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Demanding Daughter

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My dad had fucked all of my friends and I felt left out, so I asked him if he would fuck me too.

I had a great childhood growing up in the 80’s, I lived with my dad, and was more of a best friend than a dad, although he was a dad when he needed to be, if I did anything really bad then he’d tell me off and stuff, but other than that he was really cool.

He’d let me stay out and up as late as I wanted, let me eat whatever I wanted, I could have my friends round to the house, and have house parties on a weekend, and even drink alcohol, moderately.

My dad was what people now call “a pedo”, every time I’d have my friends around, they’d get a little drunk and dad would always select one to take upstairs and fuck at the end of the night, their parents and all our neighbours knew what went on in our house, and that all the neighbourhood girls were coming over and having sex, but no one really cared, it wasn’t a big deal back then, not like it is now.

By the time I was 12 my dad had fucked every single one of my friends, and when we were hanging out all they kept talking about was how cool my dad was, how big his dick was, what he did with it, and how good it made them feel.

I felt left out, and embarrassed, because they were talking about my dad, and they had all had sex but I was still a virgin, it was awkward listening to them all taking about their experiences, and I got jealous, I felt left out.

My dad was sat watching TV one evening and I went and sat next to him and I just asked him straight out, “Dad, will you have sex with me?”

He picked up the remote control from the arm of the sofa, turned off the TV, set the remote back down, then turned on his seat to look at me, he swallowed a lump in his throat, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” he said.

“Will you have sex with me?” I repeated.

He smiled and then started laughing, “What?! – Are you serious right now? Why – Why do you want me to have sex with you?” he asked.

“I’m sick of everyone talking about it. They keep talking about how good it was, and that you have a big dick. I want to be able to talk to them about it, I want to know what it’s like. Please, dad.” I replied, practically begging him to fuck me.

“Yeah – Okay – Sure – Why not – I’m up for that.” He replied.

I smiled and was feeling really happy, “Really? – You’ll do it?” I asked.

“Darling. You have no idea. I’ve wanted to fuck you since you were six years old.” He said.

“Then why didn’t you?” I asked.

“You were only six. I would have torn your little pussy to pieces if I’d have got in there.” He replied.

“So you’ll do it then?” I asked.
“Yes I’ll do it.” He replied.

“Come on then. Lets do it now!” I asked, eager and very willing to do it, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up off the sofa, “Come on. Come on.” I said, tugging on his arm.

“Alright, darling, calm down.” He said, as I dragged him up the stairs to my bedroom.

I quickly took off all of my clothes, panties and all, and jumped on to my bed, “Hurry up, dad.” I said, bouncing on the bed on my knees waiting for him to strip off.

“There’s no rush. We’ve got plenty of time.” He said, as he started to strip.

“I know but I want to do it. Hurry up and get your dick out.” I said.

When he finished stripping off and pulled down his boxer shorts, I finally saw his dick, and it was huge, well, it was average size, but huge to my little eyes, it was flaccid and swinging between his legs as he approached my bed and climbed on to it, and he had hairy balls.

I laid down on my back and immediately spread my legs apart, he just sat between my legs looking at my bald pussy, “Well? – Are you going to play with it or just stare at it?” I asked.

“Alright, bossy-britches.” He said, then he leaned down and started licking my pussy crack.

I thought that was weird, I was expecting him to put his dick inside of me, my friends never said anything about this part, “What are you doing? – Aren’t you going to put your dick in?” I asked impatiently.

“You don’t just put it in, love. I’ve got to warm the pot first.” He replied, then continued licking my pussy.

I put up with him licking me for about 5 minutes, it felt nice, but it wasn’t what I wanted, “How long is this going to take, I’m getting bored.” I said.

Dad laughed, “You’re one impatient little bugger you. Alright – Fine – Lets jump to it shall we.” He said.

“Finally!” I said.

He crawled on top of me and looked in to my eyes with a smile on his face, “Go on then.” I said, he chuckled at me, “Just shut up and kiss me.” He said, then we started kissing, and we put our arms around each other and rubbed out hands up and down each other’s bodies.

I felt his dick press in to my slit, I looked down and saw that it had grown, it was longer and thicker, “Oh my God, it’s so big.” I said, I wasn’t expecting it to be that big, I thought my friends must have massive pussies, because there was no way his big dick was going to fit in to my little hole, “It’s not going to fit.” I added.

“Don’t you worry, it will fit.” He said.

Dad starting pushing, I could feel the pressure against my hymen, “Agh – Dad – It’s not going to fit…it won’t fit – Argh – It’s not going to fiiii-Ooooooah-uuuggh!” I moaned out, then I felt it go inside of me, and it took my breath away and I didn’t take a breath for about 10 seconds, “Oooh -God – Ugh.”

For some reason my toes went completely numb, and my legs and hips started shaking, vibrating, dad’s dick was in me, I could feel it in me, he was still pushing forward and I felt it moving, “You alright, darling?” he asked me.

“Yeh.” I gasped, “I can’t feel my toes.” I said.

“Want me to keep going?” he asked.

I nodded, because I wanted him to continue, I wanted him to fuck me, he thrust in and pulled back, repeating the motion over and over, the inside of my pussy opened up and stretched around the shape of his long hard dick, “Ungh – Daddy.” I moaned, licking my lips with pleasure.

“You haven’t called me that in years.” He said.

“Daddy – Daddy – Daddy.” I joked, and I giggled trying to forget the initial pain I felt when he penetrated me.

Then he gradually got faster, he got a rhythm going, and we were having sex, I pinned my legs around him and enjoyed the feeling of his dick moving inside of me as my body rocked back and forth on the bed.

I enjoyed the kissing, the touching and the tickle of his hairy balls scraping against my butt cheeks, it truly was the most incredible moment of my life, and I wondered why he hadn’t fucked me when I was 6 years old, I would have liked it.

I felt him come, his dick ballooned inside of me, pushing against my inner walls as it shot out its seed, I felt it, I felt everything, I swear I could even feel his sperm swimming up my channels.

I finally understood what all my friends had been talking about, it was as good as they said it was, better even, I occasionally looked at the wall and saw the clock, dad fucked me for nearly an hour that night, my virgin pussy got a very good first work-out.

Dad didn’t take my friends up to his room after parties any more, he took me upstairs instead, although we did invite one of my friends to join us, that was always fun, I’m not a lesbian but there’s something to be said about girl on girl action, and dad has a big appetite for little pussy.

My dad may well be reading this, I know that he uses this site, so if you’re there dad, and you know it’s me. I love you x.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    I wish my daughter was a little older

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    I take it that your and your friends are on birth control as im sure you wouldnt want your dad to knock you up 04/04/23

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