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Uncle Sucked Me Off

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Ever since I was around 14, my uncle was giving me head about once a week. My aunt died before I was born so he lived alone, and I’d come round every Saturday, my parents thought nothing of it as we were close anyway, however I secretly came round to get my dick sucked.

The first time he gave me a BJ was when I was 14, it was a hot day and I was wearing loose fitting shorts with no boxers underneath, I was completely freeballing, so when I got a boner, it was on full display. He inevitably clocked that my dick was hard, and it just sort of happened.

I’m not gay or bi or have any interest in men, however I have to say his blowjobs are the bomb. The way he’s able to suck right down to the balls, and fuck he knows how to use his tongue. I can barely last two minutes without wanting to blow my load lol.

Has anyone else got similar stories to share? Would love to converse about this.

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  • Reply Hungteen16 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

    Damn I’m 16 now and could do with my uncle giving me head. He’s 56 and chubby but he looks like he’d be good at it. If older guys want to drain my teen cock hmu

    • I comming for u ID:2px1mhudvhs

      I’ll suck it then let u fuck me and cum deep in me

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    I have three brothers and I’ve been sucking there dicks since I was 11 and im 57 now and I still suck them when they stop by and before you ask yes i swallow

  • Reply Sandy ID:7ezfviuhri

    My uncle too gives the best blowjob. And he is so tight. He also says he had fun with my dad so I would love to have a threeway with them.

    • Hung ID:2v2ywbik0b

      Nice. Chubby older men give the best head lol