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Little sex doll pt 4

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This is a shorter installment but just as good. The best is yet to come.

Life has been good lately. We have settled in to a normal family routine that consists of helping with homework. Trying to help to anyway. I still don’t get this new math stuff. We are just enjoying things before Amy becomes a hormonal teenager.
The flip side to things has been just as good. We still use Amy for masterbaiting and she is swallowing almost as much of my cum as her mother, albeit unknowingly. The best part about when I jerk off on Amy is watching Lynn lick my cum off her daughter’s back and butt.
As we get ready for bed. I approach Lynn and embrace her lips with mine. I then whisper in her ear “daddy wants to have fun tonight little girl “. Lynn squeaks with anticipation. I take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. I have her stand in the middle of the floor and I tell her not to move unless I allow it. I slowly remove her shirt from behind while gently kissing her shoulder. I nibble on her earlobe as I play with her nipples. My hands move down over her navel as I kiss my way down her back. My tongue teases her butt as my hands rub her thighs. I call smell her excitement and her breath is heavy. I lay her on the bed and proceed to lick and suck her sweet clit. The flavor of her juices coat my tongue. Her moans and breathing increases. She crys out “yes daddy, yes”. And I stop before she can orgasm. She looks at me stunned. “Will you do anything for me little girl?” I ask. She replies “anything daddy just let me cum”. That’s when I take her to Amy’s room.
Amy looked beautiful laying on her back sleeping. As Lynn walked in the room, I stood behind and continued rubbing her sensitive clit. She was so close to orgasm she could barely stand. I stopped touching her and walked to the foot of Amy’s bed. “Oh daddy,  please let me cum” Lynn begged. I grabbed Amy’s ankles and pulled her down a little. This rasied her nightgown revealing her smooth little pussy. I walked backed to Lynn and told her to straddle Amy’s head. She did this without question. I told her to pleasure herself now. As Lynn rubbed and fingered her throbbing pussy I watched as her pussy juices dripped onto Amy’s face. I moved back to the foot of the bed and straddled Amy’s thin little legs. As I looked at her eleven year old pussy I stroked. This make Lynn crazy with lust as she knew what I was thinking about. Looking at her daughter’s innocent slit and stroking my cock. As Lynn orgasmed her juices leaked onto Amy’s sleeping face. I told her not to stop. She was struggling to keep herself above Amy’s face now centimeters from Lynn wet pussy. As my orgasm got closer I reach up to open Amy’s mouth. I told Lynn to rub her lips against Amy’s lips. She knew what I ment and gently moved her wet pussy over Amy’s mouth. Watching this I aimed my shaft directly at her eleven year old slit and deposited several ropes of cum. I reach forward and pulled Lynn’s head towards mine, kissing her deeply. “Now clean your daughter ” I said as I lowered Lynn’s head into her daughter’s cum covered crotch. As I watch Lynn licking her daughter’s pussy clean my cock sprang back I got behind Lynn her pussy still over Amy’s face and I fucked her while she continued licking Amy’s little pussy. As we both orgasmed again, I pulled out letting our combination leak onto Amy’s innocent face. I looked over at Lynn who was panting and said “there’s my good little girl”.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    This story got my cock rock hard

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    You need to get your cock in that 11 year old cunt

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    Yiu need to use that little pussy daddy

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    So damn hot..this made me so wet..Lynn is so lucky to find such a loving daddy for her daughter

    • Greasemagnet ID:7481adjdm2

      Can I be your daddy?

    • Joe ID:1ek56s78ra

      i had a sub who would play with her daughter in front of me. joe[email protected]. email me and I’ll tell you about it