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My First Preteen Experience as a Doctor

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In my fifth year of residency I met two little girls that would change my life and career choice forever. Twelve and Thirteen year old sisters.


March 14, 2024

I graduated Medical School when I was only 24 years old, did my Post Graduate Year (PGY) – 1 through 4 at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center with a concentration in emergency trauma medicine, but things didn’t work out as I had initially planned. On my PGY – 5, my first year as a fellow attending I was 30 years old working in the Trauma Center when two sisters, 12 and 13 years old, were brought in by their parents and both presented as rape victims by three or four alleged assailants.

We recognized that every minute they spend waiting to be examined may cause loss of evidence and undue trauma. Individuals disclosing a recent sexual assault should be quickly transported to the exam site, promptly evaluated, treated for serious injuries, and offered a medical forensic exam. This is how I responded.

After briefly speaking with both parents and gathering enough background information of what has allegedly occurred, I order both children into one exam room and instruct both parents to accompany them individually. As I enter the room it is clear to me upon my first evaluation, that they appear traumatized and frightened at my presence or someone else’s for that matter.

I introduce myself, reach into my upper pocket, fetch two lollipops and hand one to each of them smiling the entire time. I begin by asking their names and how old they are and they seem very reluctant to answer me as they keep glancing toward their mother and father for approval of some kind.

I introduce myself once again and ask them what their names are and they do not reply as the both of them continue to look down toward the floor then back up at their parents. Their mother indicated that her 12 year old daughter’s name was Elaina and her 13 year old daughter’s name was Ariana and both of them have been acting like this ever since it was discovered that they were raped by four 18 year old neighborhood boys. She further indicated that both her daughters didn’t have much to say about this matter and fought them all of the way to the hospital.

As both her mother and father politely and hastily excuse themselves from the room, they close the curtain and shut the door behind them as I was just able to ask them if I could continue the examination without their presence and they both agreed.

Elaina was 4 feet 11 inches tall, with long brown hair, blue eyes and it was apparent that she played outside because at first glance she was as tan as could be. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had any tan lines under her clothing.

Ariana was 5 feet tall, with long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and it was also apparent that she played outside most likely the ringleader of the two. They were both wearing what appeared to be bubble gum lip gloss and their chewed fingernails and toenails were both painted with a teenager color and were faded away and barely visible. They were beautiful developing little girls as this was made slightly visible and apparent by both of their thin white t-shirts.

As soon as their parents left the room, Ariana and Elaina both smiled at me with relief and voiced their willingness to explain everything that had happened. The two of them held out their hands like two pleasant young women and introduced themselves with zero reluctance at all. I asked Ariana what had happened as she was the oldest and she explained it in detail.

She explained that they were hanging out at the park swinging on the swing set when they were approached by four older neighborhood boys who seemed nice enough. After about thirty minutes of talking mainly about nakedness and having sex Ariana invited the four boys back to their house because their parents were not at home.

She explained that the six of them went up into the attic and she and her sister removed all of their clothing and enticed the boys to do the same. After all of them were naked she and her sister got down on their knees and each sucked two dicks back and forth from hand to hand.

One of the boys that she was sucking on wanted to smell and lick her feet while he fucked her holding her legs apart by the ankles and she was fine with this. While one was fucking her the other was fucking her mouth and as she glanced over at her little sister, and the same thing was happening with her about five feet away on another mattress.

Elaina interrupted by commenting and describing in detail how she and Ariana both enjoy riding on top of the boys getting their asshole’s fucked while the another boy double penetrated them by fucking them in their no no place. They both shrugged their shoulders and finished by saying that their mother came upstairs into the attic while they were both on their knees getting pounded from behind and pounded in the mouth as well.

Their mother and father could never believe that they were actually complicit with their involvement and attempted to convince the two of them that they were indeed forcefully raped.

I listened in astonishment thinking about this adorable 12 year old preteen little girl and this pretty 13 year old teenager being sexually involved to this degree as they both sat innocently in front of me on the exam table staring back at me as to ask what’s next. I looked at the two of them and smiled as a very disturbing evil thought came across my brain as they could both sense this.

I have always admired the body’s of pubescent little girls as they just begin to develop and as I peered at the two of them I couldn’t help to wonder what they looked like naked in front of me. I quickly surmised what I was thinking to be accurate and true, stood up, walked over to the sliding exam door, reached through the curtain and locked it. These doors were notorious for auto locking and if anyone should ask, I thought to myself, I would just say that it must have locked on its own.

Okay, I said to the two girls, allow me to examine you so I can give your parents my opinion of what actually occurred. Simultaneously they both began to protest and voice their concerns and their protest wasn’t regarding me examining them, but it was whether or not I believed what they had told me.

I peered down at them and gently cupped my hands under both of their chins reassuring them by softly saying, of course I believe you and I don’t believe that you were forcefully raped but my examination of the two of you will be a matter of police record. Plus, when does a doctor ever get the opportunity to examine a 12 or 13 year old beautiful little girl let alone two of them who happen to be sisters, huh? They both smile and blush.

I start by examining the both of them, having them sit next to each other on the exam table with about the width of one person in between them. I begin by fetching my otoscope and checking their eyes, ears, throat and nasal passages.

While I am conducting the examination, I can’t help but notice how pretty their eyes are and how adorable their faces appeared. As I examine their mouths meticulously peering into their throats in the back of my mind I can’t help but think if they had ever tasted or swallowed semen. I sit down in front of the two of them on my spiraling stool, place one hand on each of their thighs and peer up at them both with curiosity. They look at one another silently and bewildered. Girls, I have a question before I continue, let me see how to word this.

Okay, in all of the time that you are being sexual with other boys have the two of you ever experimented with one another and if you have, to what degree? Ariana looks at Elaina and begins to chuckle then looks back at me. Of course Doctor, we started being sexual with one another at around age 6 and 7 and it grew into what it is today. To what degree? You mean, what have we done together sexually? Everything that you could imagine and then some. Elaina shakes her head in confirmation and blurts out that the two of them have never been with another boy older than 20 and they sure hope to before too much longer.

At that I stand up, grab the bottom of Eliana’s t-shirt and slowly begin to lift it up and over her head as her arms naturally raise to allow this to happen. I remove her t-shirt and the first thing that I notice is that Eliana, at 12 years old, has developed nice quarter size areolas, raised nipples and her very small but attractive breasts were an A-cup.

After I remove Eliana’s t-shirt I reach over, grab the bottom of Ariana’s t-shirt and slowly begin to lift it up and over her head as her arms naturally raise to allow this to happen. For a 13 year old, Ariana has very large half dollar size puffy areolas and her budding breasts are a perfect sized B-Cup. The first thing I think to myself is I wonder what it feels like to suck on her puffy nipples.

Sitting on my exam table were two of the most adorable little girls that I could ever imagine wearing no shirts, a pair of cut off jean shorts that seemed to prematurely fill out Elaina’s hips very nicely, and Ariana’s hips as expected and a pair of Vans with no socks. Like one of the four boys, I can’t help but imagine what these two little girls stinky feet smell and taste like, so I, being their doctor, take it upon myself to remove both pairs of shoes from off of their feet as their feet dangle off of the exam table as they both wiggle their adorable little toes. I bring each foot up to my nostrils and take in a deep and pleasurable inhale.

Elaina’s toes are filthy, dirty, and stinky smelling like malt vinegar, so I immediately place them into my mouth, begin to suck and taste the filth from between her toes. Ariana’s toes are filthy, dirty and stinky smelling like vinegar as well so I lick and suck on her toes at the same time as her sister’s placing both of their feet and toes into my mouth simultaneously. They smell and taste so good just as I had imagined a 12 and 13 year old girl’s dirty feet and toes to smell and taste like.

As I lick and suck on their feet and toes, I make eye contact with the both of them and it is clear to me that they are enjoying this attention from me. So, I stand up and have Elaina lie back onto the examination table, now, she’s only wearing a pair of cutoff jeans. I reach toward her midsection and slowly unbutton her shorts and unzip them all of the way as far as they can go.

As the two flaps of her shorts fall open, I notice that she is not wearing any underwear as her hairless mound becomes exposed. I grab the top of her shorts and slowly begin to pull them down off of her, wiggling her hips from side to side, I notice that she has no tan lines.

Her entire body was dark and tan as if she played outside in the nude. She assists me by lifting her buttocks into the air moving her hips up and down until her shorts finally break free of her broadened hips. I pull her shorts down past her thighs and over her knees to her ankles and as I carefully remove each adorable foot out from her shorts it all seems to go in slow motion.

I glance at Ariana and ask her if she could stand in front of me facing the opposite direction while I sit on my stool. Shirtless, she happily jumps down off of the table with her cute adorable toes spreading wide as they hit the floor, turns around and stands between my legs facing away from me.

Elaina repositioned herself upon the examination table on her side and I was amazed at the curves this 12 year old preteen little girl was displaying. From her shoulders to her chest down to her waist, across her hips, down her thighs all the way to her little feet was purely amazing. She laid on her side smiling at the two of us. I reach around Ariana with both of my arms and place both hands flat on her stomach and ask her if she is okay.

She answered most definitely so I unbutton her shorts, slowly unzip them and as the two flaps unfold and fall apart I reach my hand down the front of her shorts and notice she too was not wearing any underwear. Her shorts were a little looser than her sisters and they fall off of her once they clear her beautiful enticing developing hips.

For the most part she is hairless as well but I could feel the stubble wear she apparently shaves her mound. My middle finger slides down in between her slit and to my surprise she is a very wet little girl. I play with her clit circling my fingers around and around placing two fingers inside of her wet pussy. She moans with pleasure as I remove my hand from down her shorts, bring my fingers to my mouth and begin to suck and taste her wetness.

As Ariana’s shorts fall off of her hips below her knees and land around her ankles, I watch as she seductively removes each foot from within her shorts, pointing her toes downward. As I sit on my examiner’s stool just below her waistline, she stands in front of me facing the opposite direction. I place one hand on the front of her left hip and the other hand on the top of her right shoulder and slowly bend her forward so that she is lying across the pullout extension that protrudes from the end of the examination table.

As if she has done this before, she offers zero resistance, spreads her legs apart and arches her back so that her ass is fully exposed up in the air. I roll my stool over to her backside and bury my face deep into her asshole, licking and sucking every surface of this teenage little girl’s private area.

For the first time in my life I was smelling and tasting a 13 year old’s pussy, filthy asshole and dirty ass crack and I was in love. I never imagined that a 13 year old little girl could smell and taste this good as I began to wonder if a 12 year old preteen little girl smelled and tasted the same or better.

Ariana was moaning with pleasure as I decided to remove my face from her asshole and French kiss her passionately as to say thank you for allowing me a taste of it. I turned my attention over to her 12 year old little sister who was happily being entertained watching me eat out her sister’s asshole.

At the end of the examination table I reached down and removed two long metal bars that seemed to extend outwardly into a V-shape. Ariana, blurts out, ‘stirrups!’ That’s cool as shit. Elaina has no idea what stirrups are so her sister puts her at ease and tells her to do everything that I tell her to and she’ll love it.

I extend the stirrups out and instruct this 12 year old little angel to bring her butt all of the way to the edge of the table, bend her knees comfortably, spread her legs and place each foot into the holder. She does this with no hesitation. She then takes note by mentioning that her legs and pussy are spread wide open for her doctor to examine her most private areas. She chuckles.

I can’t believe what is happening to me at my age but, before me on my examination table I have a just developing 12 year old fully naked preteen little girl with her legs positioned in stirrups spread wide open, and a completely naked 13 year old teenage little girl sitting on the table, her legs spread wide open with her sister’s head in between her legs facing upward.

Ariana has thick legs like an athlete, a very well developed muscular structure within her stomach, completely round and firm breasts and solid shoulders and arms as if she worked out daily. Elaina has thick legs as well but she appears to be just coming into her hips and muscular structure and in another year of development she would be more of a knock out than she currently is.

I glance up at Ariana just before I lower my head down between Elaina’s wide open legs and I ask her, do you think that your sister smells and tastes as good as you do? She smiles and answers, better, much better. You’ll see in just a moment.

I reach up and grab Elaina’s ankles that are firmly placed into the stirrups, lower my face down between her legs and begin to smell her inner thighs and groin areas. I make my way to the middle and place my nose inside of her slit at the opening of her pussy. Gently, I slide my nose all of the way upward to her clit as it soaks up her wetness like a desert floor. Wow, I expected at her age for her to smell like day old urine, but it smells fresh and young. Almost as a baby’s breath or skin.

I reach down with both of my hands, grab and spread her labia apart and gingerly place my tongue into her open cunt as I notice that she is very moist just like her sister. I am now officially erect and hard. Damn, she tastes amazingly good. She tastes like fresh cucumber or celery. That’s the only thing I can compare it to. She tastes so fresh like a cool mountain morning breeze, I had to suck all of her pussy juice out of her body because who knows when I’ll get another chance to do this.

I begin jamming my tongue into this 12 year old preteen’s fresh little love hole and she easily takes two of my fingers into her cunt like she’s been fucked more than she even knows. I reach up and grab her developing puffy nipples and squeeze them giving them a little twist as well. I suck on every curve, skinfold, and protruding tissue that is anywhere near this little girl’s pussy and I swallow her wetness down into my belly. I hear Eliana moaning with pleasure but it appears to be muffled in a way.

I can also hear Ariana moaning as I think to myself that she must be masturbating watching her sister get pleasured in this manner. I pause from licking and tasting this fine morsel for just a moment, glance up toward Eliana’s head and I see something that not only turns me right the fuck on, but makes me want to shoot a load off in my pants.

It wasn’t Ariana masturbating, it was Ariana sitting up on the table with one foot flat to each side of Eliana’s head squatting over her little sister’s face and grinding her 13 year old young pussy into Eliana’s chin, mouth and nose. Ariana was arching back pushing out her voluptuous breast, her stomach was rounded outward and her bent legs made her thick thighs that much more appealing, not to mention she had the cutest and most adorable feet and toes.

Upon seeing Ariana grinding Eliana’s face and listening to her cum over and over again, I quickly strip my clothes off, shoes, socks and all. Once again, I bring my head to the middle of this preteen’s legs, lift her butt by bending her legs back toward her shoulders and begin to taste and lick her asshole.

Wow, what a great tasting dirty, filthy asshole this little preteen underage girl has. The inside of her asshole tasted sweet even as I fingered it and tasted my finger. I began to wonder if all preteen little girls tasted like this and I was just about to ask her if she wouldn’t mind peeing into my mouth so that I could taste to see how good it was but then my cock began to throb as if this little 12 year old preteen’s pussy was calling out for me. So I grabbed my cock, rubbed it between her slit until I could see her wetness envelop it, then I brought it to the indentation of her cunt hole and began to penetrate her slowly.

As my cock penetrated her she stopped eating her sister’s pussy for just a moment and let out a gasping moan of pleasure that was so loud I thought for sure someone outside of the exam room must have heard. She told me to fuck her over and over again and she kept verbalizing to Ariana that she’s finally getting fucked by a real man. After about fifteen minutes of me fucking this 12 year old angel her sister motions for her to switch places with her and Ariana happily places her feet into the stirrups and assumes the position.

Before I can do anything to Ariana, Eliana gets up on the table, squats overtop her sister’s mouth and begins to grind her wet dripping pussy into Ariana’s chin, mouth, and nose. I can’t begin to believe what is happening to me.

I now have a fully naked 13 year old underage teen girl lying on my exam table with both her feet in stirrups, legs spread wide with her 12 year old illegal, underage, preteen sister squatting over her face and grinding her preteen pussy into her chin, mouth and nose. I never dreamed of or even wondered about having any sexual contact with little girls but damn am I fucking happy that I have.

After about fifteen minutes of me fucking Ariana and both girls cumming over and over, Eliana got the idea that she wanted to be fucked in the asshole by a man and not a boy! But since I already had Ariana in the fuck position I ended up fucking her asshole for about ten minutes and then alternated back and forth between she and her sister.

I pulled out of Ariana’s asshole as the two of them hurriedly jumped down off of the exam table onto their knees, opening both of their mouths as I cum all over their lips, cheeks and tongues. After the three of us were done with one another, I gladly cleaned my girl’s faces, assisted the two young girls with putting their clothes back on first, their dirty, good smelly shorts, then their t-shirts, and then I put each of their shoes onto their still stinky feet. It was a shame to have to cover these adorable pretty creatures with clothing that shielded the natural aroma of the underarms, belly buttons, assholes, ass cracks, pussy’s, feet and toes

All in all it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to thoroughly examine both girls and I had determined that they were indeed not forcefully raped but both had undergone consensual sexual intercourse both vaginally and anally.

These two little girls changed my life and my career as I initially thought after five years in trauma medicine that is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. But in the ten years since this unforgettable experience with Ariana and Eliana, I have gotten married, have three young daughters ages 10, 12, and 13 and I have changed my clinical expertise to a surgical obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN).

I have set up offices in the neighborhood of two local middle and high schools and I have had very many extraordinary experiences with preteens and young teens. The first visit with some preteen girls is me just exploring their young lustful bodies normally with zero sexual interests, whereas some are willing to go all of the way. The second or third visit I introduce them to sexual pleasure that is either subtle or forthright depending on how they are responding to it. The trick to conducting these kinds of experiences is choosing your subjects well, making sure that they can keep a secret. Surprisingly, however, most can.


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