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Little sex doll pt3

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Alot has been happening lately. I’ve moved in with Lynn and her daddy kink has caused me to develop my own kink for being called daddy. When we have sex of any kind I call Lynn my little girl now. We have been using Amy as a masterbaiting object about once a week now. Amy turned eleven and had a nice party with her friends from school. It’s nice when you have a house full of cute little girls and your girlfriend is looking at them more than you are.  The sex after Amy’s birthday party was incredible. After Amy went to bed Lynn said “I’ve been a bad girl daddy, please punish your little girl “. I looked at Lynn and smiled as I approached her. I sat on the bed and gestured with my finger for Lynn to come to me. She had a sexy pouty look on her face. “What did you do that was bad little girl ” I asked. Lynn responded “I couldn’t help myself daddy. I had to touch myself after seeing all those little girls” I grab Lynn’s hand and pulled her over my knee. “Daddy is going to give you a spanking for not including me “. I pulled her panties down just enough to expose her firm ass. I slapped Lynn’s ass over and over. She was enjoying it as much much as I was. After spanking her ass red I got up and moved behind Lynn. As I fucked Lynn, I was thinking about all of those little girls. This was added by Lynn yelling ” yes daddy,  fuck your little girl hard “. She knew what I was thinking.
A few weeks went by. It was late and as I was getting ready for bed Lynn grabbed my cock.  As she messages my shaft I notice that she is avoiding eye contact. I lifted her head and asked if she was ok. Lynn asked if I loved her. Too which I replied of course. I had already told her this before. I assumed it was one of those insecure moments. Then she asked “does daddy want to cum in his little girls mouth?” I started to passionately kiss her before answering, of course. Lynn then smiled a wicked smile and lead me to the hallway. She stopped in the middle of the hallway. And turned to face me. She got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Lynn was sucking the head of my cock and stroking the shaft. As my moans increased she stop and stood up. She walked further down the hall and and waited for me to approach her. When I got to her she again lowered herself and sucked on the head of shaft while stroking me faster. I could feel my orgasm building when she stop again. I knew she was teasing me and I was enjoying it.  Then Lynn asked again “daddy, do you want to cum in your little girls mouth?” Thinking she was playing again I replied “daddy is going to fill his little girls mouth with his cum”. She smiled the same wicked smile and opened the door behind her. It was Amy’s room. Lynn lead me into her daughter’s room by my cock. She walked over to her little girl and remove Amy’s nightgown. Lynn sat up Amy and moved behind her holding her limp medicated body up. Lynn grabbed my hard shaft and pulled it toward her and her daughter. My mind was racing as we had never done anything like this. But being denied two orgasm in such a short time my cock was in charge now. I moved toward them my cock inches from their faces. Lynn kissed Amy’s cheek and opened her mouth. Lynn then inserted the head of my hard shaft into her daughter’s sleeping mouth. Amy’s little tongue sent shivers through me as I felt it on the head of my cock. Lynn started stroking my shaft asking “does it feel good daddy? “. It did and watch Lynn stroke me into her daughter’s mouth as intoxicating. As my moans increased the look of lust in Lynn’s eyes increased. “That’s it daddy, cum in your little girls mouth” she said. I felt my dick pulsing as my orgasm peaked and I moaned. “Yes daddy feed your little girl ” I heard Lynn say. After my I came in Amy’s eleven year old mouth I watch as Lynn helped her sleeping daughter swallow my seed. She then put her tongue in her daughter’s mouth to taste what remained. Lynn looked at me and said “my turn daddy”

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    Wish I had someone to cum on my sleeping little girls 🤤

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      That sounds incredibly enticing I would love to

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    You need to fuck that little bitch and satisfy your needs

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    Mmmmm i love it wjen mommies help daddies rae their littles. The younger the better for them to start being trained to br daddys rape slaves

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    I am so Hard right now

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    Ih fuck . I would have cum all over Amy’s face before I got to her 11 year old mouth

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    Be sure to breed them both

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    Fuck…this made me so wet