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Fucked On Our Family Road Trip By My Husband

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I was going with my family and my cousin to South Carolina to visit for a family reunion. It was a long trip. Mom and Dad had a van and my cousin was coming so I would have some company along the way. His parents were flying. My Mom hated flying, thus the big comfortable van for traveling. The back seat laid down and made a bed. She put a small thick pad in there so we could sleep if we wanted to. We had pillows and a blanket.

I was 14 and my cousin Bobby was 16. We had always close. We both were an only child. When we were younger we used to touch each others privates and play doctor. I wasn’t a virgin. I lost that when I was twelve. An older neighborhood boy got me down in a friends basement and stuck his dick in me. I never told anyone because he said he would hurt me.

Anyway, we were packed and ready to go. It was getting dark. That’s when my Dad liked to drive, at night. Less traffic to deal with he says. Bobby and I were excited. We sat in the captain’s chairs for a while then we said we were gonna lay down, we were tired. Mom and Dad were playing the CDs of their era kinda loud and they couldn’t hear us in the back.

Me and Bobby both had shorts on. He had a t-shirt on and I had a little halter top on. Were laying there and as soon as we got in the back Bobby said, “Let’s fool around.” So, I rolled over and faced him. We had a blanket on us. There was a full seat in between Mom, Dad and us. So they couldn’t see anything we were doing.

The first thing Bobby did was pull my halter top down and expose my titties. He cupped them with both hands and started sucking on them. That gets me going. He pulled his dick out of his shorts and told me to play with it. So, I did. I was rubbing and jacking it off and he loved it. He reached down in my panties and started fingering me. Then he said, “Pull your pants down.” I did and he had better access to my pussy. He said, “I wanna fuck you.” I said, “Okay” He turned me over and stuck his dick in me from behind. Oh man, his dick is much bigger than when we were little and it feels good going in and out of my pussy.

He’s holding my titties while he’s fucking me. I said, “You can’t cum in me, Bobby.” He said, “I know, I’ve got a towel here by my head, I’ll cum on that.” I said, “Oh, I see, you had this planned.” He said, “I sure did.”
He keeps fucking me and then he said, “I’ve gotta cum.” So, he pulled out his dick and cum on the towel he had. I didn’t feel like that was very satisfying, to me or him. I said, “I thought you would carry rubbers.” He said, “Oh fuck, I’ve got some, I forgot, they’re in my bag.” So, he reached over the seat and got the rubbers. He was gonna put one on and I said, “I wanna suck your dick first.” He said, “Anytime.” He laid down flat and I put it in my mouth. It was soft but as soon as I started licking and sucking, it got rock hard. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. He said, “Oh, that feels so good.” It excited me having his hard dick in my mouth.

I wanted to make him cun in my mouth. He said, “I’m gonna cum, get the towel.” I said, “Cum in my mouth, Bobby.” His dick got harder when I said that. Then he started cumming. Squirt, squirt, squirt, it came shooting in my mouth. I just let him cum then I started sucking on it. He pulled me up and said, “Did you swallow it.” I said, “Of course.” He hugged and kissed me then he grabbed my pussy, stuck three fingers in me and started finger fucking me real hard.

I loved when he did this. He’d hit my clit with the palm of his hand and it would make me cum.
He kept doing it till I cum on his hand. I felt so much better.
We laid there and I said we better get some sleep. So, we put ourselves back together and laid there. I said, “Keel those rubbers close by.” He laughed.

Both of us drifted off and when we woke up we had stopped to go to the bathroom and get something to eat. We sat talked and had fun. Mom said, ” You guys have enough room back there?” We said, “Sure.”

We got back on the road, the CDs were blaring. I think Mom and Dad were thinking they were 20 again.
Bobby got the rubber and started putting it on. I pulled my pants down and Bobby got on top of me. He put his dick in me and we fucked a long time. Matter a fact I don’t remember how many n times we did it. It seemed like it was the whole trip. Bobby can cum a bunch of times. He said he could fuck all night.

We fucked on the way down while we were down there and all the way back home. He had to buy more rubbers while we were in South Carolina. My pussy was sore but I couldn’t say no to him. I sucked his dick many times. I liked it when he would cum in my mouth. It made me feel like a slut when he would hold my head and fuck me like it was my pussy. He sucked my titties raw. My nipples were sore from him biting, sucking and rolling them when he fucked me. I told him when we got back home anytime he wanted pussy just come get me and we’d go fuck. He said, “Oh, I’ll be calling you, that a fact.”

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:6e4sml2h

    You missed fucking your dad, you should try him out.

  • Reply Danny ID:153jwgw820d

    Fantastic story it’s too bad he didn’t put a baby in your pussy

  • Reply Lucky Cousin ID:1a912bhj

    If you won’t post my complaint then STOP MAKING SO MANY MISTAKES

    • JJBING ID:2kyk8gy8rc

      Hey loved the story, would love to hear more message me on kik JJBingham6

  • Reply Lucky Cousin ID:1a912bhj

    As usual, whoever transcribes these stories on this site made more mistakes.
    The title is supposed to be FUCKED ON OUR FAMILY ROAD TRIP BY MY COUSIN. Not Husband.
    Almost EVERY story I’ve posted has mistakes. My copies of these stories DO NOT have these mistakes. I think they need to hire s look me competent people because the ones they have are not.

    • Lucky Cousin ID:1a912bhj

      Even this has an error PITIFUL