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my neighbors niece and eventually her sister

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My neighbors niece had shown up every day for 2 months I deposited at least 4 loads of sperm deep inside her every day she came over and to my surprise brought her home sister she got naked as soon as they were inside coming over to me and sliding my pants off my cock standing at attention..
We went to the bathroom her sister in tow she started hungrily suckling my cock telling her sister to put her hand at the base and move it up and down reluctantly she did as her sister sucked my cock into her throat she pulled off and pushed her sister’s mouth to my cock pinched her nose and when she opened her mouth pushing her head down onto my hard cock making her suck and slobber my member I pulled out and told her I wanted her naked her sister wasted no time stripping her I put her on her back and pushing my cock back into her mouth her sister filming I went in and out a little deeper each time hitting her throat opening she gagged and I shoved into her throat watching it bulge her sister making sure she got every bit on film her eyes filled with tears as she gasped for breath I pulled back out and spun her around burying my face between her thighs and lapping her tiny pussy and ass I told her sister to hand me the lube and I squeezed generousl amounts on my cock and into and around her tiny hairless vagina her sister held her and put her hand over her mouth telling her this part was probably really going to hurt but it’ll feel good after a little while I lunged back forward pushing into her and through her virginal barrier burying 6 inches into her her eyes overflowing with tears I pulled out and forced myself back into her with all my force getting her tiny pussy to take another half inch I raped into her over and over finally getting all the way inside she was so tight it hurt my cock but felt so good I kept raping her as hard as humanely possibly until I couldn’t hold back any more blasting my hot seed coating the inside of her no longer virgin fuckhole I pulled out and started eating her sister’s pussy I fucked her hard deep with deliberate hard jabbing stokes until I filled her overflowing her sister lying in the fetal position my seed seeping out of her brutally battered pussy and running down her ass I started playing with her messy sperm and bloody hole again she tried pulling away I pushed her to her stomach and mounted her from behind driving balls deep she sobbed and grunted as I bottomed out over and over I motioned to her sister for the lube I pulled out coated my cock and pushed against her little anal opening keeping full force pushing against it until it finally surrendered and I sank into her my balls slapping her pussy and I relentlessly raped her ass she cried and squealed as I pounded her hole.
I didn’t let up until emptying my balls deep inside her qnal cavity I pulled out and blood sperm and shit oozing out I took a shower and told her sister to clean her up make sure to use the hose to push inside her to clean her out they opened the shower door and I picked up the younger sister laying her onto the bed as she couldn’t stand or walk covering her up and she quickly fell asleep..
Her sister said she needed to owe I told her to wait a minute I grabbed a pregnancy test and made her pre on it after the amount of time passed it came up positive I had effectively done what I had planned knocking her up I told her she had to let her brothers see her little pussy knowing they would rape her she brought her sister back the next day and handed me her phone I watched her brother’s rape her repeatedly spilling their seed inside her 5 times each and then her stepfather raping her all night depositing 8 fertile loads of sperm into her as I watched I fucked her sister’s throat and then raped her again as her brothers raped her she screamed telling them it hurt and to stop.
I didn’t realize I was raping her sister harder than I ever had making her bleed again pumping her full and I kept raping her until I filled her overflowing 2 more times the came over every day both ending up pregnant and finally bringing their cousin with them.. to be continued

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  • Reply Sherry

    Sounds a little like me when I was 12 my sister helped her bf rape me.

  • Reply Uriel

    Part 3

  • Reply C

    How old are they?

    • buck naked

      13 and 10