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my dogs took me unwanted pt3

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Vanessa and Madison discover something new. but never what we thought

After an hour of being asleep I started to open my eyes. My body was completely relaxed, which was nice for once. I haven’t felt this way in a few days. Most times my pride, pussy, and ass are the one in pain. Rolling off my side to my back I felt the squish between my legs. Slowly I bend my right leg over my left. I can feel both Mike’s orgasm, mixed with mine. I can feel my lips moving with my leg teasing my clit Third Part
. It’s a wonderful feeling. I turn my head towards where Mike is supposed to be. Not even knowing sometime while I was asleep, he had gotten up.
“Mike,” I called out to him.
“Mike, honey”?
Still no answer from him. I crawl off the bed and start looking around the house. As I reach the kitchen, I find a note on the table from Mike.
“Hey, honey”. I have gone to see Brad, and I will be home soon. I didn’t want to wake you. Love Mike.
I fucking hate Brad. Mike is his only friend and has been since high school. Where Mike was an athlete stand 6ft 2 all muscle, Brad was just the kid that got picked on a lot. Mike was always watching over him. All freshman year he would ask me out none stop. That though is not the reason why I hated his ass. Looking over my shoulder I see the damn dogs inside also.
“Great, was all I could say”.
I still had an hour before the girl were home, so I decided I better get out of these clothes and shower. Stepping into our bedroom I went to get a clean pair of panties. It was a nice day today so I figured I would wear jean short with a tank top with no bra. It’s a girl thing. While doing these I never once seen Blue walk in behind me. I started unbuttoning my jeans pulling them slightly down. When I turned around, he was right there staring at me. Startled I stepped back against the dresser.
“Holy fuck Blue.” Screaming at him. He just stared at me with a dark look.
“What, ever you’re thinking you fuck you better stop”. Scolding him, but no reaction from him. He slowly approached me stopping right in front of me.
“Blue, no damn it”. Trying to be stern. One more step closer his noise is at my crotch. He pushes once into my panties. I brace myself against the dresser. I can feel him sniffing the wetness from Mike and I. My thought is just please just go away. With a couple more sniffs he does just that. Blue backs off turn and sits by the doorway. A sigh of relief goes through me. I go ahead with taking my shirt and bra off throwing them on the floor. As I start to pull my pants and panties off, I watch carefully. No movement so far. I keep going till they are also on the floor. Stepping out of them I slowly walk towards the bathroom facing Blue the whole time. I’m almost there I keep thinking. Just before the door he stands up. I freeze where I’m at. All I can think is holy fuck I’m completely naked now. There would be no of stopping him. As he slowly starts walking, I turn my body to face him. He makes his way to my clothes on the floor and stops.
“What, are you planning you mother fucker”.
Like he can understand me. Just then his head slowly lowers. His eyes never leave me. In one quick movement my panties are in his mouth, and he is gone.
“Get, back here you asshole”.
Screaming as I start to chase him down the hallway. Right as the hallway ends, he looks back at me. Just then I’m blindsided by Zeus. He hit me with enough force I slammed into the wall. I can barley move. Looking up I noticed Blue has stopped running and is looking at me. He has dropped my panties to the floor as well. All I can think is you motherfucker. I turn onto my back with my left leg bent up. I’m barely staying awake. Zeus comes from the direction of the hallway. Slowly walking over, me his head lowers towards my leg. He smells the event from earlier that had run down my leg. His tongue starting from where it ended move its way to where it started. I just lay there. I felt like a car accident victim right now. With each lick his tongue raises a little higher. He has now finally reached the source. His tongue while curling snakes between my still slick pussy lips. The first swipe across my clit. The feeling jolts me back some. Two more swipes. He is hitting the right spot for me, but not for him. With a nudge of his head, he pushes on my left leg. He wants it apart as well as bent. I won’t give in. Then he rams my thigh with his head. My legs springs to the side good enough for him. With full tongue he starts from my asshole to my clit. My back arches with my head going back. I can see Blue stand up walking towards me. My mouth falls wide open with every swipe Zeus makes. Blue leans down noise to my face and extends his tongue out. He is now licking into my mouth like he trying to kiss me. Zeus keeps his attack up the whole time on my pussy. Coming to grip somewhat I turn my head sideways to avoid his tongue. Zeus then rams my right leg with his head. Inching it more and more apart. Finally with what strength I have I bend it up as well to avoid his head ramming. With my legs wide open Zeus has open access to my hole. He didn’t waste a minute. With tongue curled I could feel him digging into it. The feeling was unwanted but better than my husband could ever do. Blue moves down to my chest area. He can see the sweet forming on my chest. With his tongue out he runs it across my breast then my nipples. My body never waited for my ok. Under the touch of his tongue, they became hard and sensitive.
“Oh God please stop” I begged.
No such luck. Zeus had my body well on its way to an orgasm. I wanted it. I hated it, but I needed it now. Zeus’s tongue keeps trying to inch more and more inside my wet pussy. My body has had an orgasm more in the last three days then anytime before. Blue moves further down to my belly. He is following the sweet trail, and I’m sure the smell. Eventually he reaches the top folds of my pussy and my clit. I now have both dogs going at my pussy like it is a last meal. My body taking over my mind my legs spread wider giving better access. Turning my head, I see blue’s cock begging to come out. As much as I feel I must grab it I refuse. I need some control over this recent attack. Just at that point with two tongues my orgasm hits. My hands go to my head.
“Oh, fuck don’t stop” I hear myself say.
They stay full attack on my pussy. Just as the first one ends another orgasm hits.
My back falls from its arch as my body shakes. Both dogs lift their heads. Their tongues licking my pussy juice off tier lips. Zeus steps over me staying between my legs. I lay wondering if this is done? Can I be let go now? Then he slowly lowers his hips. His cock half out of his sheath he starts rocking his hips. All he is hitting is air. No matter how many orgasms these fuckers give I’m not going to help him out. That’s what I thought at least. A whimper comes from Zeus at that point. He knows he can’t reach what he wants. Right then Blue turns to me. With a sharp growl and a stare, I knew what he meant. Bitch you do what you are told. Trying to swallow the fear in me I place my hands under my hips. I begin to slowly raise them. Blue looks on to see if I’m doing as directed. Zeus now places his front paws under them as well. With a grip I him pull me to his waiting cock. With it still only halfway out it begins entering my pussy. With each thrust forward I feel him grow more and more inside me. My breast with still hard nipples sway with his motion. My pussy is feeling fuller each time. I look down toward his cock. I can see my swollen lips spread apart. His red cock shoving deep inside me. Its like a horror movie that never ends, but my body wants to watch. Laying my head back down my mouth opens wide again. Moans echo the living room. Blue once again lowers his head shoving his tongue in my mouth. Licking deep enough he is almost to my throat. Like it is his way of saying shut up bitch. Each time I try and move my head he just follows never leaving my mouth. I’m a slave to these dogs. If I do something wrong, I fear punishment. I am their rape victim. I am their piece of meat. I can feel Zeus knot pushing against my pussy. I know he is about to cum, but this position his knot can’t enter me. My body on the other hand isn’t even close. It wants more. No matter how much I tell it no. With one last shove he stays deep inside me. I can feel his dick pulsating as the wall of my pussy hold on tight. For the few minutes I feel his cum fill me and what doesn’t fit runs down through my ass checks. Blue lifts his head and watches the last moments. I can taste the dog saliva think in my mouth. Zeus lets go of my hips and pulls his cock out. As he does a new flood of cum follows with him. I lower myself back to the floor. My abs are burning like I just worked out for hours. Laying there all I hoped was we done. That was just not the case.
Blue with cock out already looks back down and once again growls.
“Oh, my God can we please stop”? is all I could ask.
He didn’t care. He growls once again, but a little more aggressive this time. With my eyes watering from tears, I once again lifted my hips. Without warning he snipped at my ass check.
“Ouch, FUCK YOU’, with a sobbing voice.
Another growl comes out.
He rams my ass trying to tell me. At this point I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want me in this position. The only other way I could think of is on my knees. So that is what I did. I was on my knees. My ass high in the air and my face plus chest flat to the ground. Blue slowly walked behind. Looking like he was inspecting it. With the tip of his noise at the entrance of my pussy he takes a deep breath. I’m lying there thinking please just get it over with. Removing his noise Blue raises up using his front paws grabbing my hips. With a hard tug I feel him pulling and walking towards my body. what worries me the most he hasn’t even started humping the air yet. Its like he knows what he is doing. Just then I feel the tip of his dick touch my swollen pussy lips. It was just the softest touch, and I could feel my body react. I could feel the tingle in my pussy. The want in my body. with tear filled eyes I waited. Just then he shoved it in. The pain ran through me, as the pleasure followed. With one push I could feel him hit my cervix.
“ooooooooohhhh,” was all that came out.
Then he pulled out and once again hit the same spot. His cock was long and think. My pussy walls didn’t have to try and grip in this position. I pussy was very full. I could feel them spread wide apart. With the next push I screamed.
Opening my eyes, I see Zeus stop cleaning his dick and look. Blue keeps a slower rhythm this time around. This was the first time he was fully in my pussy. He was making it worth every minute of it. With each trust forward his grip raised my ass in the air. My hard nipples rubbed against the soft carpet. My pussy from dripping in a way I have never seen before. I could feel it hanging down from my lips. Never in my life have I done that. With the next push I felt an even bigger pain. The tip of his dick now entered my cervix. Blue keeps his momentum going. I start to feel his knot growing with each push forward. I know he want to cum. He has me wanting to cum. My pussy knows what is coming. Without warning I feel my pussy tighten harder around his cock. My body at work against me once more. With a hard shove his knot forced it way in, and my moans are a mixed of streams and pleasure. He is locked in place with the tip buried in my cervix. Stream after stream of cum is placed right inside my cervix. His cock pulsating against my pussy walls. My orgasm follows as planned. Stream after stream of pussy juice squirts onto the floor. I can’t even breath it’s so hard. When he tugs to try and pull out it just makes me cum again. I can’t cry or scream stop its so intense. Finally, he stays still. I feel the drool of the saliva drip onto my back. His piece of meat. His bitch to him. He is locked in me proud of what he did. With that guilt sore threw me once more.
After about fifteen minutes Blue can pull out. This time only a little sperm follows him. He made sure to lock into place. He walks off to lick what is left of me off him. I slowly raise up catching what time it is.
“Oh, my God’.
There was five minutes till the girls get home from school. Quickly I stand and run to the kitchen. I get a wet washcloth to clean the mess on the floor. Going back to the spot I start to scrub.
“Damn, it” the mess was large. Finally getting it cleaned I look up to see my panties. Just as I grab them, I hear the door open. As quick as I can I run to my bathroom. I hear all three girls yell out for me. Quickly from my room I yell out.
“I’m, in the shower”.
I quickly close the door and lock it. Leaning against the counter I take a couple quick breaths. That’s when a knock on the door startles me.
“I’m, in the shower”.
“Mom, you ok”? hearing Madison’s voice.
“Yes, I’ll be out soon”.
“Do, you want me to start dinner”?
Shit I had forgotten all about that. This day was becoming a hassle quick.
“Yes, please”.
I quickly turned on the water and got in. A ton of things were running threw my mind. My daughters almost caught me in that position. Well, I doubt Madison would have cared, but Lexi and Brooklyn. What would they have thought? That wasn’t the only thing I thought. I couldn’t get over feeling so good about something I hated happening. At the same time, I still had most of his sperm in me. No matter how I tried it wasn’t pushing out. Quickly showering I got out and got dressed. I quickly said hi to all the girls and helped Madison finish dinner.
Right about dinner time is when Mike showed back home.
“Hey, baby”.
“Hi, honey”. How’s your asshole friend?
“Why, do you hate him so much”?
“I, just do”, come on sit down and have some dinner.
As we all sat and ate Mike talked to the girls. I wasn’t really focused on the conversation at all. All the sudden I feel a wetness in the crotch of my panties. While I was sitting Blue’s sperm was making its way out. Why wont this just end I thought. After dinner was over, I told Mike I was heading to bed. He looks puzzled, but I told him I wasn’t feeling well. He never questioned it.
As Saturday arrived, we had plans to visit my parents. We try and do this every weekend. It was a quick ride right down the road and girls enjoyed going. As I called for everyone come on, I heard Madison call out.
“Hey, I have a report to do so I’m staying”.
I had no reason to doubt her so the four of us left. While at my parents’ house I was still in a daze from yesterday.
“Vanessa,” my mother called out.
“Are, you ok honey”?
“Yeah, mom I’m fine” I answered. We were sitting at the dinning room table talking drinking wine while the girls played on their phones in the living room. I tried to keep up with the conversation, but my mind was elsewhere. I looked over to the kitchen and saw my parents dog Max walk in. he walked right up to me and set his head on my lap.
“Hey, buddy” as I petted his head.
“He, just love you so much” my mother said with a slight laugh.
“I, know mama”.
Max was full blooded Saint Bernard. My mother keeps him clean all the time, so he always had a beautiful coat to him. As I stroked his head my mind started racing. I wonder how big Max’s cock is? I wondered how it would feel with his tongue buried in my pussy. I wondered if he would be gentle with me. I could tell the thoughts were also turning me on. The surrounding noise was gone now. Could I just disappear with Max and let him take me? Would anyone notice if we were gone for a while? The more I thought the more I got turned on. Then suddenly reality snapped back. Mike shook my arm scaring me. With a quick turn my hand hit the wine glass pouring wine in my lap.
“Are, you ok”? Mike asked
“Yes, I’m fine” you just scared me.
“Oh, honey you need to get that soaking” my mother pointed out.
“Yes, mama I know” I’m going to go to the house and change quick. I’ll be right back.
“Ok, me and girls will stay here” Mike replied.
As I walked towards the door Brooklyn called out.
“Mama, will you get my bets from our bathroom”?
“Yes, dear”. She gave me a big smile as I walked out. Quickly getting home I rushed in and went to the laundry room. I pulled my sun dress off and began to let it soak. Walking back to my bedroom I didn’t notice the dogs. Think God. I quickly got out of the panties I was wearing for two reason and just put a pair of cotton white bikinis on. I grabbed a shirt put it on and then remembered. Shit Brooklyn’s bets. I walked into her room and headed to the bathroom. I looked around all over the place. The girls’ rooms share a bathroom and its always a mess. While looking around I hear something strange coming from Madison’s room. I walk to the other door slowly turn the knob and open it a little. I got the shock of my life.
Madison was laying on her bed completely naked. Her legs were bent up and Blue’s head in between them. Her ass was at the edge of the bed and Blue stood on all fours. Zeus was laying on her bed next to her. Madison was looking towards him with her hand rubbing his sheath. Her other hand was right on top of blue’s head. Scratching it while he licked her pussy. With each stroke of her hand Zeus cock inched out. He laid further back raising his hind legs up. Madison’s hand slowing started stroking each inch that came out. Her breathing was heavy, and she is into every bit of what was going on. With two taps on Blue’s head, she commanded him up. He knew right what to do. With his front paws on the bed and in a standing position he was ready. Madison took her hand grabbing his cock. Slowly she rubbed it up and down her pussy. I could tell by how swollen they where she was ready. She brought it all the way to the top touching her clit. I could tell she had a little strip of hair from there going up. Once more back down she lined it up with her opening.
“Come, on boy” all she said.
Blue thrust his hips forward and she took all of him. With every inch a long studdle moan escaped from her mouth. Her legs wrapped around his back. Her hips were moving with his. She was making love to the damn dog. Her head went to the side once more. Zeus’s cock was completely out. Whimpers came from him as she stroked his cock. In one swift move she swallowed his entire cock. The trust that Blue was giving weren’t to fast or to slow. Her pussy lips looked like they were stretch to their limit. Her hips keep him deep in her while her legs locked him to her. Her head moved in perfect motion. With each stroke down she swallowed it all. Her pussy was wet with a pure lust shine to it.
All I could think was this little fucking bitch. I don’t know where my anger came from. Her doing this, or how the dogs treated her. She had Zeus on the edge. I don’t know she learned to suck a dick, but she was damn good. Zeus whimpers came stronger. I knew he was going to come soon. Just a few seconds later I could tell he was Cumming. Madison held him deep in her mouth. I could tell she is swallowing every drop. Each time she did her throat moved. After a couple minutes she lets go. Not one drop leaked anywhere. Her head and hands turned back to Blue. With her hands on his face, she commanded him.
“Come, on buddy lets go”.
He seemed to understand her well. With each trust you could hear him slap against her thighs. Her juices were there to hear as well.
“Oh, my God buddy come on”.
I could tell she was close. Looking down I could tell he was trying to push his knot into her. Madison knew as well. With one hard push with her hips, it popped in. Quickly her right hand went straight for her pussy. As fast as she could Madison rubbed her clit. That’s when it happened. She was just like her mom. Squirts and squirts of cum hit up against Blue’s chest. Soaking her and him both. Just then Blue locked into place. I could tell he was emptying everything into her. I just watched as my daughter lay there out of breath. I turned and leaned against the bathroom counter lost in thought.
I don’t know how long I was standing there thinking. The next thing I feel is the bathroom door open.
I turn my head and just look.
“How, long have you been in here”?
With a soft voice I simply said.
“Long, enough”.
“Why, would you spy on me like that”?
That is when realty hit me, and calm was now over.
“SPY,” I came home to change. I was grabbing something for your sister. I walked in on this. I don’t get it. Why the hell are you doing this? Why would you train those dogs to do that?
“Wait, what”? she responded.
“YOU, HEARD ME”. I shouted. Because of you those fucking dogs they have raped me for the last three damn days.
“I’m, so confused”. I never trained them to do nothing. I never taught them this. That is how it started with me as well. They would never leave me alone. It wasn’t till one day coming out of the shower it happened. I didn’t want mom I swear. They wouldn’t stop even after that. She explained this with tears in her eyes.
“Then, why do you command them”? Why do they listen to it?
“If, it so bad then why are your panties wet”? she said.
“What, they are not”. I replied.
Madison walked towards me and without a word her hand went right to the crotch of my panties. When she pushed in, I could tell she was right. Pulling her figures back and rubbing them together she looked at me and said “What’s, this”?
I couldn’t reply. I didn’t know how to. I wanted to cry.
“I didn’t teach them the commands”. I just used them, because I know what you’re going through.
“Dad taught me the commands”.
“WHAT”. I screamed out. Why in the fuck would he teach that?
“I’m, sorry mama”. Tears rolling down her face.
I put my arms around her and said I know baby. The whole time my thoughts are on why, and what the hells is going on.

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