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Mothers union part 4

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Lauren shows her ex Mic just what a tease there daughter Sam is

Sam is lying on her bed naked of course, looking down at her ten year old body, her nipples are hard not big, but very hard, her tits felt sensitive, as she cupped them she flicked her nipple she thought about her afternoon with April, she could still feel that her pussy is wet and juicey, she opens her legs and reaches down running her fingers across her pussy lips, with both hands she opened her pussy, and started to rub her little clit, it throbbed with desire, she could feel her pussy juice running down the ass it felt nice, the cool air on her naked body, and the wild thought’s in her head, she thought would mum treat me like April had this afternoon, oh i wish mum would do things like that with me, maybe later when we play together, that’s if she keeps her word,
Lauren is lying on her bed naked just like her daughter but she has a large rabbit vibrator buzzing away deep in her pussy, hands free so she can use her phone, she messages Mr Tim asking if he enjoyed watching her rub her pussy, a message from Mr Tim, oh yes it was great, show me your pussy little girl, so i can cum again, Lauren messages back still pretending to be Kim, No… show me a picture you have of a little girls pussy, no way replies Mr Tim, show me, messages Lauren or no more fun for you bye x
Ok replies Mr Tim, it’s my favourite picture, it’s not me and i don’t know who it is, I just love to cum thinking of it, a picture is the next message that arrives on Lauren’s phone, it a close up image of a young girl maybe 11 or 12 years old with a perfectly smooth pussy slightly open glistening with pussy juice and spunk splattered over her clit and mound, Lauren says to herself fucking hell Mr Tim that’s an amazing picture, she messages back NICE Mr Tim x
Then Lauren messages Mic, we need to talk about last night be here at eight
Then she starts moaning as she fucks her wet cunt with the buzzing rabbit, there are little splatters of pussy juice on the bed as she uses a small vibrator that she bought while she was with kim on her big fat hard nipples, the sound of her wet sloppy cunt and the buzzing vibrator and her moaning fill the room, it didn’t take long before she nearly blacked out with the power of her orgasm that had been building up all day, as she lays on her bed panting and sweaty, Sam entered the room, MUM she said I thought we were going to do it together, Lauren says we will dear, i just needed to cum, I have been horny all day watching you and Kim making men hard, I tell you what how about you sleep with me tonight and I will teach you everything I know, but first your dad is coming over soon I need to speak to him about you, why says Sam what about me, Lauren says about you getting your dad turned on and hard for you, what do you mean says Sam smiling, well Lauren replies you know what i mean and when I came home you were asleep next to your dad and he had his hand in your knickers and he had wanked himself into you dirty knickers, and he had Kim’s dirty knickers on his face, I have a picture as proof, if you want to see, Sam takes her phone and looks closely, she smiles as if proud off herself, you go and get a shower before he gets here, then I will get cleaned up pointing to her wet pussy, there are four messages on her phone from Mr Tim all demanding pictures of Kim knickers and pussy and hard nipples, Lauren sends a picture message back, she cropped the picture of Mic with his hand down the front of Sam’s knickers so you couldn’t see any faces, with the words wank your big cock over this, text me when you cum big cock.

As Sam got out of the shower she dried herself maybe paying more attention to her pussy than usual, She wore a t-shirt with a princess on the front, it came down to just above her knees, she didn’t bother with her knickers as they would only get wet, anyway they would be off when she went to bed with mum, Lauren was soaking in the bath when Mic arrived, Sam ran to open the door for him she ran and jumped into his arms with her legs wrapped around his waist and kissed him, as he carried her into the lounge she could feel her pussy tingle as it rubbed against him, he had his hands on her little ass one hand on her bare cheek, where is your mum, Sam says she will be down soon she is in the bath, Laurens phones buzzes a video message from Mr Tim, he is shooting his load into a pair of dirty little girls knickers, Sam says i will go tell her, and releases him and runs upstairs to tell her mum
Mic sits down on the sofa and thinks to himself, I don’t think my little girl has anything on underneath her t-shirt, he noticed Sam nipples were sticking out and he could swear she was grinding her pussy on him, he repositioned his semi in his pants and wondered what Lauren wanted to talk about. It sounded like she was pissed, Sam returns and jumps on his knee, Mic says what have you been doing today, Sam says we went shopping with April and kim, we had a great day, Did you get anything nice says Mic, Sam replies just some new clothes,
Twenty minutes later, Lauren enters the lounge, she is wearing her long dressing gown nothing else, her big tis are hanging freely swaying as she walks in, she see Sam sat on Mics lap, Mic is tickling Sam, she is wriggling about laughing, Lauren says do you want a coffee or something stronger, I only have beer, Mic nods yes please that fine, after Mic has drank his beer, Lauren says to Sam go to your room for ten minutes I need to talk to your dad, and winks, Sam goes upstairs and jumps on her bed, she lies down on her back legs up and grabs her phone,
Down stairs Mic is feeling nervous now, what the hell does Lauren want, dose she know I have Sam’s dirty knickers at home, anyway how did he get them, I know I was drunk but I don’t remember, he could feel his face redden and he felt sweaty, well Lauren says its about when i came home the other night and you were asleep drunk when you were meant to be looking after Sam, I’m sorry really I couldn’t help it, I just needed a drink and one became two then another, I don’t remember anything, Lauren says when i got home you were both asleep and you had your hand down her knickers feeling Sam’s pussy, you had Sam’s dirty knickers wrapped around your cock, spunk on your hand and belly, and a pair off kims dirty knickers on your face, Mic says No way, I dont believe you, I didn’t know they were Kim’s and i don’t remember wanking with Sam’s knickers I promise, I’m really so sorry and ashamed, Lauren says here look i took a picture to prove it, Mic is shocked when he sees it, Lauren says it’s okay, just recently Sam has been running about half naked, so I’m not surprised you got hard for her, she has been exposing her knickers and she has started playing with her pussy, she is becoming extremely sexual Mic says I thought she was different, I need to piss will be back in a minute, so he heads upstairs as he passes Sam’s bedroom he sees her lying on the bed, knees up her legs are opening and closing as she plays on her phone Mic can see her pussy and instantly gets hard, he goes to the bathroom undoes his flies and pulls out his hard cock and starts wanking, Lauren barges into the bathroom and says i knew you would be wanking your hard cock, were you thinking of your daughter you dirty bastard she grabs him by his cock and pulls him out of the bathroom across the landing to Sam’s open bedroom door, and she says to Sam look what you have done to your dad, you gave him a hardon, and i have just caught him wanking in the bathroom, Sam sits up and says cool dad its big, did i really do that. Mic is mortified at the situation he tries to pull away but Lauren has a vice like grip as he pulls back precum appears on the end of his throbbing cock, Lauren looks him in the eye and tells him right your daughter is there, she is a tease and got you hard, the thing is she likes to get men hard, not just you, when we were shopping there were loads of men looking trying to see up her skirt just like you, so be a man and wank your cock and cum for her, that is what she wants, isn’t it Sam, Sam still looking at her dads hard cock, replies, dad please wank your big cock for me I want to see you cum, please daddy she looks up with a sweet innocent face , Lauren is impressed with her reply, Mic looks from one to other and says if you really want me to I will, only because I love you, Lauren say bullshit. your horny and a useless dad, so wank your cock and cum otherwise i show everyone the picture of you feeling your ten year old daughter’s pussy, Lauren tells Sam to remove her t-shirt and stand naked in front of her dad, so he can get a close up view of what he wants to see, Lauren released his throbbing cock and he starts to wank slowly but Lauren tells him to hurry up, wank harder you dirty cunt, cum on your daughter, make a mess on her, Sam starts says yer daddy cum for me shoot your cum on my little wet pussy, it’s all to much for him , he groans I’m going to cum I’m going to cum, Sam is staring at his hard cock as he starts to shoot his white hot cum over her she is biting her bottom lip as the first shot hits her, on her breast the next hits her belly and the next just above her pussy, Lauren looks at her daughter the spunk is starting to run down her breast onto her nipple and forms a drop hanging there, Sam says thanks daddy, Lauren tells Sam to lay on the bed and don’t move, Lauren tells Mic not bad maybe next time you can just cum on her pussy, Mic doesn’t know what to say he just puts his cock away and leaves, Lauren is sat next to Sam as they hear the front door close, they both start laughing, Lauren tells Sam i had better get you cleaned up now, so she starts to lick up the cum from her belly, then off her nipple and breast, she shows Sam the cum in her mouth leans forward and lets it dripple into her daughter’s open mouth, then she moves down to clean her pussy, as she sucks up Mics cum from Sam’s wet pussy and mound she spreads her little pussy and dribbles it back onto her clit, then she licks and sucks Sam’s sweet juice and Mics cum and swallows, Sam’s is moaning she is squeezing her young breasts, Lauren sucks harder and harder on Sam’s clit, Sam is in heaven with the taste off her daddy’s cum in her mouth and her mum eating her pussy, she is screaming inside her head yes daddy fuck me make me cum, fill my pussy as she cums, Sam doesn’t remember anything after that, as she passes out with the magnitude of her orgasm, Lauren is still licking and sucking at her young pussy, she looks up and sees Sam totally out of it, her young chest is rising and falling she is breathing heavily, Lauren throws a cover over her daughter, then she removes it and takes some pictures, then replaces it and kisses her on the lips and says, your a very naughty girl Sam,
Lauren is lying on her bed, wondering what can we do next she is slowly rubbing her clit, creamy pussy juice all over her hand a wet patch between her legs she picks up her phone and messages Mic, I will drop Sam off to you tomorrow at 11am your taking her swimming, she needs to swim properly without her arm bands so your going to have to teach her. Mic messaged straight back, I Don’t think thats a good idea what if I get hard again??? Lauren sends back well I’m sure your daughter won’t mind, or you by the amout of cum you plastered her with, just don’t fuck her or fuck it up, Lauren phone buzzing again, its a picture message from Kim, Taking by someone must probably April posing in her new dark blue camisole top her new matching knickers pulled up tightly between her pussy lips, and stocking and suspenders, fuck Lauren thinks to herself she is hot, i knew she would look gorgeous in that outfit.

Final part 5 coming soon

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    When will the next instalment of this his hot sexy story be available

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    Great story once again …looking forward to the next chapter…but sad that you mention the final chapter 😕…we want more lol

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    Waiting on 5 please

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    I’m not sure what I was expecting from this chapter, but it wasn’t this.
    Although it wasn’t bad, it went a different direction than I had envisioned.