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Teacher – Master – Owner 2

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Lisa and Sam continue their submission to Max

Teacher – Master – Owner – 2
As Max got closer to his orgasm, he told Sam to stand up. ‘Lisa, jack me off and when I tell you, pull down Sams panties and point my cock at his cage.’ I did as Max ordered, and when Max said ‘Now!’ I pulled down Sams panties and Max shot a huge load of cum all over Sams caged cock, balls and belly.

I asked, ‘Should I clean him up Sir?’

‘No, that is to show my dominance over Sam, he will wear my cum frequently!’

Sam meekly said ‘Thank you Sir’

Max shouted. ‘Excuse me! What did you say?’

Sam replied quickly, ‘Sorry Sir, thank you for sharing your cum with this unworthy slut!’

I realized that I was still stroking Max’s magnificent cock, and it was still hard. Sam pulled his panties up then Max handed him the keys to the SUV. ‘And do NOT get cum on my seats!’. Sam opened the door and spread his sport coat out on the front seat, tossed the rest of his clothes into the passenger seat, then climbed in and started the vehicle.

I stood, picked up my dress and bustier, and Max opened the door for me. I spread my dress on the back seat and started to climb in but Max stopped me. He turned me to face him then gave me the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. Max squeezed and pinched my nipples, pulling them hard enough that I winced from the pain. I don’t know how but even more fluids started running down my legs.
‘Lisa, you are mine now! I will use your body for my pleasure.’, Max slid a hand down and slid two fingers into my sopping wet pussy. ‘I will care for you like a precious jewel, but I will also humiliate you, fuck you, share you, and abuse you!’ Using the fingers in my pussy, and his other hand on the back of my neck, Max effortlessly picked me up and sat me gently on the seat.

‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir.’

Max then got in on the passenger side of the vehicle. He gave Sam directions to his house, just a bit outside of the city. Max then took out his cell phone, one of those newer folding phones. He was engrossed in whatever he was doing and ignoring us. Sam started to make a comment and Max calmly said ‘Shut up slave! You do not speak to me unless I speak to you first!’. Sam nodded and said ‘Yes Sir’.

We sat there in silence for several minutes when Sam pulled onto a country road. I noticed very few houses, with farm fields between. Then we arrived at Max’s house. The yard was immaculate, hedges trimmed, beautiful flowers lined the edges of a sidewalk leading to the house. Max directed Sam to pull around to the back and I saw a two-story garage with 4 large garage doors. As well got closer, one of the garage doors opened automatically.

‘Pull in there, get out then follow me.’

I piped up and said ‘This place is beautiful and so well kept’. Max’s only reply was ‘Yes, it is.’

We followed Max up to the back of this beautiful Craftsman style farmhouse. As we stepped up closer I noticed the security camera at the door, then noticed more cameras on the corners of the house and barn. Max noticed and said ‘I take my privacy and security very seriously.’

As we entered what appeared to be a large mudroom, washer and dryer on the side, wash tub, a long narrow table for folding clothes. When we stepped into the kitchen, I was amazed at the contrast, everything was very modern, stainless-steel appliance, and large double door refrigerator, chef style stove, an espresso machine. Then I noticed her.

A beautiful, petite older woman. She was naked! Long flowing brown hair, large full breasts, and a shaved pussy with large puffy labia. Then she spoke, ‘Good evening Master, did you have a nice dinner tonight?’

‘Yes, Bibi, I had a wonderful meal, thank you for asking.’, Max then requested that Bibi bring him a drink to his Study, and we followed Max into the Study. The floor, while still the original wood, was polished to a magnificent shine. The walls were lined with bookcases filled with books and mementos from Max’s life. Behind this very large mahogany desk was a large painting of a very young, very nude girl.

Max sat at his desk, and as he sat down, a large monitor on the wall came on and was showing all of the security camera views. Max ignored us and checked his email. Bibi came in, walked around and stood beside Max and sat his drink on a coaster on the desk. Max reached up and slid his fingers into Bibis pussy and idly fingered her while continuing to read whatever it was on his monitor.
Sam and I just stood there, looking around, marveling at everything. I noticed several devices on the shelves of the bookcases that I can only imagine what there were used for, and several large phallic shaped sculptures. I noticed that Sam was a bit uncomfortable, dancing from one foot to the other, then he spoke, ‘Sir, may I use the restroom?’

Bibi asked, ‘Sir?’ to which Max removed his fingers from her pussy and pushed her away. Bibi then led Sam to the restroom. Max then looked at me and motioned for me to come stand beside him. Max bent me over, pulled the plug from my ass, then opened a drawer on his desk. I was shocked at the number of and different sizes of butt plugs. ‘Pick one!’. I pointed to a small pink one to which Max said, ‘No, pick again.’. So I pointed to a slightly larger one.

Max slapped my left butt cheek, hard, causing me to jump. I then pointed to a much larger and longer plug. It was more like a 6 inch dildo, but was tapered at the bottom and had a wide oval base. Max said, ‘Better, but not good enough!’ and picked a plug that was about 8 inches long, and had a handle on the bottom of it and shoved it into my pussy, getting it slimy and wet. He fucked my pussy for a few minutes while reading something on his computer. Then he pulled it out and handed it to me. ‘Put it in!’

I took the plug, reached back and spread my ass cheeks and used the handle and managed to get about half of it in my ass. I hear Max say, ‘Tsk tsk tsk.’ And he grabs the handle, puts his other hand on my lower back, then starts fucking my ass with this plug. Max says, ‘This is smaller than my cock, so you had better relax and get used to being filled like this.’ He then shoves the rest of the plug into my ass until my sphincter snaps down around the smaller end. I let out a squeak and feel tears welling up in my eyes. Max then pulls the plug completely out, then slowly fucks me with it again. I start rocking back against his hand when he again shoves it into my ass. Tears are flowing down my face, and pussy juice is running down my legs.

‘Now, pick a plug for Sam.’ I chose a plug similar to the one I have, with a long handle on it as well.

Max laughs and says ‘You are a devious little slut, aren’t you? I’m going to enjoy sticking this in his tight little ass!’

Max has me move to the front of his desk and tells me to kneel on the floor and wait. I have a bit of trouble walking, more waddling, to the front of the desk. As I kneel, the handle hits the floor, and shockwaves of pleasure and pain rack my body. I finally get comfortable, and slowly start gently rocking forward and back, learning to enjoy these sensations.

Bibi led Sam into a very ornate bathroom, with modern fixtures made to look like antiques. Sam starts to sit on the toilet, but Bibi stops him, ‘Not yet slut! We need to clean you out!’. Sam is led into the shower area and Bibi pushes him to his knees. She then opens a cupboard, and pulls out a large enema bag and shows it to Sam. Then she grabs a long tapered nozzle, it must be 8 inches long, and tapers to a large base. Bibi pushes Sam to his hands and knees, then smears some lube on the nozzle.

Bibi slides about a third of the nozzle into Sams ass, then starts fucking him with it. With each thrust, she gets it a bit deeper. Sam feels his cock trying to get hard but since it is locked in the cage, it starts getting painful. Bibi gets about half of the nozzle in, then opens the valve and the liquid starts to flow. She keeps fucking his ass with the nozzle, and Sam shudders as he feels his abdomen expanding. Sams cock starts leaking precum, and the urge to pee and poop are beginning to overwhelm him. The enema bag is empty, so Bibi pulls the nozzle out and tells Sam, ‘Hold it in, you shit on my shower floor and I will beat you!’

Sam waddles to the toilet and expels the liquid in a violent thrust. A feeling of relief flows through Sams body. He sits for a few minutes longer, and sees Bibi get another enema bag from the cupboard. ‘Another one?’, Bibi responds ‘Yes, need to make sure you are clean for Master.’ Sam wipes a couple of times, then assumes the position on the floor of the shower. Sam doesn’t know it, but this second enema has some extra medications in it, to relax his sphincter, and a very strong laxative. Bibi gets about half of the bag emptied into Sams ass, then drops the enema bag on the floor of the shower, then steps on the bag, forcing the fluid into Sam at a much faster rate and Sam starts to feel sick as his belly expands rapidly. Bibi then gets the entire nozzle into Sams relaxed sphincter. She finishes emptying the bag into Sam’s bowel.

Bibi leads a very wobbly Sam to the toilet, and hands him a trash can. Sam vomits as his body forces the fluids from his body. Sam starts to feel a bit better and the nausea passes. Bibi takes the trash can from Sam, then straddles his legs and states, ‘Now it is my turn to pee’ and she releases a stream of urine on Sams belly, legs, and his caged cock. Sam is surprised at the involuntary reaction his body produces, he’s getting so fucking aroused! The pain in his cock is exquisite, and Sam reaches up and tries to grab Bibis tits.

Bibi slaps Sam hard across the face! ‘Never touch me, these are for Masters pleasure only!’.

Sam is shocked and rubs his cheek. Bibi then stands up, grabs a handful of Sams hair and pulls him face to her pussy, ‘Lick me clean, Slut!’. Sam starts licking, surprised that he is so turned on. He tries to lick and suckle on Bibis large clit, but she pulls away. Sam then feels another wave of nausea and quickly sits on the toilet as he again evacuates his bowels. Bibi tells him to clean himself up and return to the Study when he is able, and she leaves. Sam savors the taste of Bibis piss and pussy in his mouth as he wipes himself clean.

Sam returns to the Study, and Max motions him to stand beside him. Lisa starts to giggle, and Sam looks at her, then Max laughs as well. ‘Turn around, bend over, and pull your cheeks apart.’ Sam looks worried as he sees Max pick up the handled butt plug. Max rubs a lubricant on the plug and laughs to himself because he knows this lube has a chemical like Viagra in it, which will cause Sam a lot of pain as his cock tries so hard to get hard.

‘Lisa, would you like to do this?’

‘No Master, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel that I can do that.’

‘Very well’, Max says as he puts the tip of the plug against Sams asshole. ‘Fuck yourself on the plug Sam!’

Sam starts pushing back against the plug and gets more than three quarters of it into his ass, then Max shoves it hard until it pops in, Sams sphincter opening up and then gently closes around the base of the plug. Max says, ‘Good Sissy! Get used to having things in your ass!’

Sam replies ‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir!’

‘Now, go kneel next to Slave Lisa.’

‘Yes Sir’ and Sam kneels next to Lisa, and because he is a bit bigger than Lisa, and by sitting on his feet, the handle barely touches the floor.

Max stands and starts speaking, ‘This house has been in my family for several generations. My father, like his father, and his father before him, used this house for their enjoyment and use of their slaves. My father gave my mother to me at the age of 15, and I used her for my enjoyment. She was never allowed to wear clothes while on the property, including when she was outside. You’ve met Bibi, as I mentioned I was wounded in Afghanistan. Bibi found me and kept me safe until US Forces arrived. After I healed enough to return, I found Bibi and arranged to bring her home with me. The picture on the wall behind me is our daughter. She is being educated in the best schools in Europe. When she is old enough to breed, I will bring her home and move her in here to be her mother’s Mistress.‘ Max moved behind us and placed his hands on our heads. Then he pushed down, causing some discomfort for both.

‘For this weekend, you will be my property. I will use you, abuse you, torment you.’. Sam starts to notice the discomfort of his cock trying so desperately to get hard. ‘Sam, you’re probably beginning to feel the effects of the Viagra that was in the enema. I imagine you will be hurting a lot in just a short while.’. Max pulls two nipple clamps from his pocket, reaches down and slaps Lisa’s breasts, making her nipples protrude. He then opens the clamps and shows Lisa the teeth on the edges of the clamps, and Lisa shudders in anticipation. He then clamps her left nipple and continues, ‘Monday morning I will take you back to your home in time for you to go to work and school.’

Max then clamps Lisa’s right nipple. ‘Monday morning I will ask you both if you wish to continue as my slaves. ‘. Bib comes in silently behind us and hands Max two penis shaped gags. ‘If either of you says no, you will both be released and we will have no further contact.’ Max puts the penis gag against Sams lips, and Sam opens his mouth. Max straps the gag around behind Sams head and locks it in place. ‘If either of you says no, you will never contact me again, and I will forget that you exist. I will have Lisa transferred to another instructor. Lisa stand up.’

I stand and Max moves in front of me, then effortlessly lifts me up to his height, and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer and kiss him deeply. Max puts me down, and plugs the gag into my mouth, locking it into place. ‘Remain standing Lisa. However, if you both agree, I will arrange to have your things put into secure storage, and you will both move in here with me. Lisa will sleep in my bed, and Sam will have his own room.’ Max then starts slapping my pussy as he continues talking, ‘You will not be allowed to have any friends visit here, but you will be able to contact, and visit your family if needed and wanted. Lisa, spread your pussy lips for me. You will both be able to quit your job and school, if you wish, as I will take care of your needs and expenses, for a minimum’ Max then puts another nipple clamp on my clit and squeezes it, and Max continues ‘of three years. At the end of three years, you will be given the opportunity to leave my home.’ Max again squeezes the clamp on my clit, and I shudder, and my legs go weak. Max quickly grabs my nipple clamps and holds me up by my nipples. ‘Tonight, there will be no more torture for you both, but you will sleep with the plugs and gags, and Lisa, Bibi will remove the clamps later, after you satisfy her.’. I have an orgasm and almost faint. Max lets me fall to the floor.

Bibi comes in and leads Sam to his room, a small room, barren, with only a mattress on the floor and a small dresser. Bibi tells Sam to get on his knees on the mattress, then starts pushing and pulling on the plug in his ass. ‘Do you want to cum Sam?’. Sam vigorously nodded his head. Bibi spanks Sams ass violently, leaving his ass bright red. And surprisingly, Sam cums even with the cage locked on to his hurting cock. Bibi then flips Sam onto his back and grabs his balls and squeezes hard. Sams cock spurts a few more streams of cum onto his belly.

Max goes back to his desk, leaving Lisa laying on the floor. Lisa has so many questions, but of course she cannot speak with this gag stuck back to her tonsils. Bibi comes in and picks her up as easily as if she was a baby. Bibi carries her into a beautifully appointed bedroom, everything done in pink. Bibi lays Lisa on the bed, then opens a drawer in the nightstand, and takes out a 10 inch dildo. She attaches this to a strap and wraps it around Lisas head. Lisa looks up and sees the dildo standing proud as if her mouth had grown a cock.

Bibi then lays with her pussy beside Lisas head and says ‘Fuck my cunt, Slut. And make me cum. Lisa gets onto her knees, guides the dildo into Bibi’s fat pussy lips. Lisa starts moving her head back and forth, trying to get a rhythm going. Bibi grabs two handfuls of Lisas hair, ‘I said fuck me Slut!’ and Bibi starts violently fucking herself with Lisa’s head. These violent movements are causing the nipple clamps to swing back and forth causing excruciating pain in Lisa’s tits. Lisa has an orgasm as Bibi cums, squirting all over Lisa’s face.

‘Good girl!’ and Bibi crawls off the bed, flips Lisa onto her back. She then pinches the clamps on her tits and clit, pulling, tugging, twisting. Lisa moans and cums again. Then Bibi removes the clamps, turns off the light and closes the door.

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