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Author: Stf

Little sex doll pt6

Lynn has been working later shifts lately to cover some vacations of her co-workers. While I do miss her touch at night, I have Amy (who is now on the pill) to satisfy my needs. As... # # #

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Little sex doll pt5

Lynn and I are engaged with our wedding coming soon. Amy is now 12 and has started calling me daddy which gives me mixed emotions. On one hand I love that she loves me like a father.... # # #

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Little sex doll pt3

Alot has been happening lately. I’ve moved in with Lynn and her daddy kink has caused me to develop my own kink for being called daddy. When we have sex of any kind I call Lynn... # # #

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Little sex doll pt2

A few days later Lynn called me up and said she needed to talk to me right away. I was a bit nervous based on her tone. On my way over to her house all sorts of thoughts ran through... # # #

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Little sex doll pt1

A little while ago I started dating a single mother. Lynn was about 5’7″ with nice b cups and a firm ass. From the first date she was very sexual and didn’t seem to... # # #

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