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My sleeping daughter

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So this happened a quick back story

In 2008 when my daughter Alice was 14 34c size 12 she was a heathy play volleyball was good in class got home after school played on the playstation had her tea went to bed

Tony my son is a boy 12 size 34 also does well at school football gets home plays out with his mates just does topical boy stuff

As for me 36 36dd size 16 a bit chubby my husband ranaway when the accident happens he could not handle it but that’s on him money is tight but we make do

To the storie I was at work when I got the phone call my daughter had been injured I rushed to the a&e my husband met me and told me it was bad I rushed to her bed side she was a sleep but not in a coma and son come to the bed side and just started to cry my husband said he had to go back to work and he would see us at home.

I won’t bore you with the details in the hospital because not much happened it started when I got her home she was still past out she wakes up for about 4 or 5 hours a day she could talk and move about but spend all the other time a sleep I had to do everything for her . feed her washed her and even had to put her in a diaper/nappy she spent most of the time in a t shirt bottom half in a diaper my husband at this point had gone

I was keeping my son busy so he did not worry I made sure he had this tea and did his homework and took a shower he was a good boy he helped me with the houswork he told me he could help me Alice I said it was ok because I was keeping her dignity as he was in his room I went into Alice’s room to check on her and to change her diaper I cleaned her area and made sure she was powed and on for the flash diper and covered her over checked on my son and went to bed the nexted morning I woke up to my daughter on the sofa naked her clothes was no where to be seen she was covered in love bites and when I check Ed her pussy it was full of spunk dropping out of her on the sofa I was so mad as I was not sure what had gone on I shouted my son he came in. In his PJs I told him to pull down his pants he did his cock was massively big and rock hard I told him did you have sex with your sister he said no thats wrong do you know that’s been going on and just then he said that dad has been sneaking in at night as he has no where to live. That afternoon I changed the lock told my husband to come nowhere near us he left town because I told him I would get the police lucky for my daughter she had her time and we went from there I was changing my daughter I shaved her pussy I got turned on and put my hand in my panties and started to finger fuck my self and touching hers cute pink taco she was so wet she was dripping on the bed I licked Evey dripp I was so wet my self I left and got my dildo and my butt plug I but dildo and butt plug in my daughter i was having the time of my life I pulled everything out and put her diper on I will wash her later I am going to make dinner I say down to talk to my son I had an idea I son was going to turn 13 and had never had a girlfriend I had seen panties his room they was mine or his sisters he had masturbated in then he was shy and tryed to leave to go to his room I told him to come to me he sat nexted me and hugged me I then his mouth was near my nipple he asked me what it was so I showed him the nexted thing I knew he was sucking my nipples I was in the middle of breastfeeding him milk was coming out and I was getting wet in my panties again I started to toss him off and one thing leas to another and then we was having sex

4 mouths later I was pregnant and so was Alice my son had worked his magic looks like I am going to have my work cut out

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  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:3zxjmhgw20d

    Hope you and your daughter have baby girls.. [email protected]

  • Reply prednisonejew ID:g4sb4fyqi

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Many errors, not enough details. But would have loved more details on him breeding you and your daughter

  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    Not enough detail