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Park rape

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Left alone I as a young girl, I found a playground at a park, but not everyone was nice, I soon found out the hard way.

First a bit of background.

I’m Wendy, I’m 14 and I have a two-year-old daughter.
I was nine and a half when my boobs began to puff out, and I got my first period a bit over a year later.
Three years ago our family, Mom, my seventeen-year-old brother, and I moved into the city. My dad had suffered a massive heart attack, he did not make it. Mom got a promotion and worked day shifts Monday to Thursday, and an evening shift on Fridays.
My Brother was meant to stay at home to look after me, but he quickly grew tired of that, and he found a Warhammer gaming club to visit.
That left me at home alone, watching movies. For a few weeks anyway.
Down the road from our place was a big park and mom took me there a few times at the weekend. On the far side of the park were large gardens with lawns and fountain pools., along with a couple of large playgrounds.
Closer to our side of the park, there was also another smaller and a bit more run-down playground which I discovered. Over the next few weeks, I would visit the playground and play for an hour or more before heading back home. On Friday evenings I would spend a couple of hours if I had the chance.
Then we had a series of wet Fridays, and I failed to notice the shortening days as we came to the end of summer.
The park and gardens was a very nice place to visit during the day, but it was beginning to get a horrid and unsavory reputation of not being safe once it began to get dark. None of my family had any idea just how bad things had started to get. While a couple of rapes had been reported, most of the rapes had not.

The event.

The day started out much the same as a normal Friday, off to school then home again in time for Mom to kiss me and then go to work. I changed out of my school uniform, swapped my crop top for my new bralette, and pulling on a tee and my skirt. My Brother arrived soon after and about an hour later he departed. I waited about ten minutes to see if my brother returned, and then I made my way down the street to the park.
At the park entrance, there were a number of picnic tables and grassy area, then three paths lead to different places. The first two went down to the main gardens, while the last one to the right lead to the playground.
The path went through a patch of trees then opened out with a couple more tables, then a longer path through under the trees and another opening without tables, it was only a minute more under the trees to arrive at the playground.
I arrived at the playground in good time and started on the swings.
The sun lowered and then began to set, unbeknown to me. I just thought the sun had gone behind a cloud. About ten minutes later low clouds began to roll in making everything quite gloomy. The light began to fade.
I sat again on the swings for a couple more minutes, before I finally realized it was beginning to get dark. It was time to go home.
While the path in front of me was okay to see, the dark trees each side of me seemed to close in on me. Then I was passing back through the clearing. The path ahead of me was getting a bit more difficult for me to see, but then I started on the longer stretch of trees. I could only see a short distance ahead. I was just about through when I saw a dark movement in front of me. I realized that someone else was on the path and coming towards me.
A man brushed past me and then suddenly I was grabbed from behind. One arm going around me, and the other his hand clamped over my mouth and face. I was pulled backwards further under the trees.
“Keep quiet or else!” Was whispered in my ear.
I began to clam up in fear. I had no idea what he was about to do to me. I slowly nodded so he knew I would stay quiet.
He took his hand off my mouth and used it to pull up my tee-shirt. He rubbed his hand over my bralette, then his hand slipped under and he lifted clear of my boobs. I trembled and tried hard not to squeal, his hand was a bit rough on my little boobs.
After a minute or so his hand slipped down over my body to my belly, he began to pull up my skirt. I really did not like that.
“Please, let me go,” I begged, Please don’t hurt me.”
“Quiet girl,” he growled at me. “You’re mine now.”
I froze, I was really scared.
His hand slipped up under my skirt, his hand running over my legs, belly and my panties. I cringed and writhed, but he kept a firm hold on me.
“You are a very naughty girl being out this late after dark,” he whispered while moving me a little more backward.
He pulled me to a small patch of grass, then he forced me down. I half fell over backward to end up on my back. His hand snaked down and I felt him grab my panties, and with a harsh tug, they slid down my legs.
“No, please, let me go,” I whimpered, terrified.
“Quiet!” He growled again.
His hand ran back up my leg and then between my thighs, he turned his hand and pushed it over my slit.
Terror got the better of me, I felt a sudden release and heard the hiss as I started to pee against his hand. Shocked, I tried to hold off and managed for a second or so, but then it got too hard and I released another noisy burst. I again tried hard to cut the flow, but it only managed half a second or so, before the hiss and fizz returned as the flow resumed. The man removed his hand and started to laugh, and I started to cry.
Once the flow of pee stopped, he pushed me back down on the grass, half rolling over on top of me. His hand went between my legs then he started to rub my slit again. I whimpered and carried on crying. A moment later I could feel something hard twitching against my leg.
He rolled right on top of me, making my legs go wider. He reached up and pushed my top back up exposing my boobs again. His head descended and my nipple was sucked up into his mouth. I squeaked in shock as he tugged my nipple deep into his mouth, It hurt. He then sucked my other nipple just as hard, making me squeak again.
After about a minute going between my nipples, he knelt up between my legs a pushed his pants and underwear down, then he was on top of me again
I felt him slide his cock along my slit, and then he pushed in against my entrance. It hurt really badly, and I cringed and squirmed back trying to prevent the agony. He persisted, keeping the pressure on. The agony increased and I began to tremble.
A horrid almost tearing sensation filled my belly, I saw flashes of light and dark patches in my eyes, A deep burning sensation began to well up and I felt like I was going to be sick. His cock had managed to break through and get inside of me.
His cock continued to worm its way further inside me, I sobbed as he began to slowly fuck me.
After a couple of agonizing minutes, I felt him tense, then he pushed in hard. He began to ejaculate up inside me.
“There we go, a little prezzy from me to a naughty little girl.” He almost purred. “You know full well you should not be here, and telling anyone about you being out so late will get you into deep, deep trouble.”
I was very frightened, I did not want to get into any more trouble.
He sat up and then stood up, straightening his clothes, then he disappeared into the gloom. I was alone again. I sat for a couple more minutes sobbing, then slowly got to my feet, I spotted my panties a short distance away and slowly walked over to pick them up and put them back on.
I slowly walked back home, it wasn’t as late as I had expected, but I felt awful. I went to the bathroom and threw up. Then I showered and got ready for bed.
I soon found out I was pregnant. I had no idea that I could get pregnant at the age of eleven.
The rest is, they say, history.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    he should have raped your little asshole instead

  • Reply Fredrick ID:p8vjnp2zk

    I would take care of your every need physically and emotional

  • Reply Kevin Schultz ID:cmea9188rj

    Hello Wendy, My name is Kevin Schultz and I currently molest my 8 year old daughter Adalyn. I love filling her very tight hole. i wish I was the guy filling your hole at age 11.

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  • Reply awru ID:1v4oba5zr9

    Why do people keep commenting on stories as if they were real?? They’re pure stories!!! For enjoyment!!

    • I live the life you dream about ID:fzq5qe343

      Because they are sexually frustrated incels. Then there are those who live in a fantasy world and use the stories to pound their meat. Finally, the cops who are just looking for pedos.

  • Reply shadowsrmine ID:61kffs58m

    Should’ve grabbed his BALLS and squeezed Hard!

  • Reply Lannon ID:pvkvgx4m1

    I’m really sorry that happened to you I hope you are doing better

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    allo Wendy Harris!i hope you and your bay are doing well and i hope you have find yourself a good boyfreidn. i was 9 whne i got raped.

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Hey Wendy I hope you and your child are fine, I am so sorry you went through this. If you need to talk here is my email @[email protected]

    • Doug ID:7ylvmikv9b


  • Reply 14 yr old ID:2vki2t0i

    I’m horny af my cock is hard text this number for some sexting 213 861 0827

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Best you cut your cock off so it is no longer hard and giving you a problem.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Wendy what a great story how long ago did this happen how old are you know how old is your daughter I would really like to know are you pregnant again but I would really love to find a young girl to get pregnant to have a serious relationship with if you were single I would love to know I would really love to take care of you and your daughter are you willing to bet a man be with your daughter I would be interested

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Timothy, it happened almost 3 years ago, I’ve just turned 15, my daughter is 2. No, not pregnant again.
      Just how old are you really, I’m not ready for a guy to kind of take over here.

  • Reply Lol add her she single ID:2a73umjbv1

    I’m a 17 yr old virgin add me master I love being abused @Its.Clemmy California meet up come destroy me

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Ahh NO

    • Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Hello I see that you live in California I would love to destroy you if you have not been fucked yet or found someone give me your email address let’s start chatting

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    Do you shave your nether region yet and what kind of panties do you wear?

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      No, I don’t and med sized knickers

  • Reply Wendy Harris ID:1ah770le499

    Gosh Jacob, do you really need my pussy??? Dont you have one yourself??? What is so special about my pussy??

    • Paul ID:a9ct7bhl

      Hi Wendy what country was this if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Reply Jacob ID:d05cgtbj8

    I need your pusyy wendy

    • Beastinsheets ID:7zv30j5qrd

      Why do you need a young girls pussy? Dude your messed up

  • Reply Beastinsheets ID:3zxjpapck0d

    I’m so sorry you went through this Wendy if you ever need to talk to someone who knows what your going through I’ll always be willing to help

    • Wendy Harris ID:1ah770le499

      Hi, the worst parts are over, I have a beautful girl, we are making good progress.

    • Beastinsheets ID:7zv30j5qrd

      Well anyway you look at it if you need someone to talk to I’m always able to help I’ve been through a similar situation and it’s really hard to cope even now 10 years after it happened if you ever want to talk and not deal with all these idiots that don’t seem to understand how traumatizing it is I’ll always be up for chatting

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    Since having the baby what is your bra size

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi, I’m a size 12 B

  • Reply Jojo ID:5rb3bbv1

    Hey girls, [email protected] is my email if you wanna chat some real sex stories and sexting.

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Jojo, I can’t say I have any interest in such stories nor sexting

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    My sister did not get pragenent until she was 19 years old married to my brother in-law it was a misunderstanding in the comments. I became a uncle at the age of 24 .

    • Wendy Harris ID:1ah770le499

      hi Ben, thanks for your update, sometimes we get typos

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I can’t imagine being a uncle at the age of 15 but my little sister was 11 just like you. I also have a niece that is 11 years old now and I cannot imagine being a great-uncle at the age of 35. Did your Police department ever catch this guy?My sister and my brother-in-law would be really pissed but this happened to my niece. If this happened to my little sister my parents would be really pissed too.How are you doing in your schooling with you being a parent now. My experience goes I went to school with I got pregnant at 16 and 17 I can’t imagine going to school and an 11 year old girl is pregnant next to me. I’m sure it’s hard for your body to go from a little girl to a young lady and have a baby to.

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Ben, Yes it is hard to imagine, but alas can happen. I am sorry to hear about your sister, it would be quite hard for her too. Schooling had to be done at home, and I had to keep my friends away too, it was a lonely time. I hope to have more family, but not for at least 10 years.

  • Reply Bill w ID:30rxnvr8rb

    Hey Wendy what do you think about your rape now? Do you wish to be raped again, so long as you are not impregnated

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Bill w, I still get nasty flashbacks, but sometimes I can get a bit excited too. No, I don’t want to be raped again

  • Reply woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    Wendy I would love to see a picture of you and your daughter together is there any way that we can make that happen question ??? woodyulive58@gmail

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Woody, sorry, but not now, just a few too many guys who would love to get hold of such a pic and use it against me, or spread it about.

    • Call ID:11wfhos7d3

      I’m the same age as Wendy i could be her boyfriend.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    So hot. Did you let your rape baby nurse your titties like it’s dad?

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Yes, I nursed my baby with my boobs, it was very tiring for me, I had to change and feed my baby and take care of her.

    • woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

      Say baby girl does the thought of that make you little pussy wet. woodyulive58@gmail

  • Reply Stoner ID:42ohosn8k

    Windy Harris . Will u ever tell ur daughter that her dad raped u . AMD for do u fell about men wanting to spend time with ur daughter

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Stoner, I do not know yet what I will say, I guess something like he didnt want to stay about. I dont have feelings yet about men wanting time with her.

    • Stoner ID:42ohosn8k

      Will u allow men to be alone with ur daughter tho and has a man ever asked u to be alone with ur daughter . If a man did ask u to be alone with ur daughter would it excite u

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Stoner, At this time I doubt I would let a man be alone with her as such, no man has asked. If a man did ask, no, it would not excite me.

  • Reply man of the night ID:30rzgumxii

    How did your mom react

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi man of the night, mom was very upset and very, very angry, not only at me but with my brother too. It took several weeks before she was able to really talk with me, and to find out how it all happened. Mom put in a report, but we had little hope of finding the man.

  • Reply S ID:fzq364km2

    I bet you are ready to get pregnant again. Maybe you should go play in the park again.

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Well S, my body can carry more babies, so in that aspect, Im ready to be pregnant again. However, I have no plans yet to have another baby, I need more time before I do.

    • S ID:vzgdqvzl

      When is the last time you had sex

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi S, last time was a couple of months ago now.

  • Reply gally ID:6629enov99

    That sounds like an awesome good girl raping, nice to know he got you pregnant too. Great you had his baby too.

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enpd9a

      I was raped at the park when I lost track of time and it began to get dark. I had no idea I could get pregnant at 11.

  • Reply Aza ID:645syc049k

    Hi Wendy tell me do u get wet thinking about when you were raped

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enov99

      Hi Aza, its only quite recently, after I put up my account of being raped, that I sometimes began to feel wet, it has been very confusing. I think Im beginning to understand whay is happening now.

  • Reply Joe ID:7zv1l2a6ii

    Nothing better than making babies especially with a stranger. Did you love feeling his baby growing in you?

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itbgzm

      Being only eleven made having a baby very difficult, I was often sick, and had to stay at home. Feeling his rape baby grow inside me was a very freaky sensation. It took me some time to accept that I was going to be having a baby. I was still fairly small, and the baby took up a lot of space in my belly.

    • Joe ID:fzq364xia

      Wendy even at 11 you need a little about sex. You said he came inside you. So you need sperm was in your body. So tell me the truth did that turn you on his sperm swimming inside you. Then when you got the good news that the man you made love to ga8you a baby were you a little excited

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Joe, I knew only a very little about sex and making babies. My body was changing, I had my period a few times, so I was producing a egg once a month. Yes he did release his sperm inside me, I had no idea what was happening, he told me it was a prezzy for me, I didnt understand. At that time I knew nothing about arousal and releases, it caught me out totally.

    • David ID:fzq36520b

      Well at least now you are ready to fuck lots of men.

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itbgzm

      I have my doubts that there will be lots of men fucking me

  • Reply Ken ID:7zv3jxsp8j

    Hey this was an amazing story. I hope ur more sexually active after this honestly. And I hope your baby is alright. Do u want to have more sex now or are you scared

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629enn49b

      Hi Ken, I have tried to have sex a couple of times but got quite scared, we didn’t get far.
      My baby sure is growing, running riot about our place.
      I’ve just met up with a new bf, we are taking it very easy to begin with. so far we have just kissed.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:cc4itbbhm

    Very nice rape, great that you were only 11. Ill bet you didnt understand why he wanted his cock inside you then, but good job he did.

    • Wendy Harris ID:pl40qw6q

      A nice rape for the guy, I think. I had no idea why he wanted his cock to go inside me, nor what that would do to me, I found that out the hard way.

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

    Love this, awesome raping, so glad he nailed you, very happy he got you pregnant and made you have his baby.

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itbbhm

      I guess it was just a question of time, out too late, caught and raped, impregnated. oncewe knew a baby was on the way, there was very little that I was allowed to do, now I have my daughter.

  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    Far too young, oh my god, just not what we hope for, so sad you had to go through with this.

    • Webdy Harris ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yes, far too soon, didnt want to say anything, I know I should have, then too late, too many angry people.

  • Reply Jasmine ID:6629eno6id

    Oh my, sounds a horrid night for you. Hope you and your daughter are doing well. Bein gut late seems to attract the unwanted.

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

      Thanks Jasmine, yes we are doing ok. When I read about your rape, I knew I had to tell too, neither of were to blame, but that didnt make it any easier.

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Good morning Wendy thank you for replying back to me I can understand that you are guys so I get that at your age and I understand that you have a two-year-old daughter that you need to take care of I really wish that you and I could get to know each other a lot better I would love to take care of you and your daughter Hope to hear back from you

    • Atlas ID:1yr1nwv9c

      Stop trying to get your 40 year old something cock inside a young pussy

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Good morning Wendy Harris what a great story made my cock so hard right at the beginning when you said you were 14 years old and had a two-year-old daughter wish I was there with you I would like to know more would really like to see if we could build something together if so text me or call me at 1-209-324-7633 I am really interested in you

    • Wendy Harris ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Timothy, I just don’t think it would be such a good idea really, I’m still guy shy for now, and I still have to look after my baby. but thanks for the offer in the mean time.

  • Reply Irene ID:6629eno6id

    Ouch, not a pleasant way to lose your virginity, And yeah, sometimes parks can get a bad reputation. A pity you had to go through with being raped so early in your life. look after your daughter.

  • Reply Delany ID:6629eno6id

    Love it, he made you wet yourself and pee, I laughed at that too. A naughty little girl raped and impregnated, excellent!

    • Randy ID:7zv3itae44

      Wendy, was he black or white? How big was his cock? I’ve got 8 1/2 inches if you’d like to see…you knew better than being in the park alone so late so you got what you deserved. You probably liked it deep down, you probably went back to the park late, hoping to get fucked again didn’t you? You should be happy to know what a man’s cock feels like, better than some pencil dick boy your old age. Anyways, would love to hear more about you.

    • Wendy Harris ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Randy, he was neither black nor white, but I guess well tanned. I dont really know how big his cock was, but it really felt huge in me. I knew I was out alone, but got caught out with the changing sunset times, then it got darker faster then I realized. Did I deserve it, no, but that didnt stop it from happening. Did I go back, no, it was a horrid event, not one I wanted to repeat. I paid a huge price for my mistake.

    • Beastinsheets ID:3zxjpapck0d

      So many disturbing people out there I’m a guy and I was sexually assaulted by my uncle it’s not your fault Wendy and I hope you and your child are doing good it is never the victims fault and all these people here saying it is or that they are happy it happened to you are fucked in the head it’s always a tragedy when something like that happens to anyone especially a child I hate that it happened to you you did not deserve it you were a kid wanting to be a kid noone can fault you for it I was 10 when it first started and it was everyday from 10-14 I still have flashbacks and I hate it I don’t trust men at all anymore I’m still to this day in therapy for it and I’m 24 now going to be 25 in a couple months noone understands just how hard it is to talk about especially with all the indecent comments made about it