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rape of me and sister

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asked me sorry for this sister and i see her put down her head and starting play with my pussy

Our dad is in hospitar infected with coronavirus our mother is working there day and night but because she is fear to infect us she left us alone me annete 12years old blonde long hair and my sister vanessa 19yearsold brunnete blue eyes she is here because they close all universities and colleague thanks god our mother doing us lessons of when it start all this like for health cooking to can clear our selfs right to not infected of coronvirus with other words a very difficult period for us and entire world we were lucky in our city we havent many cases and deaths but we stay inside as long as we can and talking with mom in computer any things we may want there are supermarket that this period to help people doing delivery.
It was around 8clock at night me and vanesaa were with our pyjamas vanessa was cooking our dinner while i was in sofa looking at some loony toons in a private channel until the doorbell hit this suprice us because we arent waiting someone but we had eye in door vanessa take a look strange it is two policeofficers and what they want i asked her i dont know lets wear our masks and see we wear them and vanessa open door one policeofficer was tall thin but bald with little white hairs and mustance while the other policeofficer was also a tall younger coloured man with glasses and two of them with masks and gloves good afternoon girls good afternoon policeofficers what we could do for you must go with us what why we take in a better place younger people away of people that are more dangerous to infecting of coronavirus this is first time i hear this our mom doesnt tell us something neither hear something at tv yes we know all this start before one hour without warning so to not panic people.
We were the last house at neighborhood but i know that there other kids in this neighborhood but i couldnt see anyone else outside and where is policecar i tell that to vanessa to her ear and she
agree we must change our clothes and take some things with us ok they say and we will warn our mom but this doesnt like them and when vanessa go to close the door they stop her and get in inside bald man catch my sister and he close door annete run but the other man catch me guickly lets stop this hands they put us in floor with our belly we scream to let us but instead of this they came above us and they put our hands behind our backs and put us handcuffs i scream this hurt i like little girls scream of pain say me colour man still above me and rubing my hair vanessa asked them why they do that they aswere they are looking tonight for fun and they had information for girls that they are alone in house lets put this flowers again in their legs and take them at bedroom in who bedroom we will see.
They take us in our parents room because of the fantasy of bald man they fell us in bed vanessa please them whatever they want to do to her and not harrasment me what good big sister she offer herself to save her sister but we are here for you two and brown man take of his pocket one switchblade and come near us please not kill us but with our hands bound with handcuffs we couldnt fightback brown man fell above emma and with switchblade start cut her pyjamas and then her underwear left her nude and with his hand start rub her pussy while with her mounth bite her boobs and nipples doing her sceam and please him stop at the same moment another man take in his hand switchblade and come to me now he cut my pyjamas and underwear what nice boobs is this and he lick them with her tongue i couldnt know why he like my boobs they had starting now grow in a round shape and in a smaller size of my sister.
Sundenly they stoped with our boobs and arise of above us this white bitch doing me hard same me man lets have real fun now they put us again in floor but in our knees they came in frond of us and they put down their trousers and underwear reveal to me a half size thin hairly cock while vanessa had in frond of her a big hairless brown cock and two of them full erected they put down our masks i can think that you girls know what we want what are you waiting for girls and carefull with teeths wait i say i havent take again cock i had only see my sister one night take in her boyfrient i dont care little girl i want blowjob now annete look at me what i am doing and follow me explain me my sister ok i aswere with tears so i follower her with my tongue i take his cock in my mounth but before see what to do next brown man put his hand behind sister head and push it to take more cock inside her mounth something that of her face acts doesnt like then also in me he put his hand behind my head push my mounth more above his cock.
His cock had strange smell and taste i try to resist but he react push stronger my eyes was full of tears same vanessa you girls can cry as long as you want you offered us more hot after many blows push and tears we could feel their cocks moving i dont know what it mean that only that keep us there standing without moving with their cocks still inside our mounths and vanessa try to free it wasnt something good then sudenly with schock i feel hot liguids run in my tongue and mounth without other choise i drink them and they left our mounths free but us coughing and breathing hard this bitches had nice mounths but i want to see them in more action my pervert catch me of my hair and he put me with my back lay down in our parents bed and he open my legs open wide let her alone motherfucker get here this bitch i know what you want aswere colour man he also catch her from her hair and put her between my wide open legs and near my pussy lets see you two in a sisters sex.
What are you crazy ill motherfucker i will never lick my sister pussy i hear them all this time schocking if you dont lick your sister i will have a special time with her and believe me i will do her scream much more than you with my friend ok i will do it vanessa asked me sorry for this sister and i see her put down her head and starting play with my pussy i must tell this is first time someone is in my special area bald man aside me order my sister to lick me better he want hear me moan and vanessa tongue going faster offer me for first time feelings down there that doing me very hot and start moan colour man that was behind my sister tell she is wet i will fuck her good idea but take condom we dont want accident i could see him wear it he help vanessa to stand in four like dog he open her legs my sister take her face of my pussy and say to him please no its to big but bald man put her face again down my pussy shut up bitch and brown man give a big push and vanessa a scream this is this white pussy is paradise.
I could understand than vanessas tongue movies and strong hits in her ass is fucking hard i try give her hope but i was so wet that my moans dont let me to told then i hear brown man that he cum finaly its my time say the bald man i promise to not doing more bad in your sister but at least to have fun with you motherfucker you tear apart her pussy but i will try his next hole vanessa try to please again but his hand prevent her bald man also take a push and starting fuck her anal her screams was stoping from my pussy in her face bald man say what holes is that she has and he would taste my holes but he always keep promise all this time bown man was some meters at aside me maturbate until i couldnt keep more and i feel like my pussy is going to explonde i start to scream until pleasure good sister you give her first orgasm and he her head from my pussy to air only to turn her back and cum in her face.
Thanks for fun girls wait set us free you had right they finaly free our hands and left us there above bed nude but they warn us that maybe not tonight they will return for second round and to not tell anything who will believe two girls or two policeofficers we hear them leave we unite our hands are you ok bigsister yes my hands and my holes pains me but im okay you me only my hands and in my mounth i have this strange taste of his cock it will pass dont worry and what we will do if they return this is a problem but we have a bigger problem now i mean what if they infected us with coronavirus.

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  • Reply Kira ID:1jybr2qk

    Hmmmm funny

  • Reply your neighborhood jackass ID:3zxjrjpi49c

    i will normally put up with bad english if the sex part can at least get me going, but this is so fucking bad. i literally need brain bleach to get this out of my head.

    so go ahead and learn yourself some english

  • Reply Reader ID:87wy9km3

    Couldn’t read because it was badly written, I could’ nt follow or understand.

  • Reply Bruh Nick ID:5xrlmj9d1

    Damnnn, usually i have my pocket knife with me every time i open doors

  • Reply English police ID:1coyvmj749a

    The English is this is so shit