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Darkness in the Motel

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A boring night staffing the motel reception turns into a night I’ll never forget. Seduced by one muscular black guy, whored out to another 2.

I had graduated High School but I’d spent the last 3 years trying to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I hadn’t really found anything and that manifested itself to a road-trip, in which I inevitably ended up broke and so, here I found myself. Motel Long Road. Yeah, that is what it’s called. Creative, I know. While the name of this Motel lacked imagination, the description was accurate. A straight, long-ass road from some town in the middle of nowhere to some other town, one would assume.

I’d stayed here briefly when my friends and I were passing through. I noticed that they were hiring through a sign at the reception, and I must’ve made a mental note. For it was only 1 week later when the last of the cash I’d saved up had been totally spent and I was 100% broke. Jenny and Lauren, my two co-travellers, had offered to lend me money, but how could I pay it back? I couldn’t. It was delaying the inevitable. They kindly dropped me here, Motel Long Road, and stayed the night to make sure I was fine. That was nice of them. They were up in Canada now, and had said they’d be back in 3 months when I’d saved some more money so the road trip could continue. That was the master plan, anyway.

The Motel was owned by Bob and Shelly. They were a sweet old couple, but hella forgetful. It made working for them easy, but sometimes frustrating as neither of them could remember what they’d done or where they’d put things. It did make me laugh, though, and they were exceptionally kind to me. I often took the night shift, it was easier and Bob and Shelly were easily into their mid 70s, so it was not easy for them to stay awake. I didn’t mind, it was relatively easy work. The people passing through the Motel were largely unnoticeable. Truckers mostly, travellers occasionally. Nobody really gave me any trouble, the odd innocent flirt by a trucker, but nobody had tried to kidnap me just yet. As the weather warmed and the necessity for less clothing coverage took hold, there were some lustful glances, but nothing over the top. I liked the attention anyway, being based so far away from civilization, at least it felt that way, this was the most male attention I was getting for the foreseeable.

Bob and Shelly had only one rule; no prostitutes, escorts or other such sex workers. This had made me laugh when they first told me, not so much when I had to refuse them a room. You’d think being so far away from town that nobody would bother coming, but quite the opposite. Away from the men’s wives, I would assume. The sex workers themselves are the hardest to deal with. They shout, scream and insult me with a viciousness unmatched by any man. I feel they truly hate me when I tell them they can’t hire a room. I cried after the first barrage of rage from a prostitute, thankfully after they’d already left. Subsequent visits had rendered me immune, an emotionless, stone-hearted merciless reception lady. Or so I told myself.

It was already the start of Summer when a big group of guys, 2 minibuses full, stopped at 11 pm. It was already long dark when one guy came to the reception. “You got rooms?”, the man shouted over the car park as he approached. “Sorry, sir, we don’t give out rooms after 9”, I replied, pointing to the sign. “Oh come on now girl, we not hustlin’ or doing anything, we had a bad day and got delayed, we got 12 dudes here that need some sleep”. I glanced over to the two parked mini-buses, lit dimly by our car park lights. There was one black dude, stretching his legs. I looked back at the man in front of me, a mid-aged black man with sunglasses in the dark. I sighed. “OK, look, I’ll do you a favour”. The relief on the man’s face was obvious. “Thanks girl, I owe you one”, the man smiled. “$100 a night per room, how many of you again sir?” I asked politely. “12”, the man replied. “Please fill this out….per person, I need IDs for all”, I explained as we went through the paperwork. As he filled out the forms, I gathered the keys and joined the man outside. “Ready?”, I asked. “Lead the way missy”, the man, who I now knew was Jay, smiled.

Jay shouted at his fellow travellers and they started to walk over to the rooms we were headed towards. “Room 8”, I dangled the keys in front of Jay, he took them and assigned it to the first of his party. “Roo…”,I began, before I was interrupted, “Dang Jay”, a tall skinny black man patted Jay on the back, “You never told me these rooms come with a sexy white bitch too”, he roared with laughter and Jay smiled. I had an expression on my face that said exactly ‘Fuck you asshole’ without needing to speak the words. “He’s just messing”, Jay tried to explain, as I handed over the keys for Room 9, “T, apologise to this young lady here”. ‘T’ grabbed the keys from Jay, smiling, “I’m sorry baby girl, but serious though, if you need some lovin’ tonight, come my way and I show that fine white ass a gooooood time baby”, T was moving his hips in the style of love making and laughing in a high pitched voice. The rest of the party joined the laughter, except Jay who tried to remain cordial. He shrugged nonchalantly. We continued with the rest of the rooms with only flirtatious smiles and nothing else. I noticed Jay’s expression was stern, especially with the younger members of his party.

After completing the key handover, I bid them a pleasant stay and a good nights sleep, retaining my professionalism at all times. Inside, I was seething. I walked quickly back to my booth/office, locked it, and drew down the blinds. “Assholes”, I said out loud as I turned on the TV and flicked through Netflix. It was only 5 minutes before I heard a knock at the door. I sighed, peaking through the blinds and noticing Jay. I rolled my eyes and opened the blinds and notching the hatch to talk, “How can I help you Sir?”, I smiled, on the outside. “Hey, look, I’m sorry about the way my friend talked to you…”, he began. “It’s no problem, sir, no offence taken”, I interrupted him. I don’t think Jay believed me. He paused, glancing at my face, “he’s just trying to make his friends laugh, he didn’t think it might hurt your feelings…”, he continued, with a tender look on his face. I didn’t reply. “Is there anything else I can help you with Sir?”, I retorted, passively-aggressively. Jay sighed and wished me good night.

I heard one of the mini-buses start and drive out the parking lot. ‘If he brings prostitutes back, I’m calling the police’ I thought. These night shifts could be largely boring, I don’t really know why Bob and Shelly insisted we must do them. I settled into watching a good series on Netflix, but just as I had, another knock on the door. “Seriously!”, I blurted. Opening the blinds, then the hatch, Jay was again stood there. I smiled. ‘Professional voice, professional voice’ I repeated to myself in my head. “How can I help you Sir?”, I asked. “I just wanted to offer you this, as a gift from us, to apologise”, Jay spoke quietly, extending a bottle of wine. I glanced at it, back to Jay. I rolled my eyes, the professional mask slipping. Jay smiled noticeable as I unlocked the door.

“Come in”, I said, failing to resist the urge to return Jay’s smile. “It’s the finest wine, from er….”, Jay said , glancing at the bottle. “From the finest liquor store, 30 minutes down the road”, I finished. Jay laughed. “It is very much appreciated though, it’s a 1 hour round trip”, I admitted. “I have a confession”, Jay began. I didn’t respond, but gave a nodding ‘Go on’ motion with my face. “I did buy this bottle for you, but, this…”, Jay produced an identical bottle from his bag, “I wondered if you’d share with me”. I was a bit taken aback, and was in two minds. “I’m working, I can’t”, I responded slowly. “Yeah, you looking mighty busy”, Jay smiled, nodding at the Netflix. I smiled. Jay was a well built, 6 ft something black man. He wore a plain black shirt, tight enough to show his muscular physique below.

“I have no glasses”, I admitted. Luckily it was a screw top, too, I thought. “Jay opened the bottle, and gestured towards me, “Ladies first”, he said. I took the bottle and took a large gulp of the sweet nectar. “It’s actually real good”, I said, wiping my mouth and passing the bottle to Jay. He took a swig, but maintained eye contact with me throughout, it was only me that broke that. “So, what brings you here at this time, when you were obviously tired? I’m flattered by the apology and wine, but I don’t think you’re here purely for that”. Jay smiled. “I’m glad you asked, Ms…?”. “Carlie”, I said. “Nice to meet you Carli, I’m Jay”, he said, extending his hand. “You’re quite right with your suspicions. You see, my friend T, he is an asshole”, Jay explained, relaxing on the sofa and spreading his arms, “but he’s not blind”, Jay offered me the wine and I gladly accepted. “What T saw was exactly what I saw, a mighty fine, pretty-ass white girl”. I almost spat the wine out in shock.

“I’m sorry?!”, I said. Jay attempted to sooth over the tension by touching my shoulder gently, “it’s cool chill, that’s my way of complimenting your looks. How you white people put it, ‘You look positively stunning today'”, Jay said, with his best British accent. We both laughed. “Well thank-you, I guess”, I smiled. “and look”, Jay continued, “I been with these hairy assholes for 5 days now, and if I can spend 20 minutes looking at your pretty face and not their asses, you better believe I’m going to take it”. I smiled and nodded. We chatted, small-talk mostly. Where he was going, what he was doing, how long I’d been here, the usual things. The wine was going down smoothly.

Jay opened up the second bottle. “May I?”, he asked. I nodded. Inspecting the bottle quizzingly, “So Carlie, I bet your sex life not doing a whole lotta anything working here, right?”, Jay glanced at me. “Wha?”, I started. “What I mean is, I don’t suppose many men come through here that can treat you right, you feel me?”, Jay explained. “Not quite.”, I retorted, embarrassed slightly. “Let me put it plainly, nobody passing through here going to be fucking your fine ass”. We both laughed, before I gathered myself. “No, no, I don’t see much action here, if that’s what you mean”, I laughed, “and you?” I asked politely. “Divorced”, he said. “I’m sorry”, I began, struggling to think what else to say. “Don’t be. It means I get to sit here with you sexy girl”, Jay smiled.

He was obviously flirting, but like he said, there wasn’t much male attention around anyway, so I enjoyed the attention. Jay shuffled closer to me, “Carlie baby”, he whispered, “ever been with a black man?”. I smiled, uncomfortably, “No”, I said. Jay looked directly in my eyes, leaning in close, “Ever kissed one?”, he asked. I hadn’t, but his piercing gaze kept my focus on him. He leaned in, giving me a deep kiss with his lips and resting his arm across my shoulder. He was a fantastic kisser. As he broke the kiss, he looked longingly into my eyes, “Now you have”, he smiled. I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned into him and continued the kiss. He tasted amazing, and smelled even better.

Jay stood up, pulling me up with him, as we stood facing one another. He caressed my face. “I have a big weakness for pretty white girls and pretty white girls with blonde hair and blue eyes like you send me crazy”, he said, kissing my lips gently. “How old are you baby girl”, he asked. “22”, I replied. He grinned, taking a step back and eyeing my body. “Skinny and sexy. How did T put it….”, he stepped closer, pulling me into his embrace, “22 year old sexy-ass white bitch”, then he slapped my ass forcefully and laughed. Jay removed his top, revealing his well-defined muscles. He stretched his muscular arms out, toned, black, strong. Jay spun me around abruptly, then hugging me from behind as we kissed. His hand slid to my waste, removing the zip keeping my skirt up as he roughly lowered it to the floor, my black lace undies now exposed. His hand lowered into them, rubbing my clit and teasing my lips. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of him rubbing me, as I let my head fall back. Jay nibbled at my exposed neck as he teased me with his fingers. Jay’s other hand now explored my body, grabbing my boobs through my t-shirt, stroking my thighs as I moaned at him teasing my clit.

Forcefully Jay threw me onto the couch. “What the f…”, I began to complain, before Jay covered my lips with his finger. He grabbed my legs, sliding me down and removed my undies, before parting my legs. “Now imma taste that sexy white pussy”, Jay informed me sternly, before kneeling down and planting his mouth around my lower lips. “Ohhhh”, I moaned as his tongue licked and lapped my juices and around my clit. He expertly teased and caressed my pussy with his tongue, bringing ever increasing moans from me. When he inserted his fingers too, it sent me over the edge. My fingers and nails dug into his shoulders and arms as I screamed louder. After a few rounds of his fingers sliding inside me and his tongue working my clit, I orgasmed like never before.

“Fuck”, I whispered, breathing heavily, “That was… amazing”. Jay smiled, “You taste amazing baby girl, I love the taste of young pussy”, Jay grinned. “I can’t believe you made me orgasm from oral”, I said, breathless. Jay look puzzled, “You not telling me those boys you been with not made you scream by licking yo’ pussy?”, Jay saw by my face that I genuinely hadn’t, “fuck girl, you been choosing the wrong white boys”, he said, pulling me to my feet. “What your sexy ass needs, is somebody that can treat you like a princess one minute”, he kissed me deeply and I could taste myself on his tongue, “and his slut the next”, he span me around, slapped my ass hard, bent me over and licked my asshole. Jay pulled me up by the arms. “So you’re my princess baby girl, but you also my white bitch, you feel me?”. I nodded, somewhat unsure. “Good, now take that t-shirt off baby girl”. I did, placing it lightly on the table. “Turn around”. I did. He undid my bra, roughly, snapping and breaking it, spinning me around and sucking my perk, but small breasts.

Jay kissed me again, playing again with my pussy as he probed me and I was getting wet again at his touch. I lowered my hand and touched his obvious bulge in his shorts. As we kissed, I unbuttoned him and let his shorts drop to the floor. I bent down, gripping the waist of his boxer shorts as I did, and lowering them to the floor. “Fuck”, I proclaimed, shocked. Jay roared with laughter. “It’s, it’s…. fucking huge”, I exclaimed. “Don’t tell me yo’ pretty ass never heard the thing about black dudes and their dicks”, Jay teased. “I did, but, oh my god, I didn’t expect this size”, I said, my mouth opened in shock and awe at the size of it. I started jerking him off, with 2 hands, inspecting his huge meat. “Thatta girl”, Jay said, relaxing, his hands on his head, “Suck that dick”. I did, placing the head in my mouth at first, then slowly taking a little more in as I sucked on bobbed on his dick. As I was sucking, Jay placed his hand at the back of my head at the base of my ponytail, guiding me onto his dick. Slowly, he increased the pressure on the back of my head, in addition to using his hips to thrust his dick deeper down my throat. I gagged and spluttered.

Jay withdrew his dick from my mouth, and picked me up by the torso. “Clear the table”, he barked, slapping my ass. I did, but was confused as to why. “On your back”, he ordered, swigging wine. “You’re not well practiced on taking big black dick”, he waved his flag pole manfully, “That a fair assumption?”, he queried. I nodded, as I lay down on my back. He pulled me by the head, so my head was now dangling slightly off the side of the table. He stood, dick erect and menacingly strolled forward, slapping my face with his massive cock. He stopped, pointing his dick at my mouth as I opened up and he entered my mouth slowly. He grabbed both sides of my head and thrust forward with his massive cock. It hurt. It hurt like something I’d never experienced. I gagged, cried, spluttered, screamed. It mattered little, Jay kept my head deepthroating his enormous dick.

Finally he withdrew, I coughed, spluttered, but when I tried to get up off the table, Jay stopped me. “Again”, he commanded. “I can’t…”, I began, trying to get up. Forcefully he pushed me back down, grabbed my head and impaled my throat on his dick again. This time he never let up, he kept going, thrust after thrust, until my entire makeup mixed with tears streamed over my face. Finally, after what felt like hours, I became accustomed to the throat fucking I was taking, and gagging decreased significantly. With his dick deep in my throat, Jay reached over and slapped my pussy hard. “Fucking sexy bitch”, he said, slapping away at me. Then he withdrew and I lay there, exhausted. I didn’t move.

Jay came over, bent down so he was at my eye level, smiled and kissed me. “You are one fine ass white bitch”, he grinned. He helped me to my feet, slapping my ass. He walked over to the couch, beckoning me over. I followed. “Gimme that pretty pussy baby, I want to taste you”. He grabbed me, getting me into position and sitting me down on his face. He licked at me with a hunger, ravaging my pussy with his lips and tongue. I naturally bent forward, taking his dick again in my mouth. I moaned, with his dick in my mouth, deep throating him once again. As he teased and probed me again closer and closer to orgasm, he stopped, and launched me off his body. I fell on the floor.

As I tried to climb back to my feet, Jay pushed me down with his own foot and pinned me to the floor. He moved to my legs, kicking my legs open wider and positioning himself between them. He picked me up, onto all 4s and he pushed my head down but kept my ass wide in the air. “You want to be fucked?”, Jay asked, slapping my ass. Oh, I couldn’t wait for it. I wanted him to fuck me more than anything I’d ever wanted. “Yes”, I replied meekly. “Beg”, he ordered. “What?”. “Beg, beg for me to fuck you with this big black dick”. “Please Jay, please fuck me”, I said warily. “You can call me daddy”, Jay said softly. “Please, daddy, fuck me with your big dick”, I said. Jay slapped my ass and pussy, I felt the stinging as I continued to beg him to fuck me. “Fine, slut, I’ll fuck your white pussy”, he said.

He rubbed his dick around my moist mound, lubing himself up naturally. “Hold tight baby girl, here comes daddy”, Jay laughed as he pushed himself into me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I whimpered, as his big, thick dick slowly filled me. “Take it”, Jay said. Slowly, he thrusted in and out of me, a little more at a time. Eventually, over 5-10 minutes, Jay had managed to fit pretty much all of himself inside me.
“I love that you come with your own blonde fuck handle”, Jay said, wrapping my ponytail up in his fist, forcing my head back. “Now Imma ride”, he said, immediately slamming into me and thrusting hard and fast, increasing the pace with every thrust. “F…..u……..u……u…..”, I moaned, as my legs were shaking as I orgasmed on Jays dick, my legs buckling underneath me. Jay didn’t stop though, and further fucked me into the floor.

Suddenly, I heard a loud but low muffled sound coming from outdoors. I couldn’t make out who it was, and as I tried to get up, Jay pinned me down. “It’s T”, he laughed, “That man don’t miss a trick”, he laughed further. Fuck, I thought. Not him again. I could hear him getting louder and louder, then I spotted him peering in, watching Jay fuck me. I couldn’t have him making so much noise outside, it could ruin the business, I thought. I need to let him in. Fuck. Fuck. “Can we let him in?”, I asked Jay. He laughed, “sure girl, as you want”. He withdrew from me, slapping my ass.

I clambered to my feet and walked over to the door, still naked, unlocking the door. T stepped through, laughing. “Fuck my man, I knew you be in here fucking this white bitch”, he laughed, slapping my ass. I gave him a scorned look. “Don’t be angry bitch, I knew you were a cock hungry whore the second I saw you. I know that white girl look when she need a big black dick in her”, he laughed, grabbing and pulling me, which I swatted away. “Feisty bitch this one bro, how’d you tame her?”, T smiled, exchanging handshakes with Jay. “You know I have my ways”, Jay smiled. “Give me a go on her Jay, I’m all horny up in here and need a release”, T said, groping his crotch. “You better ask the girl”, Jay hinted, nodding in my direction. “Pfffttt”, T grumbled, “You wanting another black dick, whore?”, T said. “I was good with just Jay”, I said assertively, stepping further away from T, but T had other ideas, striding forward with his long legs. He was tall, taller than Jay, easily 6 ft 4, but skinny and lean. A similar age, I thought. He grabbed me roughly by the arm and pulled me into him, spinning me around and wrapping his long arms around my naked body as I squirmed to get away. “You like to tease?”, T tormented, fondling my tits roughly. “Get off me”, I struggled. T gripped me firmly and he inserted two fingers into my pussy which caused me to gasp in shock, and freeze. “Mmmm you like that, slut”, T said mockingly, his fingers thrusting in and out of me. “No, it…”, I objected weakly as T dug his fingers deeper inside me. T eventually withdrew his fingers, sniffing them and inserting them in his mouth. “Mmmmmm, my favorite smell and taste, white girl pussy”, T laughed.

“You know T, I love ya brother, but we were in the middle of something…”, Jay rose his voice, jerking his big dick and stepping towards us. T laughed. “You want your bitch back, huh?”. T grabbed my tits, shaking them roughly. I didn’t even flinch in protest. “I still gotta nut”, Jay smiled, swinging his dick. “You know I love you brother”, Jay began before T interrupted, “Bitch got 3 holes, I’m sure we can fill 2 of them”. Jay smiled, “Just the two?” he joked. T laughed, inserting his finger into my mouth and creating a fish hook, pulling me back into him. T straightened his finger, inserting another into my mouth and straight down my throat, which I naturally gagged on. “She suck dick”, T asked bluntly. “She’s training”, Jay said. T plunged his fingers back down my throat, leaving them there for a few seconds. I gagged, but less. “She’ll be trained alright”, T threatened, fish-hooking me again and pulling me around to face him.

T grabbed my face firmly with one hand, his massive tongue licking all up my face in one swoop, his eyes filled with lust as he inserted his tongue down my throat. T grabbed me by the back of my head, undoing my pony tail and wrapping my loose hair around his fist before pushing me down onto my knees and pulling me into his crotch, gyrating on my face. T lowered his pants in one motion, a skinny, long black dick announcing itself with a bob in front of my face. Like him, I thought, long and skinny. Probably just smaller than Jay, but not as girthy. I took him in my hand and opened my mouth, taking his dick into my throat. “Fucking whore”, T cried in pleasure, releasing my hair and putting both his hands on the back of my head, face fucking me roughly, timing his hip thrusts so his dick hit right at the back of my throat.

My legs disappeared from under me, and I grabbed the closest thing I could, T’s cock in this case, as he slid out my throat. “What the…”, I yelled as my legs were hoisted in the air. Jay picked me up and his mouth smothered my pussy. I supported myself desperately on his thick, muscular thighs and his dick pointed out accusingly at me. “Come on Jay, I was enjoying that mouth”, T joked. I took Jay’s dick in my mouth as he continued eating me out. “Looks like she has her mouth full”, Jay glanced cheekily. “Yeah, fucking slut, still got one hole free though”. I suddenly felt a wet finger force its way inside my asshole. “Fuck! What are… FUCK!” I screamed in pain. “Bitch don’t do anal?”, T asked Jay. I felt Jay shrug. “NO, bitch don’t do anal”, I yelled. “Bitch don’t do anal YET”, T snorted, with both men laughing and T still fingering my asshole.

Jay gently laid me on the floor, rolled me over and knelt between my spayed legs, bringing my hips up so I was on all fours. He slapped my ass and put his big dick inside me. “Fuck”, I panted, Jay sliding his big dick into me, as I pushed back, encouraging him to fill me entirely, right to the base of his dick. “That’s my baby girl”, Jay whispered, slapping my ass once again, gripping my hips, fucking me harder and harder with every thrust. I moaned loudly. I had barely noticed T kneel down in front of me, until he grabbed my hair and pulled me my head up to be staring at his long dick. I could do little else, my hands firmly on the floor to stop me from collapsing as Jay rode me, and my mouth agape moaning in excitement. T wasted little time in forcing his dick straight down my throat and face-fucking me harshly. Tears began streaming down my face at his brutal throat fucking, but I was so turned on by Jay fucking me, I cared little. Every time I pushed away from T and onto Jay, his thrust pushed me back forward, deepthroating T again and again.

“Fucking sexy bitch”, Jay panted, slapping my ass. “Nothing beats a white whore bro”, T commented. Jay’s thrusts became less, but deeper, “I’m gonna cum in that pussy”, he groaned. “Cum in me daddy”, I pleaded. “Fuuuuccccccck”, Jay let out as I felt his dick spurting inside of me, filling me up as Jay collapsed onto me, and I fell onto my belly. Jay gathered his breath and withdrew from my pussy, his cum leaking out of me as he did. “Fuck I needed that”, Jay said, his limp dick rested on my ass cheeks. “Give me a go riding this slut”, T said. “My cum is still in here”, Jay commented. “That’s why I’m taking her ass”, T grinned, looking down at me. “No you’re not”, I quipped as T rolled me onto my back.

“You belong to us now slut, your mouth, your pussy and your fucking asshole”, T dictated, “so if I want to nut in your asshole, I’m going to nut in your asshole. You hear me?”. “No, I don’t want you fucking me anyway”, I said fiercely. “Baby girl”, Jay came over, his big dick swinging between his legs. “Show daddy how much of a good girl you are, let my friend T here fuck you. You are my gift to him”, he stroked my face, before slapping me twice on the cheek. “Fuck her ass”, Jay said nonchalantly to T, as he collapsed on the couch. T grinned down at me, my silence speaking volumes. “Do as your master says then bitch, you gonna give me that white ass and I’m gonna fuck you so hard you gonna wish you weren’t such a slut”.

T pinned my legs back behind my shoulders, exposing my leaking pussy and ass. T’s tongue ventured straight to my ass as his finger probed me. Jay threw something from near the couch, T caught it and was emptying lube into my ass, his fingers spreading it inside me. “You gonna take her ass doggy?”, Jay asked his friend. “Nah bro, I wanna see that pretty face as I fuck her ass”, T laughed with a mischievous look spread across his face. T stepped up towards me, his long dick stretching out in front of him. He leaned over me, pinning my legs tighter behind me, exposing my hole further, the grin never leaving his face. He positioned himself so his dick was now right at my ass, but he paused and with a toothy wide smile, he asked, “ever had your ass fucked before?”. I hadn’t and shook my head.

T plunged his dick straight into the depths of my ass. I screamed. Fuck that hurt. He didn’t pause for a second, repeatedly sticking his dick all the way into me. His facial expression had changed, gone the smile, replaced with concentration and a hunger. I could think little of that though, as the pain was intense and not subsiding. I screamed over and over, but T never reacted to any of that, until he reached over with one hand, muffling my screams as he covered my mouth, without uttering a word as he continued fucking my ass hard. The pounding went on for minutes, but seemed like hours. Eventually T withdrew his hand covering my mouth, placing them on my thighs as he fucked with a growing intensity. My screams had decreased to whimpers by the time T stuck his dick deep inside me and held it there, as I felt a warm explosion deep inside me.

Sweating and breathless, T withdrew from my ass and slapped me roughly. “Fuck”, he said with a sense of finality. I lay there, aching deep inside, but I barely moved. T got to his feet, gathering himself. “You look like you enjoyed that”, Jay eventually commented. T laughed, “You know me, once I get my hole there’s no stopping me”. They both chuckled, as I lay motionless. T was pulling on his clothes once again, a satisfied look lighting his face. “Can you wake the rest of them?”, Jay began, “we need to leave soon”. T nodded, glancing over at me as I lay on the floor. “You gonna let them fuck the slut?”, T asked. “Nah man, those motherfuckers not getting their hands on this prime piece of pussy”, Jay smiled, standing up and approaching me, looking down as our eyes engaged, “besides, we are stopping this way again in 2 weeks or so”, Jay smiled, glancing at T, “have them ready and in the bus, we’ll leave as soon as they’re all in”. T smiled, unlocked the door and strode out into the car lot. I noticed the dark outside was lifting. Fuck, we must have been at this for hours, I thought.

Jay extended his hand and pulled me up swiftly to my feet. I was exhausted. Jay pulled my head into his chest, stroking my hair, “Good girl”, he said gently. We cuddled in this position for a number of minutes and it felt so good, safe. I gathered myself, and excused myself to use the bathroom. I tidied myself up the best I could, knowing a full day at work was ahead. I re-entered to find Jay chilling on the couch, legs apart, exposing his big black dick. He smiled broadly, “Such a pretty girl”, he noted. I returned his warm smile, looking at his muscular torso and his big dick, just flopping there. “See something you like?”, Jay grinned. “Maybe”, I said coyly, sitting beside him on the couch and falling into his arms.

Jay was fondling my breasts as we lay there, getting my nipples hard. I instinctively picked up his big drooping dick and began playing with it, smiling up at Jay as he started getting harder. He put his hands behind his head, relaxing himself. I took him again into my mouth as he was now almost fully hard. “Fuck yes baby”, he groaned, gripping my hair. I slinked off the couch and got on my knees between his legs, giving me better access. I sucked him deep, taking him all the way into my throat and I enjoyed every second of it. After I had finished sucking him, I picked myself up and straddled him, taking his dick into my pussy and rode him. He seemed to love it, sucking my nipples as I bounced on his lap.

A loud horn sounded from the car park. Clearly it was T and Jay’s other friends, ready in their minibuses. I stopped, ready to climb off. “Don’t stop”, Jay said, smacking my ass, “they can wait”. I continued riding him, increasing my pace. The horn sounded again and again, until T breezed in through the door. “Fuck Jay, you still fucking this bitch?!”, T said, slightly annoyed. “Lemme finish up”, Jay said, as he grabbed my ass and thrust it into him as I rode. I heard T tut, as he exited through the door. Seconds later, I could hear the engine of one of the minibuses idling outside and T entered again, pulling the blind cord as the light streamed in, T roaring with laughter. “At least give the boys some entertainment if yo’ bitch ass gonna keep everybody waiting”, T trailed off as he left.

I saw the faces in the windows of the minibus, peering through the window. I hid immediately behind the couch, climbing off of Jay. “Don’t be shy baby girl, they just jealous it’s not them fucking a tight pussy”, Jay said, extending his hand. I took it and he pulled me up into his arms, kissing me. I could hear the jeers and whistles from the minibus, but I daren’t look. “Let’s show them what they’re missing”. Jay took me by the hand, walking towards the window. “I can’t”, I tried to pull back, but Jay just pulled me into him and spun me around, facing the window, completely naked.

His friend hooted and holla’d, shouting obscenities indistinguishable over one another. The hand gestures were clear though, blowjob, tongues, fingers. Jay stood behind me, parading my naked body at the window, grabbing at my tits. Jay pushed me up against the window, my boobs squashed up against the glass, while he pulled my ass towards him. “Let me hear that ass clap”. Jay entered my pussy again and I gasped. It felt so good with him inside me, filling me up, even with his friends gawking at us. I pushed back as he thrust into me, my ass hitting his pelvis. “Yeah bitch, clap for me”, he smacked my ass as I pushed into him, my ass cheeks colliding with one another.

One of Jay’s friends, unnamed, entered. “Hell Jay let me get a ride”, the man said. “Shutup fool”, Jay retorted. “Please Jay”, the man begged. “Give me 10 and I’ll let you suck her tit for 30 seconds”, Jay said. I heard the man shuffling round in his pockets, and I assumed money changed hands as next I knew, the man had climbed under me and was licking my breasts with his tongue. Another entered. “Jay…” he began. “Fuck off bitch”, Jay retorted, “she mine”. “What can I get for 30?”, the second unnamed man said. “30 gives you the chance not to get a beating”, Jay said harshly. “30 seconds is up fool”. The man sucking my tits, whoever he was, gave them both a last suck and twist before climbing out from under me and going to the door. “Sexy bitch”, he commented as he left. “I got 50 on me Jay, come on man, let me get something….”, the guy still persisted.

“Can you jack this mother fucker off for 2 minutes, for $50, baby?”, Jay asked, slapping my ass and inserting his dick in me again. “Yes daddy”, I responded. “Damn Jay you got her trained good, you been fucking her all night?”, the man asked, unbuckling his belt. “Money first”, Jay explained. The man shuffled in his pockets as I turned to my left, just as his shorts dropped to the floor and his big black dick came out. It was thick and big. Probably as big as Jay, but even thicker. I looked up at the man, a younger guy, maybe mid 20s, with deep black skin. His white teeth shone through as he peered down at me. Jay continued fucking me from behind and the younger man tried to grab my hand and place it on his dick, but I couldn’t possibly while trying to hold myself up against the window. “She can’t jerk me in this position, Jay”, the man noted. Jay grunted, withdrawing from me.

Jay grabbed me by the arm as I stood up, leading me to the couch, knelt against the back so he could still fuck me doggy. He entered me quickly, but I could lean against the back-rest of the couch and my hands were free. The younger man walked up, taking his shirt off. He was skinny, not anywhere near as muscly as Jay, but oh my god, his dick was so big and thick. The boy grabbed his dick in his hand, hard and gigantic, and put it in my right hand. In truth, I had to use both hands, such was the size. I jerked the boy, in rhythm with Jay’s thrusts into me. “You better be finished quick, because when I nut, we’re leaving”, Jay said flatly. “Be quicker if she uses her mouth”, the boy said cheekily. Jay smacked his lips, but it wasn’t a denial. Jay quickened his pace and after a minute or so, had deposited his seed in me again for the second time.

“2 minutes and we’re leaving, with or without your bitch ass”, Jay said to the boy, as he dressed, walking over to the door. “Baby, 2 weeks and I’ll be back”, he winked. The boy looked over his shoulder as Jay left, then back at me. “Looks like we’re all alone”, he smiled, closing the blinds once again. As he approached me, I immediately took him in my mouth, 2 minutes isn’t much to work with. The boy gasped as I sucked him. While he may not have been as muscularly developed as others and was more slender, boy-like if you will, there was nothing boy like about his dick, that was all man. I struggled to fit him inside my throat, such was the girth. “You are so hot”, he gasped. I wanted to feel him inside me, I realised. The girth could send me to orgasm. I pulled his dick out of my mouth, “Let me ride you”, I said seductively. He didn’t need much persuasion, as he sat on the couch and I climbed on top of him, taking his dick inside my pussy. Fuck, it stretched me even more, but thanks to the whole night session, I could take him. I put my hands around his shoulders and rode him, moaning with every bounce. I increased the pace, riding as fast as I could, my tits bouncing in his face, until I orgasmed hard and collapsed onto the couch, breathless.

It seems he wasn’t finished, as he spread my legs and climbed on top of me, inserting his girthy dick and fucking me prone. He leaned over, kissing me deeply, as his thrusts increased in pace. “Fuck me hard”, I whispered to him. He duly obliged, before the minibus horn sounded again and again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him further into me, encouraging him to fuck me deep. Before long, he exploded inside me. The boy kissed me again, before fumbling around for his clothes and running out to the minibus.

I heard the two minibuses speed away. I lay prone on the bed, two men’s’ cum seeping out my pussy, my ass stretched and my jaw aching. I felt so slutty, I’d been fucked by 3 guys, two in my pussy and one in my ass, and it had gone on all night. Where was my self-worth? At the same time, I felt so hot, horny and proud of how I’d taken 3 really big dicks. I’d never orgasmed before like I did on their dicks. I couldn’t wait for them to come back and as I dazed into a sweet sleep, big black cock was on my mind and in my dreams.

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    You describe those BBCs so lovingly! Fantastic story, beautifully written!