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I love being a girl 3

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This is my first story . You might find some grammatical mistakes or wrong sequence please ignore.

Hi I am Amy. I am 24 years old.My bust size is 36D and waist 30.
I am an assistant of a manager who is around 40s in an organisation and he loves me alot especially when you molests me in office or in my home and I enjoy it.

I will tell you how I become a slut and exhibitionist.

My both parents are working so they always me with my uncle ( my father’s bro) and also pay him. Little did they know he is a big pervert. I love him. He always make mini dress which covers my pussy and ass. Made me to sit on his dick while watching tv , kiss me touch me. He also introduced me to his friends.. they also touch me..ummm… I love it… Whenever my parents came to pick me up he cleaned me and make me a decent dress.
This happened till I turn 15. My height was 5ft 1 inch and 34d boobs and 28 waist.
One day my parents have to go for an official trip for a week. Oh God… That was the best week of my life.
After my parents left me with uncle in evening,he immediately went to his room and brought some slutty clothes
He told me to wear a maroon pushup bra and maroon thong and a mini skirt and a white tight blouse with deep cleavage. When I looked myself into the mirror oh God… I was looking like a slut.
Then he called his pervert friends. They came and gave me dirty looks. I was enjoying it.
Then they took me to a club (of course he bribed the guard). And made me drink whiskey and vodka.. God.. I was too drunk… I danced with so many men… I didn’t know when but someone tore my top but I didn’t care… They groped my ass and boobs. Fingered my pussy and asshole.Kissing me… Wow….
Anyhow my uncle and his friends took me home while molesting me…
I was super drunk to notice anything.
They took me to my room and removed my clothes. Then they started sucking my boobs navel pussy… Ahhhh… I was licking and sucking my uncle dick… They were so rough…
Then my uncle took my virginity and fucked me hard. His one friend took my ass virginity
That night I had my first gangbang….
All of them took turns to fuck me and rape me… This went for 3 hours and I passed out.
In the morning when I woke up with a headache and body ache I was covered with my blood and cum.
I with great difficulty went to the bathroom and cleaned myself. Then I went downstairs wearing a noodle top and thong for a meal. My uncle was also there and told me everything happened. I became so wet while listening. I told him that we can do it again but without getting me drunk… I want to enjoy and remember them.
So that week I had so many gangbangs with uncle friends, and strangers in the club.
His friends sometimes come to fuck me.
My uncle and I slept naked together. He always fuck me in the morning.
I wear a pushup bra and mini shorts which covers my half ass.
I also fucked a bank manager for a loan approval for uncle.
By end of the week, I was so sore but I love it. I decided to stay permanently with my uncle as soon as I turn 18.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I love your story Amy ! but have you ever tried big black cock ? once you get that 10 inch African cock into your pussy and feel it stretch your white pussy beyond its limits, you’ll be climaxing and squirting nonstop !! I’m speaking from experience ! Britney

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Thanks Britney. Unfortunately I didn’t get that chance.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it keep going, cheers Emma.H

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Thanks Emma