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Little sex doll pt7

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Sorry it has been a while but I hope this is worth the wait

Over the next several days I kept looking at and fantasizing about Amy’s young ass. Whenever she would walk past me I could help but think about it. Lynn finally caught me staring at Amy’s little bubble butt. And after Amy went to bed. Lynn asked “what are you thinking about when you’re looking at your little girl’s butt?” I simply replied ” I want to fuck Amy in the ass.” Lynn smiled in the way she does when her mind becomes animalistic. “Not until I say you can, but you can play with my ass daddy” she said in a most seductive way. ” you can start with mine, daddy.” Lynn continues. My cock engorged at the thought. I began kissing and rubbing Lynn. I move my head between Lynn’s legs and I give her a lick. She moans as I eat her pussy. My tongue moves up and down between her vaginal lips. Her juices coat my tongue “daddy your so good to me.” Lynn moans. I continue licking her and starr sucking her clit. Lynn’s legs start quivering as she yells “I’m cumming daddy”. My tongue slides down her slit and swirls around her asshole. I keep moving my tongue between her pussy and asshole as she moans to lubricant her with her own pussy juice. I move up her body and kiss her deeply so she can taste her own juices. “Are you ready little girl” I ask. “Yes daddy but be gentle” Lynn replied. I line up my cock and press against her asshole. As I start to push in to Lynn’s ass she closes her eyes tight. Not wanting to hurt her I go to the bathroom and grab the lube I picked up. I use a generous amount on my shaft and coat her asshole. I push into Lynn’s ass again and my cock slides easily with the lube. Lynn face is squished as she is try to adjust to having my 7in dick in her ass. “Are you ok baby?” I ask. “Just go slow daddy”. I begin slowly moving my length in and out of her tight little asshole. After a few thrusts Lynn relaxes and opens her eyes. “Fuck me daddy” Lynn says. I lean down and kiss her as I begin fucking her up the ass. Her moans are a mix of pleasure and pain and mine are because of how tight her asshole is. As my pace quickens I know I won’t last much longer fucking Lynn’s tight ass. I moan/yell “oh god” as I cum deep in her ass. After we are done and laying in bed my cock won’t go soft. I keep thinking about Amy’s little 12yo ass. Lynn being attentive and noticing asks. Should we go to Amy’s room and continue our fun. I nod my head. Lynn sits up and winces a little, then she laughs. As we walk down the hall towards Amy’s room I keep looking at Lynn’s freshly fuck ass. My cock is so hard as we open the door. Lynn gets a spring in her step as she moves toward her daughter’s bed. Lynn then kisses Amy’s cheek and slides her halfway off the bed. This moves Amy’s nightgown up revealing her light blue panties. Lynn roles Amy on to her stomach and walks over to me. “This way you can look at her little crack and imagine what you want” Lynn says in an seductive way. Lynn kneels down and begins rubbing her daughter’s privates with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. “She’s ready for her daddy now” Lynn moans as she sits and looks at her daughter glistening pussy. I don’t hesitate as I kneel behind Amy. Her mother’s eyes are full of lust as she has already started rubbing her own clit. I moan as I penetrate Amy’s tight 12yo pussy. I hear Lynn moaning as she watches me fuck her daughter. She really likes watch me fuck her little girl. I look at Lynn as she is mesmerized by what she is see. My cock moving at a steady rate in and out of her daughter. Lynn’s moans get louder as I continue fucking her little girl. I look at Amy’s ass and move my thumb to rub her asshole. “Daddy, are you going to cum in your little girl?” Lynn asks in a breathy voice. I tell her I am. And Lynn smiles and rubs her clit faster moaning “yes!” I fuck Amy’s little pussy faster as I moan I slam my cock in as I cum in her. As I pull out of Amy’s preteen pussy, Lynn instantly takes my dick into her mouth. “Mmm it’s so good”. Lynn then looks a her daughter’s cream pie and starts licking and sucking Amy’s pussy. As I watch Lynn eat her daughter’s preteen pussy my cock swells again. I move behind Lynn letting her finish her licking my cum out of her little girl. As I insert my shaft into Lynn she moans into Amy’s little pussy. As I fuck Lynn from behind each thrust pushes her face against Amy’s cum filled little pussy. I find myself looking at Lynn’s ass, my fingers start to explore between her buttcheeks as I continue fucking her. As I reach her asshole she moans and pushes back. I pull out of Lynn’s wet pussy and line my cock up with her asshole. I noticed she stopped eating Amy’s pussy as I slowly start pushing my dick in her ass. Lynn moans as mutters “oh daddy mmmm”. I start pumping my cock in and out of her tight asshole. As Lynn adjusts to my cock stretching her again she moans more “yes daddy fuck your little girl’s in the ass”. Lynn continues licking Amy’s young pussy as she is fuck in her ass. I start slamming my length in Lynn’s tight little asshole. She moans louder as my cock is buried in her backside. “Does it feel good daddy?” Lynn asks. “Yes baby, your asshole is so good “. I reply. Lynn moans and continues licking her daughter’s young pussy. I tell Lynn to finger Amy’s asshole. ” you’re being naughty daddy ” Lynn says but does as she is told. As I fuck Lynn’s asshole she fingers Amy’s and keeps eating her sweet 12yo little pussy. “Like this daddy?” “Yes, that’s a good little girl.” You’re going to make daddy cum ” I say. After a few more minutes I moan and came deep in Lynn’s ass. Lynn then asks. “Do you want to fuck Amy’s little ass daddy?” “You know I do.” I said. “Then I want to do more than watch”. Lynn said with her familiar perverse voice.

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    Let’s try this amazing concept, it’s call Paragraphs. This story is hard to read

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      E tem partes reptidas