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Gay club initiation

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I had no idea what was in store for me at the gay nightclub

I was just 16 and hadn’t even ‘come out ‘ properly then, but I got picked up by an older sexy man in a public toilet and sucked him off. It was very enjoyable. He was very experienced on ‘ the scene ‘ and said he would take me to a great gay nightclub in London. Yeah, I thought that sounds really good in my naive 16yr old mind. I really wasn’t old enough to be allowed in, but Don knew the bouncers really well (indeed had fucked a couple of them) and got permission to enter. The club was exciting in a raucous, sweaty way and I was loving dancing to the incredibly loud music and spinning under the strobe lights. After a while I realised Don had disappeared somewhere and I went to the bar to see if I could find him. Two big hairy guys were stood either side of me and they both started feeling my ass and grabbing my cock and balls. ‘Go on, have a fucking drink!’ one of them said and the other grabbed my neck and tipped my head back and started pouring beer in my mouth. I was choking and gasping, while they just laughed.

Suddenly they both pushed me and then dragged me down to the club toilets. There were almost as many guys hanging about down there as in the upstairs of the club. It was very hot and smelled strongly of body odour, piss and what I now know were poppers.

I was trying desperately to see Don, as I was shoved by one of the guys into a cubicle. He left the door open and several guys were gathered round. ‘He looks fucking young. How old are you, you little fag?’ I was quite scared at this point.

‘I’m 16’ I said and then realised that was a mistake.

‘Still a schoolboy, are you? Still masturbating with your mates in class?!’

I tried to push through the gathered crowd, but they wouldn’t let me pass. Then one of the guy’s shouted ‘Strip him off! Let’s see the fucking goods!’

In no time I was stripped naked and my clothes were just flung on the urine soaked floor. ‘Bend over the bog, boy and pull your asscheeks apart! NOW!!’ shouted one guy. I was trembling as the said guy spat on his fingers, wiped them up my bumcrack and then shoved his very large dick up my shithole. Fuck, it was painful!!

Guys were shouting and jeering. ‘Fuck the living shit out of him!’ ‘Destroy his fucking asshole!’ and similar taunts and threats. Well, I was in that toilet for what seemed like ages. Many different guys raped me, pissed on me, farted in my face and slapped and punched me. I was left at the end of the evening, sobbing naked on the toilet. The guys had all left the smelly bogs, except one. I looked up to see Don grinning all over his face. ‘Enjoy yourself, did you?’ he !aughed. I just carried on crying.

But the strange thing is that I went back to the same club on many occasions after that and was used and abused every time!!

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  • Reply Cocksucker ID:1dw4lql5ccn7

    At 16,possibly 15. I was raped. I went out camping with a friend, he brought me to this tent we hung out and drank. I passed out, woke up with some strange guy on top of me holding me down. His dick as u know was in me and I was fighting it. Kinda enjoying being held down tho as he stuck his cock deeper. He starts pounding me, slapping me ass. He cum multiple times. He made me feel pain but not enough to make me scream or cry sadly.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

      I’m so pleased you managed to get some pleasure from what could have been a traumatic rape!

  • Reply Brian ID:7ylrenct0k

    Did this really happen for real ?
    I was also 16 , had something similar happen to my but I am totally into girls . I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was approached by 2 guys outside of a club , they kidnapped me , took me to a burned out house , and told me to be what they said if I knew what was good for me.
    I was fucked in my ass by both of them ( vary painful- they weren’t gentle)

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

      Yes, this did actually, but I can’t pretend not to have fucking enjoyed it at some level.