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Moving in together. Part 1

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A father shares his young preteen daughter with his older brother.

My brother Gerry phone me and said, “George, my house has been burnt to the ground during the bush fire. My daughter Cindy and I don’t have anywhere we can stay. Can we come and stay with you until our house is rebuilt?“

I had seen the terrible bush fires on television and said, “Of course you can come and stay with me.”

Jason and my ten-year-old niece Cindy arrived at my house a few hours later with only the clothes on their back and a few possessions. I invited them inside and said, “If you don’t mind sharing a bed you can use the spare bedroom.”

“That will be fine, can we borrow some towels and take a shower?” asked Jason.

“I will leave some towels in the bathroom for you,” I said.

“Thank you uncle George,” said Cindy giving me a kiss.

I showed them through to the spare bedroom that they would be using that was next to mine. After leaving the towels out in the bathroom for them to use, when I went back to the bedroom that they would be using to tell them that I had left out fresh towels for them. The sight of my naked brother and his young daughter in the bedroom gave me a instant erection and had my cock throbbing in my pants.

The last time that I had seen Cindy naked was only six months ago, she had a flat chest and hairless young pussy and she had a cute little ass. This time her breasts were puffy with erect nipples, her pussy was still hairless and her little ass was still as cute as ever.

“I’ve left you fresh towels in the bathroom,” I said as I stared at my young niece’s naked naked body.

“Thanks again, for letting us stay here,” said Jason giving me a smile as he watched me staring at his young naked daughter.

“Give me your dirty clothes and I will give them a wash,” I said.

After Gerry handed me their dirty clothes, I took their clothes to the laundry room and held Cindy’s panties against my face and breathed in her aroma. Then placed their dirty clothes in the washing machine.

After they finished taking a shower, they wrapped a towel around their waist and joined me in the kitchen.

“I’ve ordered us some pizza to be delivered for dinner,” I said.

“Thank you, Uncle George,” said Cindy giving me a cuddle and letting her towel fall to the floor.

I was still staring at my niece’s naked body when the front door bell rang. After answering the door and paying for the pizza, I brought the pizza into the kitchen.

After we had dinner we watched some television together, I couldn’t stop looking at Cindy, her towel kept coming loose and her breasts were on display. It was easy to see that Gerry’s cock was hard under his towel.

“I think we should go to bed, it’s been a long day for us,” said Gerry.

Laying in my bed, I heard the bed squeaking in the next room and what sounded like crying. I climbed out of my bed and went into the hallway, the spare bedroom door was partly open and when I looked into the bedroom, I saw Cindy laying on the bed with her legs apart and her father with his head between her legs, tongue fucking his young daughter.

Standing at the bedroom door looking into the bedroom, I gave my hard throbbing cock a few pumps as I watched the erotic sight. I went back to my bedroom and climbed into bed and stroked my cock until it erupted and squirted my hot fresh cum all over my hand.

In the morning I made myself a coffee and went to ask Gerry if he wanted coffee. With the bedroom door still open Gerry and Cindy were laying naked on the bed fast asleep. After I had finished my cup of coffee, I went to work.

After work, when I returned home, I yelled out, “I’m home.”

Gerry yelled, “Were in the bathroom.”

Entering the bathroom, I saw Cindy laying naked in the bath with her father washing her young body.

“George, you’re just in time, I’ve been called into a meeting with the insurance company, can you finish giving Cindy her bath and give her some dinner?” asked Gerry.

When Gerry left the bathroom Cindy stood up in the bath and asked, “Uncle George are you going to wash me?”

Covering my hands in soap, I ran my hands all over her young body and cupped her puffy breasts and gave them a squeeze. Cindy parted her feet and said, “Uncle George you have to wash my pussy.”

I ran my hands up and down the inside of her legs and rubbed my fingers over her hairless young pussy. When I pushed my finger inside her young pussy and started to finger fuck her young cunt she closed her eyes and moaned and placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself.

“Uncle George, will you join me in the bath?” squealed Cindy.

When I undressed and became naked, I climbed into the bath with her, she wrapped her hands around my hard throbbing cock and took my cock into her mouth. I took hold of her head in both hands and began to face fuck her.

“What’s going on here?” asked Gerry, standing at the bathroom door watching me face fucking his young daughter.

“I thought you had left,” I said as my cock erupted and blasted my hot sticky cum into my niece’s mouth and down her throat.

“I forgot to take some documents with me and had to came back for them,” said Gerry.

“Daddy, I like sucking on Uncle George’s cock,” said Cindy.

I climbed out of the bath and quickly dried myself and followed Gerry to the front door and said, “Gerry we need to talk.”

Gerry said, “George, I don’t have time to talk the now, I will have a talk with you when I come home.”

After closing and locking the front door, I returned to the bathroom and helped Cindy climb out the bath and dried her then took her to my bedroom. We laid there in each others arms with Cindy fondling my soft spent cock and me fondling her puffy young breasts.

“Uncle George, when your cock becomes hard again, will you put it in my pussy like Daddy does?” giggled Cindy.

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