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Little sex doll pt1

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A little while ago I started dating a single mother. Lynn was about 5’7″ with nice b cups and a firm ass. From the first date she was very sexual and didn’t seem to have any problem with making innuendoes around her 10 yo daughter, Amy. Everytime I would come over, Lynn would take me to the bedroom and suck me off. After she would swallow my load she would say “thank you, daddy” and wink. I have to admit that it was super sexy the way she did it. Amy was a sweet little girl. Always smiling and cheerful. She had alot of allergy issues and medications that would make her pass out completely.
After about six months, Lynn called me up and asked if I could come over to watch Amy as she got called into work. When I got there my dick was already hard as I was use to getting head everytime. Lynn was in a rush though and told me that she had already given Amy her medication and she just needed me to watch her, just in case. Lynn apologized then smiled and said she would make it up to me. Amy came out and gave her mom a hug. She was wearing an old nightgown that came about have way down her thighs.
After Lynn left, I when and sat on the couch. Amy sat next to me a laid her head on my lap. Worried that she would feel my still hard dick I moved her head and laid down. Amy curled up next to me and rested her head on my chest. My arm was positioned down her back and my hand was on her hip. I was trying to watch some tv and not think about Lynn’s lips wrapped around my shaft. When amy moved her leg and her thigh rubbed against my hard cock. As I moved her leg, my fingers on her inner thigh, the feeling of her smooth skin sent a sensation through me. Almost on instinct my hand went in my pants as I started rubbing my cock a I held this little girl. I needed to get off. I knew her medication would keep her asleep but I still slowly undid my pants and exposed my dick. As I carefully stroked more thoughts ran through my mind. I gently moved my hand a little, forn her hip to her young little butt. It felt nicer than I expected. As I laid there stroking and rubbing a little girls butt, I felt wrong but it felt good. I slowly used my fingers to pull up her nightgown to expose her little butt.  I was so horny that I didn’t even think when my hand cupped her little ass. My middle finger lined up right in her buttcrack. I stroked more as my finger moved up and down her little crack. Finally my finger started my between her buttcheeks. It felt so good my pace quickened as I stroked while playing with a little girls butt. As I got closer to orgasm I felt her little asshole. I move my finger around her young asshole and  started cumming hard. As the first rope of cum erupted from my cock I realized that her head was still on my chest and she was facing my shaft, my cum hit her face. I moved to clean her up when I saw a thick rope of cum across her lips. Before I could wipe if off Amy licked her lips taking my cum in her mouth. I heard a faint “mmm”. I cleaned the rest off her and waited for her mom to come home.

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