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My son is my Husband

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How my son Take care of me and help me recover from depression and Trauma

Myself Nisha . My father got me Marry to a older man at very young age and I had my son when I was just 15. My Husband was horrible man. he used to beat me , humiliate me , treat me like animal. Every Night he brings his friend and colleague and force me to dance for them( naked). Then they all gangraped and urinate on me before leaving. Sometimes he bring goats or dog and let them panetrate my ass. He used to tie me naked in our balcony. Due to which I got traumatized and wasn’t a women any more. All of this went on for 20 year. Then My husband died of illness.
Later Rahul Sell all of My husband property and we shifted to City area . Though we Move out of that horrible palce. My Nightmare wouldn’t end . I was suffering from Major depression and Trauma . I couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t eat or sleep , My body Was Shattered with wounds and sacrs. I have severe Back Enjuries and Joint pain. I don’t ever care my self , I won’t bath or change cloths and Always stay in my room .
Rahul is a good boy , he is not like his father. He used to take care of me . He used to Feed me with his hand and Time to time gave medicine. He gives me Bath , cut my nails , massage my joints and Apply gel to my wounds. During periods ,he changes my Pads and clean my vagina.
So one day when Rahul was pressing my legs he realised something and ask me – how long you haven’t cut your hairs ?
I didn’t react. Then he lefts and came back with a shaving kit.
He striped me naked , and sat me on chair . He started shaving me , he started from my calves and went to my inner thighs. When he was spreading cream on my thighs i satrted feeling something and it felt good. After thighs he went for my hand and armpits. Then he lay me down on my stomach and shaved my ass. At the end he turns me on my back ,spread my legs and started applying cream on my vagina. It feels amazing , he was the first person who touch me down there so gentle. I can’t control myself, my vagina started getting wet. He observed that , then he started riming my vagina, I was shaking and biting my lips to control my moans , then he stoped and shaved my vagina .
The next day he came early in my room and gaves me pair or sports bra and yoga pants. I were it and start doing yoga with her . He gently hold my hand garb my waits and started teaching me yoga . I felt good. Later that night , he came to my room with massage oil. He removes my cloths lays me on my stomach and startes massage. He massage my shoulders and back ,every time he grabs my neck my body shivered . Then he trun me around and drop some oil on my boobs and started rubbing them. My heart beat started increasing, my nipple satrted erecting . Then he spill some oil on my vagina and started fingering her. I can’t control myself and satrted moaning. He suddenly stops. I garbed his hand and pull him over me and satrted smooching. He grabs my boobs with one hand and fringed me with other. I undress her , garbed his dick and started stroking it . Then he went down my vagina and licked her until I explode. Then he put hi dick at my vagina and pushed it all in a single stroke. I moun loudly with pleasure. Then he started sucking my boobs while stroking me rapidly . After having 3 orgasm hi release his load inside me . Then I sleep in his arms while his dick still inside me .
After some many years I slept peacefully. next day after having a morning section , we bath together , he dress me up . We went in a mall , watch movie there had lunch and dinner. From that day we started leaving like a couple .
Finally after somany years I was happy. I was enjoying my life.
I am so proud of my son, I love him and he loves me to .

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  • Reply Sita ID:2nhj65nozl

    My husband often works away from home, which pleases my father. On such occasions, he comes to my room and fucks me. I’m too weak to resist him, and he sometimes rapes my 3 or 4 times a day.. I’m afraid to tell my husband, because my father has threatened to tell him that I seduced him by going naked to his room one night.. You see, I actually did that by mistake because I was so tired. I must admit, Dad’s cock is longer and thicker than my husband’s, and he often gives me one or more orgasms when he’s raping me.

    • Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

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    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dqpg934vho3

      Nice story, and I really hope that your daddy starts to fuck your arse real hard, real dry and real soon…

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  • Reply David kenya ID:55wss2drz

    Part two dia u make me hard

  • Reply David kenya ID:55wss2drz

    Part two dia

  • Reply anonymous ID:5u1d7cg499

    Don’t do a part 2! Your spelling is horrible, use a spell checker. There’s a new app called grammar app, use it

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    Did you get pregnant again from your son do a part 2

    • Nishaaaaa ID:etyrjct0d

      Yes, but it’s a whole different story.