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Babysitting Jade pt 2

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The second installment of my fictional encounters with Jade.

Hey all! Thanks for all the support, I will try to write as much of these as possible, I’m having fun and I’m glad you all are too! Enjoy!

The week went by uneventfully, the picture of Jade’s naked form burned into the back of my mind. I couldn’t get over her petite tits and smooth, soft pussy. I jacked off probably 10 times that week before the weekend rolled around. I was set to come over to her house at 7 Saturday morning, she would still be asleep, but her parents needed to leave by then.
And so that Saturday I arrived at Jade’s house with my bag at 6:50, earlier then I needed to be, but I like to be timely. The parents gave me a quick run down on what I needed to do over the weekend as well as her friend Jess would be over for a few hours today. I remembered what Jade had said her and Jess had done, and I tried so hard to hold back a smile. A few more brief instructions later and they left to the airport. I was alone. With only Jade.
I had already eaten so I just walked into their living room and watched some YouTube for a couple of hours. At around 930 I heard Jade’s door opened and she walked downstairs to the bathroom in a groggy manner. She was wearing a small pink nightgown, it was a little small on her though, so not much was hidden from sight.
“Morning sleepy,” I said.
Her head shot up and a wide smile flew across her face at the sight of me. “Morning!”
She rushed over and hugged me before trying to run to the bathroom, but I stopped her.
“Hey, really quick, I’ve got a dare for you.” I say.
She looked at me curiously but excitedly, “what is it?”
“You were about to run to the bathroom, right? Why not try it outside, like boys do.” I suggested.
She tilted her head in thought and confusion. “How?”
I answered quickly because I could see she was about to burst.
“Just go outside on the grass and squat with your legs spread a little so no pee gets on you. Here let’s go outside.” I took her outside and explained to her how to squat down.
She looked at me intently as I explained, and she tried to recreate it and was spot on. She pulled her panties off and squatted down facing the back of the yard. I got down in front of her to watch. It took a couple minutes but finally pee started to trickle down her pussy and onto the grass. She giggled at this new sensation and seemed to be enjoying it. For coming up with this on a whim, I was very pound of it.
“That feels weird!” She said while giggling.
“I bet; all your pee is running straight down towards your hole.” I say.
She finished up and we went back inside. She didn’t put her panties back on and I couldn’t care less. She through them into the laundry and sat at the kitchen table. Her parents had already made a small breakfast, so she ate it up. She then turned to me.
“What are we going to do now?” She asked curiously.
“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” I say.
“Jess is coming over later I think, maybe around 3? So, maybe play a game? I don’t know what though.” She said whilst looking eagerly at me.
“Hmm…” I thought for a while before coming up with an idea, “we could do something like hide and seek but the hider has to be naked, and if found they have to do something naughty? Maybe it’s just a fun way to ease back into being nude.”
“Nude?” She asked.
I laughed, “being naked, cutie.”
“Ohhhh! Ok, that sounds like fun, I’ll start!” She tore off her dress and sprinted away, her little butt swaying as she ran away. God, I’d never get tired of that. I started counting to 50 and once there I got up and started looking. I went upstairs and started to play dumb.
“Hmm? Where could she be?” I said with playful ignorance.
I could hear her giggle every time I said something like that, after finally “finding” her, it was time for my reward.
“Oh! Look who I found! Time for my reward!” I said a little too eagerly.
She was in the linen closet in the hallway in a fetal position leaving her pussy completely exposed, that was maybe my biggest turn on yet. She just giggled then got up on her knees.
“What do you want me to do?” She asked me.
“I’m ok with anything, do what you want.” I said staring at her perfect body.
She pulled my pants down and started to rub my penis. She was just staring at it while my fore skin slid back and forward, I’m uncut.
“Your penis is weird.” Jade said.
“I’m well aware, but your hole, also called a vagina, is super cute and perfect.” I told her.
She blushed and then started licking and sucking my penis. Her lips sealed around my penis and her tongue was working my tip. She was unbelievably talented at blowjob.
“You got a lot better since our last meeting.” I told her.
She giggled and kept sucking my penis. Her head was bobbing back and forth while I was standing, and she was kneeing.
“Ok, ok, enough, my turn to hide now!” I said before closing the closet door on Jade. I ran off and hid in her parents’ room. They have a big dresser that is just big enough for me to crawl in to. But first I stripped and threw my clothes downstairs with my bag. I also set up a secret camera angled at the bed so when I was found I would have a video!
“50!” Jade yelled, “here I come!”
I was excited. I got to see such a cute girl naked whenever I wanted, it almost felt like a superpower. I stayed in the closet while she looked for me. A few minutes later I heard her walk in and suddenly the closet door was thrown open. I was greeted by a face full of pussy which I eagerly licked even before Jade could talk.
I picked Jade up, still eating her out, and threw her a little harder than I meant to on her parents’ bed. I kept eating her out and her little moans and giggles as she’s squirming on my face got me the hardest, I’ve ever been.
“Surprise, how’d it feel?” I said coming off of her pussy.
“I didn’t want you to stop!” She kept up and hugged me around my neck and I hugged her back. While I couldn’t feel much of her tits, I certainly felt her nipples poking into my chest. I released her and sat her down in front of me.
“I feel like we need ground rules for our sexcapade.” I say.
“Mhm, I think so too, I don’t want to do anything my mom wouldn’t like.” Jade says.
I nod my head in agreement. “I agree, so I think our first rule is… well, I don’t know. We’ve done about as much as there is. I guess, while doing something don’t break or disturb anything. Oh! And if someone is uncomfortable, say stop and everything will cease. Ok?” I say.
“Yup! I’m ok with those rules.” She said.
“Awesome!” I say laying down on her parent’s pillows, my dick pointing straight up, “I think you know what to do cutie.”
She blushed at my pet name for her then she positioned herself over my cock and dropped down engulfing my penis. Her pussy was as tight as ever, her walls were squeezing every side of my penis as she began bouncing up and down trying to coax the cum out of me.
Her moans were adorable, her high pitched and innocent sounding purrs turned me on more than it should’ve, but, fuck, I didn’t mind. I reached for her smooth tits and started squeezing her nipples and I felt her pussy squeeze me as she orgasmed. The tighter it got the further I got pushed and I was over my edge, I shot my load into her eager pussy, and I kept shooting into her, my load seemed to have no end. Finally, after what felt like forever, my penis stopped pumping into her, and she got off of me with cum dripping out of her.
“I love doing that, I wish we could always do that.” Jade said blissfully.
“I love it too; we can do it whenever you want. Now we should probably clean off you and your parent’s bed and go downstairs.” I said, and we did just that. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself off and I took off the blanket that was now drenched in pussy juice and semen. “I’ll meet you downstairs, Jade.”
I ran downstairs and started the laundry then I went to hand out in the living room, still naked of course. A few minutes later Jade came down looking flushed and tired. She was also naked and sat down next to me. Without a word she grabbed the remote and turned-on cartoons. She then laid her head on me and dozed off. Within minutes she was out, I knew naps were common for her, but damn, she was adorable when she slept.
I took a giant risk and reached my hand behind her and down to her pussy and started lightly rubbing. I could see her reacting whilst asleep, so I kept it up. With much trial and tribulation, I located her clit and focused my rubbing there. Still deep in sleep her head fell down off my shoulder and towards my dick. I had an idea but kept rubbing her first. After a few minutes I heard a slight moan and saw her physically relax, she’d came in her sleep. I then moved her head, so her mouth it’s angled with my penis. I gently opened her mouth and put it in.
Somehow it was better than when she was awake. She treated it like a pacifier and simply sucked and licked the tip. I continued watching tv and she enjoyed my penis. Her head started bobbing on my penis and very soon I came in her mouth, but I just left my dick in her mouth. She kept it there and kept sucking despite the load I had just shot. And very soon I shots my third load of the day and I was drained afterwords. I moved my penis out of her mouth, and she just laid there.
She woke up an hour later and as if she willed it to happen, the doorbell rang. She sprinted to open it and her friend Jess came running in to give her a hug. I just sat there watching these two young girls, one naked, one clothed, but barely. Jess was wearing a crop top and Jean shorts then left little to imagine when she showed her butt. When she realized Jade was naked I was pointed out. When Jess’s gaze met my body, her mouth fell open.
“Hi” I said.

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