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Is her daughter watching me? Part 3

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Sammie takes the game a step further… is it a step too far?

I left Part 2 where Sammie had just made me cum whilst I pretended to be asleep. Well, after that we both actually drifted off to sleep and I awoke about 30mins later. Sammie had rolled over to face the other way, freeing my arm so I could get out of bed without disturbing her. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up the dried cum, went to the loo, had a shower and, with a towel around my waist, I went back to my bedroom. Sammie had woke up whilst I was in the bathroom and gone back to her own room, this allowed me to dress in private then make my way down stairs.

Sunday morning coffee on the hot plate, bread in the toaster, a smile on my face and some of my favourite music playing on the radio…. did I mention that my girlfriends 14yr old daughter had just made me cum whilst I was ‘sleeping’? What a morning, I was positively giddy.
Then I heard Sammie skipping down the stairs, through the living room and into the kitchen…
“Good morning” I say to her as she comes through the door.
“Oh, morning”, she stops in her tracks, looking a little shady and sheepish, “You’re in a good mood this morning”
“Yes, well I had this really nice dream” I say.
“Oh really? What about?” Sammie asks,
“Well I don’t think it’s something I can discuss with my girlfriends young daughter, if I’m honest” I say with a grin.
“Urgh, you are disgusting” she replies as her face turns bright red, she is clearly being defensive and obviously thinks that I was asleep earlier and don’t know that she was playing with my cock whilst I only pretended to be asleep.
“Coffee?” I ask
“Yes, please”

I decide not to tell her that I know what happened, I don’t even tease the subject anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was very enjoyable and maybe Sammie might try to repeat it if she thinks I don’t know. So mum’s the word, I say nothing.

The days go by and work is very boring but by Friday evening I’m sat on the couch with a cold beer and just chilling out, looking forward to my weekend off. Its about 6.30pm and Jo is cooking dinner in the kitchen. Sammie came in about 10minutes ago, she had gone straight to a friends from school for a couple of hours. She comes running downstairs and bursts in to the living room, “Mum, what we having for dinner?” Sammie shouts through to the kitchen, she grabs the remote, switches on the TV and starts flicking through trying to find something to watch. She walks to the kitchen door as she’s doing this and they have a chat that I can’t hear. Sammie has changed out of her school clothes and has a t-shirt nightie on, looks like she’s ready to chill as well. Sammie skips back towards the main living room area and plonks herself down on the floor, lays down on her belly resting on her elbows, knees bent and swaying her feet back and forth. She is right in front of me and I can almost see up her nightie from my seated position.
Jo fetches my dinner out to me on a tray so I can rest in my chair while eating and as Jo is walking away Sammie turns to look at me and as she does she twists her body slightly and her legs part. I look up and immediately see that she is not wearing any underwear, her bald pussy is right there in front of me. I stop myself and break my stare, look up at Sammie face and she looks me in the eyes, she knows I’ve seen her twat and she squints her eyes at me in a catty way as if to say how dare you, but she leaves her legs parted for a second longer before closing them and turning back to the TV. My cock is semi hard as her mum returns with Sammies dinner and places it on the floor beside her.
“Here’s your dinner, sweetie” Jo says “Fish fingers, chips and beans, just what you asked for”
“Thanks mum” Sammie replies as she turns to look at me again, again allowing her legs to part and watching my eyes to see if I look again. I don’t look, I smile as I look her in the eye and then look down to tuck in to my dinner. How I didn’t look at her sweet little pussy I’ll never know, I must have more control than I thought. We all finish our dinners, watch TV for a bit and eventually go to bed.
I wake yet again to the sound of Jo’s alarm, she gets ready for work, kisses me, gives my cock a squeeze and she’s gone.
I’m almost excited, not knowing if anything will happen but thinking it might. I get up and go to the loo, while I’m there I decide to remove my pyjama shorts and walk back to my room naked, maybe I’ll bump into Sammie on the way. No such luck, I go back to bed disappointed. I lay there in bed and drift in to a half sleep state, my mind is playing through possibilities and things that happened last weekend with Sammie. I’m dreaming about Jo, she is riding me nice and slow, I can almost feel every ripple inside her pussy sucking my cock as she raises up and then slides back down…. CLICK, a door handle…. I snap back from my dream, I’m rock hard, tip-toes are coming down the hall.
“Pretend to be asleep again” I think to myself, “Sammie’s about to play with my cock again”
As I fake a slight snore the door to my room opens slowly, Sammie sneaks in, walks to the other side of the bed, her mums side. She slowly and gently pulls the duvet back and climbs in to bed, I move slightly as if she’s disturbed my sleep and she lays completely still til she’s convinced herself that I’m asleep. 5 mins pass, 10mins… the game is on, her hand moves on to my stomach and she wastes no time lowering it immediately down to my dick, but she hesitates when she realises that I’m completely naked this time. I think it shocked her a bit to think she’s in bed with a completely naked man, her hand slowly begins to caress my manhood and I fake a sleepy moan, like I’m having a sex dream. Sammie seems to like this and wraps her fingers around my shaft and moves her hand up and down, wanking me. Oh my god, it feels nice, her skin is so soft and tender. She continues this for 2-3 mins then stops, releases my cock and with the same hand she lifts the duvet slightly, I think she’s trying to get a better look as she moves her head and places it on my lower belly. The duvet is up to my chest so at this point she is completely under the quilt and staring at my hard prick, she takes a hold of it once again only this time her hand is more towards the base. She lifts it and before I realise what is happening she moves her head forward and the tip of my cock is in her mouth… WHAT IN THE NAME OF HOLY FUCK!!! My cock is in my girlfriends daughters 14yr mouth, Oh it feels so good… NO, I can’t do this, this is definitely a step too far. Letting her play with my cock is one thing but indulging in oral sex…. NO, NO, NO… absolutely nooo oooh, “MMMMM” a huge moan expels itself from deep in my chest, my eyes are wide open but she can’t see I’m awake. Her mouth is the best thing I’ve ever felt on my dick, it feels out of this world, it’s so wrong. I reach down with my hand and place it on Sammie’s head, I’m not sure why, maybe I plan to stop her but as I she feels my hand she stops and I’m almost disappointed, I realise then that I don’t want this to stop. My hand pushes her head down and another inch or two of cock disappears into her mouth, “Ooouuhhh” I don’t know what this nose is but it comes from me as her lips wrap around my shaft and her tongue is doing tricks around my cock. I try to keep up the pretence of still being asleep but I’m not sure it’s possible anymore. My other hand reaches down to her lower back and I pull her nightie up to reveal her cute little arse. I rest my hand on Sammie’s bum with my middle finger resting right in this crevice, my best guess is that my finger tip is above her arsehole but it’s as far as I can reach without making it obvious that I’m awake. Sammie works her mouth around my cock, her inexperience is clear but her youthful skin and enthusiasm makes up for the lack of skill, also the taboo of it all just adds to the excitement. Just then Sammie shifts her butt up slightly so that my hand slips further round towards the rear of her upper thighs, I have a moderate amount of pressure on my middle finger, and as she moves my fingertip brushes over her arsehole and ends up right between her pussy lips. And oh she is wet, so fucking wet… so wet that my finger slides easily and almost into her snatch. I decide not to push it and just let my finger rest there without trying to penetrate her. My cock is tingling in her mouth and I know I’m only a minute or two away from spewing my seed into her throat. Her lips are now tracing back and forward along my shaft, she’s only taking about half my cock buts it’s enough. She starts to rock her backside back and forth, up and down, I don’t force it but I maintain the moderate pressure with my finger and this helps her slide her pussy lips up and down my finger as it slips from her hole up to her clit and back, she let’s out a little moan and I feel it hum against my cock, my cock jerks from this unexpected sensation and she spots this and hums again, she is learning, she is experimenting. My cock is bulging in her mouth, pulsing and flexing… I can’t help it, I try to hold back but I have no chance, she doesn’t know it but she has control of me completely and I erupt, my hips jerk up and force another couple of inches into her mouth and my cock-end lodges at the top of her throat just as my spunk shoots out, she shallows the first spurt but I instinctively pull back, I can’t cum in this little girls mouth, what’s the matter with me? She pushes forward with her head fighting me as I try to pull back, she let’s go of my cock with her hand and reaches round my thigh and pulls in, affectively stopping me from pulling out and she forces back her arse again just as my finger is on her hole allowing it to slip into her pussy, just up to the first knuckle and she sighs on my cock.
“OH my GOd, mMMMmm… what the fuck, I’m cumming” the words just pile out of my mouth as my sperm fills hers, she freezes as she hears my voice but she maintains her grip on my thigh and keeps my cock in her mouth. I’m jerking and squirming and cumming in her as she tries to swallow it all. I sense that she’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights and as I come down from the ecstasy she let’s my cock fall from her mouth… “You’re awake aren’t you?” she says quietly but she doesn’t move an inch.
I breathe in and out and say “Yes I’m awake”… I withdraw my finger from her pussy as I say it and she let’s out a little moan by accident.
“That was very naughty of you, do you know how much trouble you are in? I say faking my anger.
“Sorry…. I’m really sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise” she squeals as she sits up but still staring at my cock, I don’t think she dare look me in the eye. “Please don’t tell mum”
“OK, I won’t. But how would you like it if I put my head between your legs while you were sleeping and did that to you? Eh?”
Sammie looks at me finally and a slight grin appears on her face, ” I don’t know, I guess it would… I wouldn’t like it, maybe, I mean I don’t know, please don’t be mad” Sammie stumbles over her sentence…
“Right, well we will see won’t we?” I say,
“I guess so” Sammie says as she looks down at my cock again in fake shame, a grin giving her away.

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