendrils of sleep still gripped me tight.
“Honey, wake up,” mom said softly.

It was still dark out and I blinked myself awake. “Mom? What time is it?”

“Sorry, baby, it’s still late. I wanted to apologise. I shouldn’t have just ran off like that. I was… Embarrassed, I guess.”

“Sorry to embarrass you like that, mom.”

“Not you, honey. Its perfectly natural, what you were doing. I should’ve been more mature about it. Can we talk it through?”

Not going to lie, I didn’t want to do the whole awkward convo thing with mom, but at the same time I wanted to clear the air. “Yeah, I guess.”

She smiled. My sleep was only just wearing off, and I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked in her camisole. It was a silky purple thing that fell softly on her body, clinging to her curves. Especially her breasts. Even in the dim light of my room, I could see her big juicy nipples pushing against the fabric. My cock pulsed in complaint. I didn’t finish earlier and now the slightest stimulation was causing havoc down there. Even if it was my own mother.

Don’t get me wrong, mom was gorgeous. A total milf, as they say. But she was my mom so that meant she was off limits. My cock thought otherwise, though.

“C’mon then, budge up. It’s cold.”

She pulled up the sheets. I managed to pull some of the fabric down between my legs before she caught me with a boner. That would send discussions right out the damn window.

The bed creaked, as the extra weight of another person pressed down on it.

“Where were we? Oh, yes. Mommy just wanted to apologise. You’re a grown man now, and I need to start respecting your space.”

She was so close to me, I could smell the shampoo on her long hair and the heat coming from her body.

“It’s fine, mom. I just had a bad day. A bad weekend, rather.”

“What is the matter?”

I sighed. And then I mentioned Tanya to her. Our ‘relationship’ was a secret. She didn’t want people to be jumping to conclusions and she wanted to take things real slow. I didn’t question it, I was just happy to be dating one of the most beautiful girls in school.

As soon as I started talking about her, more and more came out like a dam breaking, with water gushing out.

I might’ve parsed the details a little, but I told mom about the dissertation I basically slaved over for her over the weekend, and the cold shoulder. All the while, mom just sat there next to me, listening intently.

“I think that’s everything,” I said. “So for lack of better way to say it, I’m tired and frustrated. And I think things aren’t as rosy as I hoped.”

Mom looked deep in thought. “I respect her for wanting to not rush into anything. But I don’t agree with her expecting you to do her work. But after considering everything else… I don’t think she’s that into you, honey. I know that’s harsh, but that’s my honest assessment.”

I sighed. I had my suspicions but what mom said made sense.” Well I guess I wouldn’t have to hold out for her to maybe do something with me.”

“You mean, sexually!”


God, the whole sex thing was still awkward to talk about with her. Dad was too busy to talk about the birds and the bees, and his contribution to the entire thing was, “Youll figure it out, son.”

Couldn’t be too pissed with him, though. He worked long hours to keep us afloat. I wasn’t naive to that. Even now, dad was working late night shifts.

“Maybe I’m still immature. I know I’m a man now, but it’s hard keeping my needs in check. It wasn’t pleasant, hoping to finally have sex for the first time, and now those chances seems dashed.”

“Oh, sweetheart. Come here, a hug always makes things better.”

Maybe it was her body being so close or talking about stuff made me relaxed, but I was sporting a severe boner. I was hoping I could finally relieve myself once our chat was over.
“I-m okay, mom.”

“You don’t have to be a big man around me,” she giggled. Then she jumped make, wrestling and tickling me.

“N-no, mom..!”

Her soft, voluptuous body pressed against me. Against my erection. Mom’s eyes immediately widened as she realised the situation.

“Sorry, mom. I’m not trying to be a creep. Honest.”

“…it’s okay, honey. It’s fine, we can be mature about this. You’ve been extremely pent up. I get it. So, it’s nothing to freak out about.”

Her hand rested on my tummy under the sheets as if to calm me, to prove she is fine with me having a boner. But it only supercharged my desire. Mom was a pretty lady. Huge breasts, super friendly and… Okay, fucking hell… I jerked off over my mother a few times in my masturbatory career.

“Don’t be offended but I kinda feel sorry for you, sweetheart.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“Just that… You’re eighteen, and you still haven’t done anything with a girl yet?”

Heat burned my cheeks. “Y-yeah…”

“I just wish you had more experience by now.”

Great, even my own mother was laughing at me.

She looked at me, stroked my belly in slow, deep circles and continued. “Is there anything mommy can do to help you out?”

My cock pulsed. But I knew she didn’t meant it that way. Did she? “I don’t think so, mom. It’s just life. I’m not good with girls and hopefully by the time I do get around to being with one intimately, I don’t mess it up too badly.”

Her hand swept lower, dancing closer to my crotch area. My cock pulsed to life. Shit. “Sure you don’t have anything in mind?”

I resisted the urge to flex my hips, to graze my throbbing hard-on against her hand.

“I was thinking, Malcolm, maybe I can help give you those experiences. So when you do have sex with a girl, you’re more prepared.”

A low groan escaped my lips as her fingers nudged softly against my obvious erection. “M-mom…”

“You’re frustrated, sweetheart. I can tell by the way you look at me.”

“Mom, I-”

“It’s fine, honey. I don’t mind you feeling that way about me. I just don’t want it to mess you up.”

“I don’t think you’ll mess me up, mom. You always been here for me. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

She smiled. “Mommy just want to look after her boy, to make him feel good.”

As if to make her point, her fingers wrapped around my cock, gripping me through my boxers. My dick lurched desperately, happy it finally had some attention that wasn’t my own hand.

“M-mom..!” I cried out.

“Would you like mommy to help drain your balls?”

“God, please, mommy,” I begged.

Before I knew it, she pulled back the covers, exposing my erection. She moved, and then the heat of her breath seeped through my underwear, right against my dick.

“Oh my God,” I gasped, and instantly, my hands touched her head. My hips lurched, trying to chase the feeling, trying to press her sweet mouth against my dick.

She moaned sending vibrations through my boxers, and through my aching cock. Jerking off didn’t feel like this. This was something else entirely.

I let out another moan, just enjoying the exquisite feeling of mom’s breath teasing me, driving me mad with desire.

“Please, m-mommy,” I begged.

Her shoulder moved, and then her other hand disappeared between her legs, under her cami.

“Sorry honey, I don’t think I’m ready to go all the way with you. But at the very least I can help you cum.”

Mom seldom used profanity so the words sounded extra taboo to my ears.

The suction around my dick tightened, and I’m sure she drew up some spit, wetting my crotch.

“Fuck,” I hissed.

Her hand was on me again, stroking me through my boxers, making my cock stiffen so hard, it throbbed painfully against the fabric.

I never felt anything like this before. I needed to cum so badly, yet I didn’t want it to end.

The palm of her hand brushed along my shaft, up and down in slow, torturous strokes. “Just let mommy take care of everything. You forget about that girl now. It was too much for my virgin cock to handle, pushing me to breaking point.

“M-mom…” I moaned. It felt so good, but so wrong at the same time.

“Does that feel good, honey? Don’t hold back. It’s important to let it all out.”

My balls tightened. I was so close. So fucking close.

“Mom, I’m almost there.”

“Are you going to cum? Is my hand going to make you shoot your load?” The tip of my dick peeked out over the band of my boxers. Mom seemed fixated on it, her hand rubbing against me faster and faster.

I swallowed, my throat tightened as that familiar feeling in my nuts panged. That sweet warning signal.

“I’m going to cum. Fuck, mommy, I’m going to cum,” I groaned.

The sweet touch of her hand suddenly moved away…

… and my cock disappeared into my mother’s mouth.

“Oh, God, mom!!!”

She moaned, peeling down my boxers so she could grab my shaft, milking it up and down with her fingers. My toes curled and my finger dug deep into the bedsheets, utterly paralysed by unimaginable pleasure.

Fuck, my own mother was sucking my cock… The dawning realisation was short lived, though. Between the wet tightness of her mouth, the silky smooth grip of her fingers and the desperate need to cum, I wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m sorry, mom,” I whimpered.

Her moans pulsed through me, and I saw her movements were becoming more active between her legs.

White hot need surged through me, and I struggled to hold it back.

“I’m going to cum..! Mom, I’m going to cum!!!”

My entire body tensed, as if everything inside me. compacted into a laser focus, ending at the very tip of cock. My dick swelled in mom’s mouth and with equal parts horror and pleasure, I ejaculated.

A hot, thick wad of cum blasted forth, right into mom’s mouth. Her eyes went wide but her mouth kept a tight seal around my cock.

“Oh, fuck.”

My cock shuddered and pulsed as another wave of cum emptied into her. He throat bobbed, swallowing it all down.

“I’m sorry, mom,” I cried out, helpless to stop the need to cum.

She moaned, but didn’t let go of me, as if she was determined to drink it all up.

My body gone all weak after I came. And I never came that hard before in my life. Limp, I collapsed back onto the bed.

” I didn’t mean to…” I gasped, struggling to suck in air.

She used her thumb to swipe the corner of her mouth, then she sucked on it. “Don’t apologise. I said I’ll take care of you, and that’s exactly what I did. Now, do you feel better?”

I nodded. “Much better.”

“Good. Are you tired?”


She leaned over, kissed me on the head and smiled. “Get some rest, honey. Tomorrow is another day.”

I nodded again. There was a lot to process but exhaustion had its hold on me.

Mom said goodnight and turned off my lamp, drowning the room in darkness and I drifted off to sleep.

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