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I fucked my daughter

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I was 39 and she was 12 and i had gotten her pregnant

When this happened I was divorced and had custody over her so we always stayed together, one day out the blue i had this urge to take my daughter in my bed, I somehow thought she was so sexy that i was willing to fuck her.

One night I wasn’t able to sleep and decided to go and visit my baby girl, I slowly pulled the covers off and had my tip pressed to her lips and I slowly penetrated her mouth which woke her up. She spat it out and asked what i was doing as I quickly covered her mouth and took her to my room.
I tied her arms together and positioned her on top of me( reverse cowgirl ) and slowly pushed my whole dick in her tight pink vagina, she was moving around distressed and had started crying but I kept moving her up and down my shaft, she did gasp and mumbled as she cried but after a bit of silence she just stayed quiet. I started kissing her and asked where she wanted me to cum, she said nothing, I then decided that inside will do and came as hard and fast as I could as she screamed from the feeling, I pulled out to see my seed in her and said that she would be with my for much longer now.

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  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    You are a good dad

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    I think the best pussy ever is 12 year old

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  • Reply I'M Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    This story was ok at Best it would have been better if she agreed to be sexually intimate with you me personally I’m into real family sexual intimacy but the story is amazing when both family members agree to be sexually into me with each other you know what I mean that makes the story hotter and more amazing and with that is she all right with you being sexual with her now and do the both of you voluntarily have sex now

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    I love this! Daddy should always be a girls first. I loved it for me and I would love for my girls sure

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      How old r u now

    • Hard Dad ID:7zv2umpb0a

      I agree I’m going to be my daughters first when I have one

    • Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

      Sound fun you guys and I’m 16 now

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    What a great dad . I hope you fucked her tight arse as well . This is what young girls are for .

    • Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

      I agree with you. My daddy fucked since I was 4 and I loved every second of it.

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    Such a good girl, want one like this

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    Such a good daddy!!

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    More details

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    i want to here more about how you made love to her

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