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Dark Web Pt1.2

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Continuation of PT.1. sorry if it’s a bit slow, it’s my first time writing and I’m still kinda getting to grips with it

That night I put Mandy back in her box for the night, partly to keep her expectations low, partly because I didn’t know what else to do with her. I considered having her sleep with me but I think she would have beyond repair by the morning.
The next day I woke early so I could start training my little whore. I pulled her out of her box and stood her up “It’s your first training day slut, bathroom, now” I said sternly. She walked through to the bathroom and went to sit on the toilet “No! I piss first, every morning, without fail. now get in the bath on your knees, hands behind your back and open your mouth” she looked at me, i could see she was scared but reluctantly she did it “Good girl, now this is where I expect you to be when I get up in the morning” I dropped my shorts and started to cover her whole body in my piss as I carried on talking “if I get up and find you are not here in this exact position you will be punished, do you understand?” I waited for an answer as she struggled not to choke on my stream of piss “y-y-yes” she just managed to get out before swallowing another mouthful “Yes Daddy!” I commanded “Y-y-yes D-daddy” she said “good, now you may piss, right there while I shower”.
I got in the shower and watched as Mandy let a stream of piss out of her tiny little cunt “piss into your hands and drink it like a good little piss slut” I said as i watched her eagerly, stroking my cock. She cupped her hands and pissed into them and then drank it down, I could see she wasn’t keen but I loved it and blew my load all over her. I finished showering as she watched me and then got out “come on then, clean yourself up slut, your an absolute mess”.
Once we were both clean and dry and I was dressed, I looked at her sat there naked and then as her pile of dirty clothes, “come on” I said “we need to buy you some clothes, were going for a drive” “B-b-but” she stammered “I know you’re naked, I didn’t ask for your opinion, let’s go!”. My house had a kind of covered parking area, luckily, so I walked her outside, “get in” I said, opening the boot. She looked scared but didn’t argue, she just climbed in, “good girl” I said, giving her cute little nipple a flick. I closed the boot and got in the car. “Hmmm, where can I find slutty clothes for a tiny slut” I thought.
I parked at the shopping mall and went in leaving my little slut in the boot of my car. I managed to find a short skirt a size too small so it was shorter and a t-shirt which I decided I would cut the bottom off to make it a crop top. Annoyingly I could find sexy underwear so I went the other way and bought very childish Pikachu panties. I took the clothes back to the car and told her “get dressed slut, show me how sexy you are”. “Yes Daddy” she said and reluctantly gave me a little twirl “good girl, now come and get in the front with me” she went to get in the passenger seat “no little slut, my footwell” there wasn’t a lot of room for her but I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out “now, I’m gonna drive, your gonna suck my cock, understand” “yes Daddy” she replied “good girl”.
She managed to get my cock into her mouth but I could feel as it got harder, she became trapped where she couldn’t move her head back because of the steering wheel, I started driving, my cock was getting harder and pushing deeper into her little throat, I could hear her whimper as she struggled, gagging on my meat. She started tapping my leg as if to say “Please daddy, stop throat fucking me, I can’t breathe, I’m going to choke”. Luckily for me, I couldn’t hear her saying that so I carried on driving, I could feel a pool of saliva forming under my balls as she gagged, it felt so fucking good and her crying made me need to bust my nut. I started thrusting my cock as deep as it would go, I knew she was going to puke soon but I was definitely going to cum before that. As we pulled into my parking space at home I grabbed her hair and forced her head down hard, I felt my seed shoot up through my cock and down her throat, I thew open the door “Swallow it!” I told her. I watched her gulp it down and then fall onto the floor on her hands and knees and start puking. “Well, I think you’re going to need some practice with that my little whore, that’s not going to be the only time, or the only cock your going to have pounding the back of your throat”

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