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Life with Mary and Cammy’s realization

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What Cammy does know will not hurt her either

Well Bob started seeing someone so his visits and over nighters had slowed down .but on occasion he’d come over by himself. We still was very close and very open with each other. So long story short . Bob’s relationship was not as stimulating as he desired,don’t get me wrong he loved Cammy with his heart ,but he felt like he was being dishonest with Cammy by not telling the truth about us ,Mary asked him if he wanted her to talk to Cammy (name also changed to protect her ) if you think it might help Bob told her,but it might run her away to , ” I won’t chase her away sweetie ,i promise, not if she truly loves you” . Mary said reassuring him.
Bob started to bring Cammy over more often for movie nights , BBQs, stuff like that ,soon Mary got the chance to talk to her about Bob and us and our family like relationship. Not all the details just yet but she worked herself to it.
So Cammy’s courting began with romantic dinners for the four of us maybe a soft core tossed in on movie night just to warm the juices , we all were a little more open conversation’s with the help of a bit of wine, Cammy was getting more comfortable around us
Then one night we slipped a good porn in with a story line more of a movie that showed all during sex . She got embarrassed at first but got into the movie it’s self and realized it was not about sex but an action love story with sex in it.
So after the movie we all went into the kitchen to play some cards , Mary grabbing us some more beers out of the fridge,I noticed Cammy watching Mary.
Cammy started talking about the movie and was particularly referring to the threesome scien about how it didn’t seem so dirty and more like the two men made love with the woman also how she didn’t talk or act like a slut
Right then i think it hit her she got quiet Bob asked if she was okay,. “Ye…yee…yeah, i need a beer ” she said as she downed the rest of the one she had. Again Mary got up to get her another beer ,Cammy’s eyes followed her once more this time she zoned in on her ass.especily when Mary bent over to grab the beers.
I think Cammy was putting two and one together ,as it were.and i just asked Cammy are you sure your ok and she said please don’t take this wrong but I pictured you three in that scene in the movie, Mary said because sweetie it was us,”And now?” She asked “No Hun,i mean we still love and care deeply for each other , but we would never and especially Bob would never do anything to hurt you.” Cammy looked at Bob band said “so you and Dick are?” We laughed and said absolutely not.
I spoke up and said i have something for you to read and i pulled up the story I wrote about us the first time we had our mfm
With her mouth open in aww she finally took a breath and said wow
Marry got up to get another beer ,.” I kind of feel like I stole him from you ” she said to Mary, ” Noo , Hun, family can never be stole or taken away even with love , but can be added to and the love Bob has for you and our love for him made us happy for the both of you , it made us want to open up to you wanting you to know everything ,we love both of you as a couple and we love you individually,but yours and Bob’s love you two have and share is a Little more special ,as our love for each other is.” Mary explained
There was a moment of silence then Cammy
told Bob ” by the way happy birthday sweetheart and anniversary” with a kiss
So out of curiosity did you get you know last year for your birthday
No Bob told her , well from you i did ,Mary and i were lost at first but realized she was talking about Bob’s birthday blowjob from Mary I talked about in one of the stories she read and Cammy continued but the year before she asked, “yes the night we met” Bob told her. Cammy asked before or after , Bob told her.before Cammy just said hmmm , so can we use a bedroom or what?” . Mary told her you don’t have to go anywhere realizing what Cammy was leading to, after all it is his party and he is the guest of honor after all, mart added
At that point Cammy rubbing Bob’s cock in front of us and looked at Mary and simply said well,well what Mary asked her you are the hostess aren’t you? Marry said nothing just got up and joined them on the couch
I yelled out ” Hey i just had a birthday” laughing Cammy grinning told me that belated birthdays are tomorrow it’s Bob’s night tonight pulling his cock out going down on him licking the shaft of his hard cock from his balls to the tip and Mary joins doing the same but in opposite direction one went up as the other went down and took turns sucking his cock into their mouths as the other swirled their tong at the bace of his cock and balls they continued till Bob’s cock started to swell getting ready to come
He started to quiver and pump his cock between their lips and tongues that enveloped his cock like a pussy as he came hard they took turns taking him into their mouths as he pumped load after load into their mouths
A Little later back at the kitchen table,Cammy asked what was it Mary said about being straight rude About Joe having a hard on in the one story and grinning i think that applies to house guests vas well.Cammy then went to her knees in front of me looking at Mary and said i believe you owe my Bob a belated specialty birthday present you missed last year . Mary glady took that hint she did miss giving him blowjobs for special occasions
God Cammy gives as good of head as Mary and both together sucking your cock it is like they were meant to be together they seemed to join as one and knew what each other’s next move would be adding to it giving you the most possible oral pleasure you could ever imagine and believe this Bob and i look forward to birthdays because it has became a tradition that we would feel both of their mouths on our cock at least twice that night no matter where we were or what we were doing. Now we have steak,beer and blowjob day to look forward to also ,where we have to guess which one is sucking our cocks and there is a special winners gift we receive if we are right

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