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Would a Dog care?

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It has been another years since my dog rape experience and the babysitting incident, which both made my sexuality and brain twisting.

It has been another years since my dog rape experience and the babysitting incident, which both made my sexuality and brain twisting.

It’s summer holidays again. I just finished school, preparing myself for my first college year when my family decided to go on a nice vacation to the beach. I have not talked about it yet but I wa not a single kid. I actually had a sister called Debbie. She was 2 years older than me so when rottie took my virginity and heidy confused me, she was already in college and had left our house. But this years, since my parents were paying for a nice holiday, she decided to come back and go with us on holiday. I did not had the best relationship with her and we were fighting a lot. But hell she was hot. I always pretend to be disgust when she did something sexy or was showing flesh but in reality it made me horny and I wanted to see more. It was strange since she must thought I’m for real and tried to disgust me by pretending to show a boob or so. Which I would have appreciated but she actually never did. She has shoulder long blond hair around 1.70m high a b cub sizes breasts which even without bra perfectly round were hanging on the right spot and a beautiful appls ass. Since the last summers I was sort of fixed on asses and when I finally met her again I couldn’t resist to look at her perfect hips. If she would have been a little bit bigger she could have been a model. But yeah it was definitely a downside that we mostly fought with each other. She really had a bitchy side on her and I disliked that.
She would probably say the same thing about me.
So we pack up our stuff went to the airport and took a flight all together to Miami. We arrived after hours in Miami Beach but our hotel was a whole fucking hour away from the beach! At least when you take the public transport. Luckily my parents rent a car so it was just 20 minutes to get there. It was the second day after arrival when we wanted to go to the beach, it was hot outside like 40 degree and the sun was shining bright so we only waer our swimming suites. My sister had a nice very slim bikini. It was basically a tanga which vanished between her butt cheacks and would leaf not much for imagination. Every time she bent over I had to watch away or I would have had a full boner. Me on the other hand had a long short with a stupid hole in the front which I did not saw until we were on the beach and my sister and my father started to make jokes about me. It was really annoying. Because it went on for like forever. And of course my sister wanted to piss me really off. But I tried my best to ignore it and so I had a small hole in the front. It was not that big at all my penis could not just fall out and tomorrow I would definitely buy a new one but for now I stopped to care about it. We had been on the beach since 10 in the morning when my parents out of a sudden decided to drive back to the hotel. They said it was to hot for them and that they will look for a good restaurant afterwards. Me and my sister didn’t wanted to leave already and even though we fight a lot we were very close and together when we argued with my parents about staying. So they left us money for the public transport and left. I went into the water afterwards to get myself a little cool down and also celebrating the win while my sister was still lying in the sun. It was when I came back that I started to get horny again. When I came back she was lying on her belly and her legs a little bit stretched out her butt fully covered in oil and her binkini bra open. I know it was my sister but fuck was she hot! And the worst part her very thin tanga had slided a little bit to the side so I could see, while I was getting closer, her fresh shaved lips, shining in my face moistered on oil. I had started to get a boner and before I reached our place left for a public toilet only to jerk off. I felt sort of embarrassed to jerk of while people were peeing next to me but what could I have done else? So I left and just got back to our towels to get caught by surprise. My sister just stood up and had forgotten about her open bra. So when she saw me coming and turned up to me, I was looking at her perfect boobs. Even hear nipples had the perfect sice, a little bit darker than her oen flesh with the spice of a coin. I stopped screaming her how disgusting she is while my penis was getting hard again. She started to laugh and made jokes of this would have been the first tits I have seen. So I layed down on my towel. Hiding my boner not saying anything about it. It were not the first tits. I watch a lot of porn and also I remembered heidys one. They were like an a cub and her nipples were not darker but lighter than her skin. Basically the exact opposite of what I had just seen. Actually I couldn’t get her boobs out of my mind. My sister’s boobs where like the perfect ones I always searched for on the internet.
I was truly fucked up in my mind by now. Since Rottie raped me I was thinking about having sex with a dog, while heidy scared me for life that I might be a pedophile and also a rapist. And then this. I was non stop thinking about having sex with my sister.

I was trying to think of something different and after a while I had a short nap. I woke up and was lucky normal again. Normal sized in the bottom area too. Since it was 18 o clock and my sister just got a message from our parents that we would have lunch at 20.00 we decided to leave. It was at least an hour to the hotel. Luckily we did not need to change anywhere and could just take one bus to get there. Bad for us, everyone else wanted to take it too. And here it started to get a nightmare. A true nightmare. So we pushed ourselves into the bus but it was full! When I mean full it was full. Like one of these Japanese train movies full. And the passangers where not just old people but a big bunch of young once who were drinking and ready for party. Even though dribkj8in public or in the bus is not allowed they did anyway. And as we could hear out of their talking they would go the whole way with us to our station.
The bus stated and we were pushed from behind in the middle of the bus. There was no escape until we were at the hotel and I was right behind my sister. At first I didn’t noticed but she was still fully moistured in her oil and her butt cheaks started to rub against my dick. I couldn’t help myself but feeling her butt getting pressed against my penis was… Amazing… I was getting hard. I really tried to prevent it by standing still but all the loud people shaking around made it happen. I got a boner. Immediately when my boner started to grow I felt how my sister started to stay still. She was feeling it but probably was shocked and paralyzed. Then she looked behind her shoulder really really pissed and said that if I’m going to do this right now, she will beat me up. This was not a joke she had done this before and that really roughly. I had a blue eye from the last time. I apologized but also told her that I need some space. My dick was facing down. If I could get him facing up I would be able to swell down. My sister obviously embarrassed tried to help me of course and pushed a little bit forward why I tried to grap my dick and move him upward. I was so hard. Trying to push my dick upward I had to move him through her butt crack. But right at the moment when I got him to a horizontal line someone pushed her back and me forward and my penis broke free…. I still had the small hole in my short which I just ramed my penis through. Right in the bjtt crack of my sister. This could not get any worse I though but it would. My sister was outrageous! But she felt embarrassed too so instead of screaming she silently said to me how brutally she would beat me up for this. I was really really scared but on the other side, I started to get aroused. My dick was right between her legs, well moistured by her oil now and squeezed. I just told her to try to not move and we will hold on until we arrive at the hotel. But it was still 45 minutes to go and I started to build up. The bus went on a bumpy road and I was feeling that the itching on my penis was starting to be a urge to scratch. I was really really horny now. So I told my sister after 10 minutes that it might would happen that I will cum….not a good idea… She started to overreact whispering the probably worst names to me and promised me to kill me when I would shot a load in between her legs. So she took the initiative to get rid of my dick between her legs. We had been 25 minutes into the bus now. It was hot inside here so our sweat and her oil made it very difficult for her to grab my penis but she tried. She squeezed him painfully and tried to to push him upward so I could get him on the position I said before facing the air. But she lost grip right when he was in between her lips. She was standing on her toes to get some space but then the bus made a jump and while she lost grip and fall back on her full feet my fully oild penis head moved her small tanga aside and entered her vagina. That was it. I was on the edge to cum anyway and when she let me slip in, even if it was an accident. I hade to cum I moant and then I starded to pump my load. My sister was losing her face color… We both knew what just happened I could see her eyes from the side and a tear comming up. I was still rock solid inside her. But she didn’t went full agreesive against me at this moment… She said sorry! She knew it was her fault. Then she realized that I was still hard and asked me what is happening now. We would arrive in 25 minutes at the hotel. When everyone is leaving we could separate but also everyone would see what I just had pushed in between the soft pussy lips of my sister. I apologized to her explaining while whispering in her ears, that I’m not normal and that my dick needs at least a second blow to get soft again. Then my sister said something strange, she said if we would never talk about this again she would know I way out just in time. So I agreed. Not knowing what will happen. But what was going to happen was absolutely insane. My sister grabbed both of my hand pushed herself deep into me while leaning a little bit forward and and then straightened her back baxj again. That was a full thrust. And then I knew what she was doing – blowing my second load inside her.
God was that sick. My life was so twisted upside down anyway and now my only chance to avoid public shaming forever was to blow a load inside my sister. But what does it really matter I thought to myself, while she was thrusting my penis up and down her vulva, to speed things up she also started to collapse her inner walls and hold grip of me. But yeah what would it matter now? I already had blown a load inside her and did I care when I was fucking a 14 years old teenage girl when she was trapped unter a bed? What was with rottie, did he cared when he blow his load inside me? No, he had not even cared about being the same species and he for sure would not have even cared when I would have been his sibling. We only had like 10 minutes left when my sister wisphered that she needs my help with this when I als realized that her inner collapsing was not intended and that she was having an Orgasm too. So I helped by pushing and trusting. Forgetting about everything. Like an animal I was just in the moment pushing my dick up and down my sisters belly. I was not thinking about her as sister anymore so I grabbed her boobs just a second before I was about to cum. I could here her moan silently while she increased her grip too I even think I could feel a different in the size of her lips at this moment. They must have been pumped up with blood too. When I finally made it my ending thrust. Entering deeply my sister who tried to silence herself could not hold it anymore and groaned loudly so everyone could hear it. I went all up until my head could feel the end of her vagina. Pumping and throbbing a big load inside her. We stood there for two more minutes when I finally softened down and left her hole. I pushed him as fast as possible back into my short while she cleaned her legs with the towel and we left the bus. I felt so sad at this moment. What have I done. I wanted to say anything but I did not know what. Also my sister said we shall never talk about this and so we just went silently to the hotel. Things after that changed drastically. She never met me ever again when we were only under us. She avoided every scenario were we could have been alone together again. But she also never attacked me since. She must probably feel guilty too.
What was just wrong with me? I couldn’t get a girlfriend in all these years but get raped and now I fucked my sister.
When the holidays were over I felt free again. The days in Miami were horribly and even my parents could notice that something had happened but couldn’t tell what it was. My sister left and I was looking forward to college.
Hopping there would I finally to something that would be considered as sexual NORMAL but hell I was wrong.

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  • Reply Cursed_Spirit ID:5vn551pyd9j

    Damn i hope you got the gril you where babysitting and your sister pregnant

  • Reply Catchall ID:7zv39tab0a

    From there she was probly in search of a guy that needed to blow 2 loads to get soft! So hot! You have my attention!

    • DD ID:4ph701pql

      Well I wrote already the next part but I had to comment that I actually did not told the true. I think you can definitely read what really happened and what not. And beside the fact that I fucked my sister, I tried to fuck a mare / pony too.