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Saving Grace Part 13

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I was conflicted for the rest of the night, many questions ran through my mind, Mia wouldn’t surely tell Grace, I was confident she wouldn’t, the thoughts though were swirling, and sick inducing.
It was noticed with comments of “you look white as a ghost” “you look rough”.
I ran to the bathroom a few minutes later to “fake throw up” and text Mia.
“Hey, the drive back was awkward, what happened? She blabbed as soon as she opened the door, what other stuff did you tell her? Xx”
I made my excuses and left shortly after. I needed time to think and plan for any eventuality that may occur in the future.


I woke up a 2 weeks later to Mia calling me.
Our usual weekly catch up of how she was, her stepdad or ugh it’s Craig as she referred to him, who annoyed her “just by breathing”. I always wanted to see her, but never forced myself upon her, I always waited for her to ask to see me.


I finished my call with Mia, replied to a message from Jess and saw a notification on session from Grace.

“Need to see you, see you around 11? It’s important! Can you come get me and can we go out for the day? xx”.

“let’s make it 11:30, not long woke up, so I need a shower xx”

I showered, and drove over to meet Grace, she never sounded that serious before, had I done the unthinkable, had she become pregnant? The sick feeling had returned.
It was none of that.
I was greeted in the lounge with a bear like hug and a passionate kiss, I took a second and asked.

“it sounded important, here I am, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to see you, I’ve missed you, it’s been a week since we’ve seen each other”

I could feel myself breathe a little easier, the nauseous feeling had left my system almost instantly.
I pulled her close to me and embraced her tightly grabbing and lightly squeezing her butt like I always did.

“I’ve missed you too sweetheart”


We made it to Burrator Reservoir (google map it if you so wish, it definitely exists), and began to walk around the lake, we talked about a range of subjects, school, boys, us, her mum. I took the opportunity to ask a burning question.

“What would you do if we ever got caught doing these things?”

“Daddy, that’s silly, nothing will happen or change, I love you, people should just accept it”

The sun was high and warm, but her reply to my question raised my body temperature a fair bit more. She let me walk on while she ducked off to pee.

“Daddy, daddy, where are you? come look at this” came the cry!

I found her stood at some random tree, 1 hand on her hip, a face like she was in deep thought and her left arm outstretched pointing at the tree. I joined her point of view and saw it, freshly and I mean a matter of days freshly carved into the wood of a random tree was letters and a date.

SF / MB ere

a rush of ecstasy fell over me, I knew where we were, it obviously looked different in the daytime, but I couldn’t make it known.

“Wow, people are in love, and what’s annoyed you about that Greta?”

“Nothing is annoying about it; I think it’s cute, i wonder who they are? maybe a married couple?”

I snapped a quick photo when she left the area and we carried on with our walk around, we grabbed ice cream and went to the top of Sharpitor.
We looked across the vast expanse of fields and just didn’t say anything to each other, both taken in by where we were and the views.


We made it back to my house, I was making coffee when I heard a word that I didn’t think I’d ever hear again.

“Papa, come here a minute”

I walked into my lounge to find Grace laid on the sofa, with the curtains closed.

“You haven’t called me that in absolute ages, you feeling ok?”

She got up from the sofa, and removed her summer dress without saying a word, leaving her stood in front of me, just in her lilac-colored underwear.

“Papa, I want to make love to you”

I was instantly trying to contain my growing erection within my shorts, she spoke so softly yet sexually, we’d always just had sex or “some fun”.
I embraced her like I had done earlier in the day but this time I got her to jump into my arms and wrapped her legs round my lower back, we both kissed each other way more passionately than ever before.

I’d like to tell you it was romantic and such but it wasn’t, It was a Sunday afternoon in July 2023, with the curtains closed, no candles or soft music, not that those qualities define romance of course.
I removed her bottoms, and put them with her dress in an accessible position just in case things were disturbed, not that they were since the start of our adventures.

I pushed Grace’s legs back into the air and placed a finger inside her smooth pussy, and began working my magic on her (it’s not magic – just know how she likes it), her moans soft yet purposeful to tell me she was enjoying it.

I moved from my finger to my tongue on her smooth opening, her moans increased in rapid nature, I’d move my tongue in a south to north motion and would occasionally put the tip deep inside her teenage pussy. So, in effect I was tongue-fucking her.

I went about my task with ease, just having to deal with her wriggling around, I became attuned to her wriggles and met her direction. I pushed her legs up some more and began to lick her ass like I used to, I knew she liked it. She definitively told me when she broke the silence.

“Oh, fuck papa” she screamed.

“You lick my butt so good papa”

It had become apparent by how she was acting that she had regressed to our first few times of our sexual adventures (insert your own word here) she would let me do whatever I wished, within reason of course.
I removed my shorts and boxers, whilst licking her ass with an increased frequency, or I went to town on her. I moved backwards on the sofa and let her legs fall either side of me. I let her regain her composure.


I parted her legs and moved in-between them, we embraced together in a hug and a fair few passionate kisses, our tongues meeting and flicking each other’s. I moved from our kisses to kissing her all over paying attention to her teenage boobs and using my tongue on her perky nipples.


“Mmmm papa”

I slid my throbbing cock inside her wet pussy with ease and purpose.

“Ooooooh Fuck” she moaned loudly.

I let her adjust to having my cock inside her and began thrusting in her both slowly and softly, the look of pure ecstasy on her face told me she was enjoying it.
I began to pick up my pace, but she’d open her eyes and just look at me, and my pace would slow down again. I moved positions with her to one we’d never done before.

I asked her to go on top of me in the cowgirl position, she looked at me quizzically, and then instantly started smiling when she realized she’d be in control.
Gone was the soft and sensual lovemaking session, it was replaced by a rampant absolute fuck session of screams and moans. We linked fingers on both hands and both moved in the same direction.


Gone were the linked fingers, and that was replaced with her being thrust on top of me, her head above mine as we were on the sofa, her perky nipples were in easy reach of my mouth, I took full advantage of this and began thrusting inside her with force and speed.

“Fuck me like a slut” Grace screamed.

And she screamed it a few times in the exact moment.

“I’m your slut papa”

Having my young girlfriend being vocal and acting how I like her to act, it didn’t take long before both me and Grace came, her getting her 2nd ever creampie.

As she came and felt my hot cum enter her, our eyes were transfixed on each other, a deep stare, either of us not saying a word.
I had finished pulsing inside of her, and gave a couple of thrusts inside her before my cock shrunk back to normal, it did so and a glop of my cum out with it, she hopped off my stomach and lapped it all up from my groin area before going off to get washed up.
We chilled out with more ice cream and films before I dropped her home in time for her mum to get there after she had finished work.


I returned home alone, albeit with a stop at a shop for milk, I was finishing the coffee I made earlier when I remembered the photo. I messaged Mia on WhatsApp and captioned the photo, been to Burrator lately??

“You angry with it? I went a week ago with mum and it, (felt a bit low so wanted to cheer myself up a bit) xx

I looked at the message a multitude of times and replied

“Could never be mad at you, you forgot the heart though, maybe add that next time? xx”

her reply came back almost instantly

“Sure, thing daddy, next time WE go then yeah? Xx”

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