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The Girls Next Door Part 10

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I took the girls to the beach, what could happen…

(This is fiction) (Read part 1 – 9)

I wake up early the next day and see its going to be a nice sunny day, i look around and see Ella and Gwen laying to my right snuggled up to each other and to my left is Alice, I check on Sophia who stayed in her own room last night as there was no space on the bed, I walk back to Alice and kiss her on the lips to wake her, “Morning handsome!” She pulled me in for a deeper lovers kiss, “How does the beach sound?” I asked, just thinking about seeing them in bikinis while running around gave me more thrill then using the pool i have, Alice loves the idea and woke up the girls as i got some things ready.

Once we got to the beach i held Gwen’s and Ella’s hands and walked to a spot, everyone put there bikinis on at my home before we left and put some shorts over them, i found a spot and watched as Sophia and Alice stripped down to there bikinis, i looked at Sophia’s sexy 15 year old body, just as i looked at how her bikini clung to her young tight body i looked over at Alice, seeing her tits being held by the small bikini made my cock twitch even more, once they was down i looked over at Gwen and Ella who started to take there shorts off, they bent over showing there small 10 year old butts at me as they slipped there shorts down, i walked behind them “Girls.. your gonna make me want to fuck you”, They both smiled and said “We want that daddy”..

I sit and watch as Gwen Ella and Alice have fun and Sophia rest her head on my legs, my hand cupping her breast and her mound, i slowly started to play with her cunny through her bikini and listening to her soft moans made my cock hard “Daddy.. need some help?” Sophia asked pointing to the tent in my trunks, Sophia looked around and pulled my cock out and right into her mouth, i looked around and no one was close, I slide my finger under the fabric and started to finger Sophia as she sucked me off.

I didnt want to cum just yet and got a towel out, i lifted Sophia onto my lap and covered our lower body up, under the towel i pushed my cock into her 15 year old pussy “Ohhh shit daddy.. people might see!”, Sophia moaned out as i started to slowly bounce her on my cock, “It just looks like a dad and his daughter hugging” I said giving her a little smack on her butt “Ohh daddy, i love how deep you feel inside me” She whispered in my eyes as we slowly moved, it took me so much not to flip over and pound her hard but looking at her and then the girls was almost as best. I started to bounce Sophia a bit more noticeable but i didnt care, “Ohhh yess daddy.. harder please..”, Gwen and Ella seemed to notice what was going on as they came back with Alice and watched, each taking peaks under the towel and they started to play with there self’s facing me.

There still wasnt many people close and i picked up the speed again “AHH YESS FUCK DADDY!!!” Sophia scream moaned out as she squirted all over my cock and the towel, as she squeezed down down on my cock i felt myself explode deep inside her, shooting rope after rope of my seed inside her “Fuck.. Sophia take my cum” “Yess daddy.. im your cum dump!!” Sophia moaned out and laid next to me on my left with some cum leaking from her, Ella and Gwen now wanted to lick up what was left on my cock and quickly went under the towel and started licking my cock, one of them started sucking the head and the other started sucking my balls, suddenly i felt my cock get hard again and Gwen jumped from the towel “Please fuck me like Sophia daddy!!” I looked at Ella and then at Gwen and then at Alice “Only if Ella and Alice are ok with it”, They both nodded and Gwen was on my lap lowering herself on my cock.

“YESS DADDY!!! YOUR HUGE!”, Gwen moaned out as she took my cock in her 10 year old pussy, “Shh Gwen, people will hear” Alice said as i started to bounce her slowly on my lap, as i bounced Gwen on my lap i noticed another man and young girl seemed to be doing the same, it looked like they also noticed me…

(Thanks for reading) (Hope you like this part and im sorry for any spelling errors)

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    66 you and your huge cock are amazing! You manage to fuck your girls one after another keeping them all happy and satisfied. I only wish you were more descriptive of their bodies. I want to fantasize about them as you do.

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    More chapters that was awesome