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I Let My Real Son Have My Step Daughter Part 2

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My son is growing bold and is now able to use my step daughter properly as he should.

.. continued from Part 1 (http://funstories.ga/2022/08/30/i-let-my-real-son-have-my-step-daughter/)

Since the last teaching, Ariel had been cooperative and my so have been bold. He gropes her whenever he passes by her, enters her bathroom when she showers, watched her change clothes, etc.I was happy that he was happy and they were bonding over her body.
Hunter’s stamina was also increasing as he was lasting long when he was jerking off in his room smelling Ariel’s used panties. (Yes, I have a hole in my wall and I can watch him jerk off. I just want to make sure he is doing it right. That’s it)
One Saturday morning, When David was out of town, for a business meeting. We three were having breakfast. Hunter woke up late and reached the breakfast table late. He still had his morning wood.
“What’s that Hunter? Is it a new salute?” I pointed at the bulge in his pants. Even Ariel turned around and saw milk spilling out of her mouth. He hit her softly, “Shut up, it just happens for no reason, not laughing.” he was pulling her hair playfully.
“Well we cannot have that on the breakfast chair can be now,” I said pulling him beside Ariel.
“Ariel, you are done with your breakfast right, now stand up and bend over the table.” She knew she didn’t have much of a choice. He was wearing cotton shorts and a tank top without a bra.
“Hunter pull down your pants and rub your dick over between her thighs, trust me you will feel nice.”
Hunter immediately obeyed and lined his dick near her thigh gap. I pulled Ariel’s hands to the other side of the table and made her grip the edge. Hunter was trying to thrust his dick into her bend body but was not able to understand what to do exactly.
“Here, let me give you a hand.” I held his thin dick and inserted it between Ariel’s soft white thighs, just below where her cotton shorts ended. I lifted them a little so that Hunter didn’t have to crouch a lot. I pushed her thighs close, she understood and brought her legs to close, gripping his dick between her thighs. He started to thrust her with a lot of speed. He held the top elastic band of her shorts and was jerking to and fro. It was a beautiful site. The morning sun was beaming in the window, My son’s head was tilted back in pleasure and Ariel was head down in submission soaking the morning sun. What else could a mother want?
Suddenly, he stopped, we were uncomfortable. He pulled his dick out.
“What happened? Is it rough?” I asked. He nodded. “Wait a minute” I spit on my hand and rubbed it all over his tiny cock. I did it again. It was not lubricated dripping my saliva. He then inserted his dick again in between her thighs. Much better I guess.
He bent over and fondled her breast and held her tightly for a better grip. He was doing so well. The sound of his naked body thrusting against her soft thighs and the table making the jerking sound. It was like music to ears. I bent over to see under the table how his dick was doing. It was hard and glistening.
Then he came and dropped a huge load on the floor below the table. He was tired and lay on her back and rested for a couple of seconds before getting up and running to me to hug her.
“Wait wait wait, I don’t want you to drip your cum on my yoga pants.” So I held his dick from behind the shaft and with a quick motion collected the remaining cum in my palm. “There you go.” I kissed his forehead as he hugged me tight.
“Now go and wash your dick and sit down.” He collected his kissed Ariel on her head from behind as she sat down on her chair and ran away.
I licked my hand clean and completed my coffee. “Ariel before you leave, please clean the mess under the table. Young boys are soooo messy” I laughed.

In the Evening, all three were watching a horror movie with the lights off, in the living room. Not going to lie it scared the shit off me. I was afraid even to go to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Hunter too was afraid. Ariel was the only one not afraid, making fun of and scaring us even after the movie was over. It was getting late and took Hunter to put down to bed. He was not able to sleep. I told him that I told him a bedtime story. He agreed, but still, he was not able to sleep. “Why ain’t you sleeping?”
He replied, “I.. I usually, jerk off and go to sleep”.
“Do you want me to leave?” I asked.
“No, I’m afraid. “
“So go ahead you jerk off while I read you the story.”
“Actually it’s not that same since my pepe has felt Ariel’s soft body. My hand does not give the same pleasure.”
“I understand, wait….. Ariel” I shouted.
She came running to the room “You called?”
“Yes, sit beside your brother….Now pull his pants down to his knees……good now jerk him off to sleep while reading him a story.” I commanded. She obeyed as it is.
Hunter knew he was in charge around mom so he took the liberty to fondle her soft boobs while she jerked with her soft hands. Since it was night time she was not wearing any bra again. It was a fun time for my dear Hunter.
“Don’t be rude, spit on it” I said to Ariel stopping the reading in between.
“I don’t know or have any spit right now.”
“Remove your hands…aagh thuuuu.” I spit on his dick. “There you go now you continue” She did as her hands made a slurpy sound while she jerked my son off.
Hunter was feeling so good he was starting to doze off. Then he came and his hands fell from her boobs. My angel was asleep.
There was cum all over Ariel’s hands and Hunter’s crotch area. “You go ahead and clean yourself and so to bed. I will clean him and tuck him inside and leave.”
Ariel left. I closed the book slowly and placed it on the nightstand. There was substantial cum on his crotch. I slowly leaned forward and licked his belly clean. There was more around his dick so I shifted his dick from left to right and licked it clean then I repeated all around until he was completely clean. His cum tasted way better than his dad’s. I pulled his pants back on, cover him with sheets, switched off the light, and left. I was at peace that my baby is happy a good night.

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  • Reply Polska-Lith ID:aly275d3

    Hey,maybe you shouldn’t let your underage son fuck your underage step daughter, it’s illegal and technically rape,you abuse her and it’s so morally wrong,please go to a therapist.

  • Reply Ryan ID:5u0x8z0m99

    That was a very hot story wish I could fuck her
    If it’s a possibility message me on kik

    • Phil Butler ID:1idz4hgf8rb

      My wife been fucking other men for 4 years now. I don’t care I just found out cause she left her computer side open and emails already arranged sex meets at our condo when I’m working. Saw her alias email also she’s using.

      [email protected]

    • anon ID:1idyw1q0hri

      you are hella stupid it’s a fictional story retard