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Watching my sister get raped

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At a park I find my sister getting raped and I love it.

So my sister Joyce and I were adopted into two separate families and when she was 19 and I 23 we were reunited. We wound up hooking up and having a L8TR till 2014; it was 2008 when we hooked up. We looked out for each other and loved each other. I’m a 6’1, 127lbs, 8.5 cut 2.5 thick man… She was 5’9, 120lbs, C cup, shaved pussy girl. We opened up to each other about sexual fantasies and experiences.
She told me she had been raped many times and told me about each I would always get turned on by this. Early in the relationship at the city park I had to go a small distance seat to use restrooms.
Upon coming back I heard her crying and screaming panicked I rushed to see what was happening. I saw a very buff black man with a horse like dock pounding her. We were new to the area so no way this was planned. He held her down and rammed further into her pussy each time going deeper. I was dock hard watching as she cried and begged him to stop. He seemed he was stopping but then I realized his 11.5 thick as a coke can dock was trying to go to the hilt. I ran up and quickly took my dock out and started to throat duck my sister. He grunted as his dock broke through her cervix and was balls deep. I had never came so hard and my sister swallowed it all as he pounded her more till unloading the largest cu m load of ever seen in her. I was still hard and he had her start to ride me before he began to rape her ass and the screaming began again. He flooded her anus with cock her belly bulges with his dock I began rubbing her belly which put him over the edge and came again. He got up put his pants on and told her anytime he needed to cum she was his. And walked away.
After he was gone she ducked me letting me cu m in every hole multiple times. After that day we looked for men women, or couples to join us. It was sexual bliss for many years.

I’ll continue my memoirs if y’all want I have plenty more. And all my stories are true.
My last and first sort in link…

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  • Reply Lee

    Hey Ken email me I want to know more about your story sounds hot email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Cunt hater

    Ken thats erotic, please continue the story

  • Reply Ken

    My wife and 12 year old daughter went to our block party in very revealing g-string bikinis. They got lots of attention. It was late they went home and I stayed. I got a text saying home now all caps. I just figured they were home. Few minutes later cops driving to my place. I get there won’t let me in. Ambulance came took them to hospital. I get there found out my wife and daughter were rape by 3 guys.

    I was able to take them home next day. My wife isn’t taking it well she’s drinking and drugs. My daughter taking it better, doesn’t think it was big deal. Even though she lost her virginity and 2 guys raped her .

    I been fantasizing about my daughter getting raped. I jack off over it. Wish I could have witnessed it.

    • AP

      Ken, I left you a different reply on the, “So You Want” thread.
      Has your daughter come on to you, yet?
      After my sister was raped the first time she became very hypersexual and would put herself in situations to where she would be raped and thawed out guys who would gang rape her. Very soon there was nothing sexual that she wouldn’t do.
      Don’t be shocked if your daughter no longer tries to hide her sexual activities and you soon get to witness her in action.

    • Tabooman

      Force your wife to have sex and invite your daughter to watch and maybe participate

  • Reply Jll

    Thanks it’s not ture

    • Ejdndn

      6’1, 127lbs and thick?? Something does add up here

  • Reply Someone

    Sorry that one doesn’t sound true!